Why Wired Earbuds Are Cool Again

Why Wired Earbuds Are Cool Again

Posted by House of Marley on Feb 25th 2022

Despite true wireless earbuds getting featured at the top of gift lists and tech roundups, you’ve probably noticed that the trendsetters of Instagram and TikTok are often wired in photos and videos. And we don’t mean in a metaphorical sense. Retro is back again—the cool kids are getting wrapped up in wired earbuds, the latest “vintage” accessory to join the ‘90s fashion spiral. So, now if you didn't already know, we have you wondering why wired earbuds are cool again.

We’ve all seen fashion trends rise and fizzle out, but the wired headphone renaissance doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Rebellious trendsetters, including a new class of It Girls, are draping themselves in a cascade of wires. And even though wireless devices are the new norm, there are advantages to keeping a pair of wired earbuds in your rotation. 

Grab your earbuds and let us show you the way of the wire. We’ll take a closer look at the advantages of wired earbuds and the reasons behind their surprising comeback.

Rock a Retro Aesthetic

Wearing wired headphones with a Members Only jacket and a pair of Nike Cortez sneakers is all it takes to round out a retro look. But it isn’t just about fashion—it’s also about nostalgia. 

Like Tamagotchi keychains and Sony’s Playstation 2, wired headphones have officially earned a glowing throwback status.“Vintage” wired headphones are from an era when music libraries were limited to how many gigabytes you had to spare, and wrapping wires around your MP3 player was a part of the listening ritual. 

Wearing wired earbuds like a throwback accessory is one of the latest fashion trends, and you might be wondering why people are leaving their wireless earbuds at home. But the answer is pretty simple—retro will always be cool. While people scour the web for the best wireless tech on the market, fashion influencers and trendsetters are content with staying wired up. 

Listen Without Batteries

Wired headphones don’t run on batteries, so you don’t have to worry about them dying on you in the middle of your day. Whether you rely on music to focus at work or in a creative space, they’re a great backup in case you forget to charge up your wireless earbuds or headphones

You might be familiar with the ritual of keeping up with all your chargeable devices regularly. You head to bed and set your phone, smartwatch and laptop on their chargers, then repeat the same process every night to make sure you start every day fully charged. But instead of watching your battery level, your wired headphones are always good to go—no charging required. 

Block Out the World

Wired headphones are the portable “Do not disturb” sign that you can wear in style. Nothing says “Don’t kill my vibe” than wearing a huge pair of headphones with the wire coiled like a snake ready to strike. 

Even the added visibility of the wire from wired earbuds sends a stronger signal to those on the subway or in the library that you’d prefer to be left alone than the incognito look of true wireless ‘buds. But hey, there’s a time and place for the don’t-even-know-it’s-there true wireless look, too!

Wearing a pair of wired earbuds is an easy way to block out the world and stay focused on your day—or just stare at the ceiling and zone out to an endless playlist of your choice. When you’re not feeling super talkative, it’s totally acceptable to throw on your headphones when you need a social escape rope or a little ‘you’ time.  

Save Some Money

You don’t have to stack up a lot of cash to invest in a great pair of headphones that are durable and sound great. And with the abundance of affordable options to choose from, you don’t have to go far to find a pair that fits your style and budget.

For example, House of Marley’s Smile Jamaica wired earbuds allow you to keep multiple pairs in different places so you’re never without tunes. Stow a pair at your desk, in your backpack, office or home theater—and enjoy acoustically balanced sound anywhere. And if you lose a pair of wired earbuds at the beach, it hurts a lot less to replace them than spendy true wireless earbuds—plus, it’s a lot easier to find that lost left earbud at the gym than in the sand.

Hear the Difference for the Same Cost

Audiophiles swear by the superior sound quality of wired earbuds, and you don’t need deep pockets to experience solid sound. 

The speakers within our listening devices are what stand between our ears and the music we love. For music lovers, there’s no room for anything less than a great sound, whether you hunger for the low-end thump of classic 808s or the soulful howl of the blues. Wired headphones deliver an analog signal that can reproduce music more accurately. This means you’ll be able to hear your favorite music the way it's meant to be heard. 

For half the price of entry-level Bluetooth headphones, you can get a pair of wired earbuds with premium speaker drivers. The House of Marley Positive Vibration 2 Headphones feature 40mm dynamic drivers for exceptional audio clarity—for just $49.  

This isn’t to say Bluetooth headphones and earbuds don’t sound great—they can and do, like our Positive Vibration XL ANC Headphones. But if you’re looking at wired and Bluetooth earbuds in the same price range, you might find that the wired option simply sounds better for the money.

Say Goodbye to Latency Issues

If your audio seems out-of-sync while using a device, then you’ve experienced a latency issue. 

Latency measures the delay between two or more devices, like your computer keyboard, gaming controllers and more. Although all devices have some degree of latency, wrestling with severe latency delays makes the listening experience frustrating sometimes. But with wired earbuds, the transfer of sound to the device is instantaneous. 

Modern Bluetooth devices are efficient at keeping latency levels low, but wired connections make latency issues non-existent. That makes wired headphones and earbuds even more popular for musicians and anyone who does video editing—even a little bit of latency can affect their creative process.

Stay In Control

Pulling out your device to open an app, pause your music, remove your headphones and take a call completely ruins the vibe. Rather than jumping through all the hoops, you can control everything with a single tap or press.

Wired earbuds with built-in controls allow you to adjust volume, pause or skip tracks and answer calls without missing a beat. Everything you need is within arm’s reach—literally. Some headphones feature a small remote located on the cord, and advanced models have an embedded microphone for talking on the phone—or playing secret agent. 

Many Bluetooth earbuds and headphones also offer controls via tapping on the earbuds, but some music lovers prefer the simplicity of the controls located on the cord. Whatever works best for you!

Enjoy the Simplicity

As they say, “if it ain't broke, don’t fix it.” The technology that makes wired earbuds work has been in use for about 130 years, and with a track record like that, we can likely expect to see them dangling across our shoulders for a while. 

The first headphones were invented in the 1890s for phone operators; the first iteration of what we recognize as modern headphones were invented by Nathaniel Baldwin in 1910. It’s not every day that someone sits in their kitchen to hand-craft reliable technology that outlasts a whole century.

From the cable to the input jack, there’s not much that can go wrong when using a wired connection. Although faulty wires are possible, repairs are cheap and simple enough to fix without buying a new pair or waiting at the end of a tech support call. Plus, you’ll never have to pause for firmware updates just to enjoy your music.

Connect Your Older Devices

Whether you have a CD collection or a massive digital library of music, you don’t have to watch your old media bite the dust. Instead, you can use wired headphones to listen to CDs, cassette tapes, vinyl records and MP3 players. 

The 3.5mm output jack is the most common type you’ll find on several everyday electronic devices including seat-back entertainment on airplanes. Even if your device has a slightly different jack, like a ¼ inch output, all you need is the right adapter to keep the music flowing. 

So before you part ways with your old stash of music, pull out your headphones and bask in the nostalgia. Or, if you’re a retro fashion junkie, you can lace up your Adidas Superstars and rock a Sony Walkman to pull off the look. 

Protect Your Privacy

Here’s one you probably haven’t thought of—security. Nobody can hijack your wired headphones to spy on your daily life. 

Technology and security go hand in hand, and with Bluetooth devices becoming more common in everyday life, people are taking extra precautions to keep their privacy under wraps. Bluetooth devices require a short-range network between other connected devices, which may leave a backdoor open for attackers. Vice President Kamala Harris prefers wired buds for this specific reason. 

Rest assured, the likelihood of these attacks is pretty rare, and this shouldn’t stop you from using Bluetooth for daily listening. But with a trusty pair of wired headphones, there’s no chance that a hacker will listen in on your calls.

Wrap It Up

With their affordable price, reliable design and iconic retro look, the wired earbuds craze won’t be slowing down anytime soon. And with so many styles to choose from, you can find a pair that speaks to matches who you are. If you want the best listening experience, choose House of Marley’s wired headphones for superior sound, extreme comfort and the signature Marley style.