What Are The Loudest Bluetooth Speakers You Need?

What Are The Loudest Bluetooth Speakers You Need?

Posted by House of Marley on Mar 18th 2022

Bluetooth speakers fit seamlessly into our daily lives, and adding one to your personal space is a nice touch. To get the most enjoyment from your music, you need a Bluetooth speaker that is loud enough for your living room, office, picnic or wherever you find yourself. 

But what’s the loudest Bluetooth speakers you need or actually want for the different spaces in your home? Some people will try to sell you on the Bluetooth speaker with the most volume, but loudness doesn’t equal quality. The goal is to find a Bluetooth speaker that can fill your space without sacrificing fidelity.

Keep reading to learn how loudness is measured, then give you some tips for choosing a Bluetooth speaker that is loud enough for your needs. 

How is Loudness Measured?

Loudness is measured in decibels, which is commonly referred to as “dB.” A speaker’s decibel rating will give you an idea of how loud a speaker can get.

Bluetooth speakers are rated for different output levels depending on brand and build. Most Bluetooth speakers are rated somewhere between 80dB to 100dB, meaning that’s their maximum output level. 

To put this range into perspective, the sound of a vacuum cleaner is about 80dB, whereas most rock concerts sit somewhere around 100dB. Anything louder than 100dB can damage your hearing in 5 minutes or less.  

One thing to keep in mind is that loudness is a subjective topic. What seems loud to you might not seem very loud to someone else. That can have to do with whether or not someone went to a lot of loud concerts when they were younger, genetics or even personal preference. 

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How Do I Determine How Loud My Bluetooth Speakers Should Be?

When considering the loudest Bluetooth speaker you should buy, the two main considerations are the size of your space and how far you plan on getting from your speakers.  

Distance From the Bluetooth Speaker

We won’t get too deep into a physics lesson, but you do need to know that for every doubling of distance away from the speaker, the loudness drops by 6dB. 

For example, if you’re standing 10 feet away from your speaker and you move an additional 10 feet, the sound will be noticeably quieter. We don’t expect you to carry a tape measure on the dancefloor, but this will give you a slightly better understanding of how our ears perceive loudness. 

If your speakers are going to sit on your desktop or within a close range to your ears, you won’t need the loudest output possible to experience music to the fullest. 

The Size and Acoustics of Your Space

As for room size and acoustics, what might sound great in one setting might not sound the same in another. By nature, sound is prone to bouncing off walls or being absorbed by surfaces and objects in your home, which will affect how you hear your music. 

For example, you can get more bass response out of your speakers depending on how you place them in your home. Try placing a speaker directly against the wall for a bass boost or take it up a notch by placing the speaker in the corner of a room, up against the walls.

Louder Isn’t Necessarily Better

Some music lovers like it loud—and that’s totally fine—but there’s a common misconception that louder speakers deliver better sound quality. We all like it loud every once in a while, especially when your favorite album makes the speakers shake, but sometimes less is more.

A speaker’s loudness rating isn’t an indicator of its sound quality. When you’re shopping for Bluetooth speakers, premium build quality should come first. As you browse, pay close attention to what type of components and materials the speaker has, in addition to its frequency range. The frequency response will give you a better understanding of the range of sound a speaker can reproduce, from low to high. 

Our simple advice? As long as you aim for good build quality and detailed sonic accuracy, you’ll get the sound of your dreams.

The Loudest Bluetooth Speakers You’d Want For Every Space

Not sure which Bluetooth speaker to choose? Here are some recommended Bluetooth speakers with loudness levels best suited for specific rooms and applications. 

Living Rooms 

If you want to outfit your living room with a Bluetooth speaker, we suggest a medium-sized speaker. This style of Bluetooth speaker will work well for any living room. Of course, it never hurts to get something a little bigger, especially if you like a good party. 

House of Marley makes quality Bluetooth speakers that fit living rooms exceptionally well. Our Get Together Duo strikes a balance between loudness, convenience and portability. Featuring 3.5” woofers and 1” tweeters, you’ll experience vibrant and crisp details from your favorite songs.

Small Bedrooms and Offices

You can still experience punchy, clean sound in a small bedroom or office with a compact Bluetooth speaker that has a smaller woofer. Make no mistake—just because the speaker is smaller doesn’t mean the sound quality isn’t top-notch. 

Our Get Together Mini might be all you’d need for small bedrooms and offices. It’s the younger brother of our standard-sized Get Together Bluetooth speaker, but it still delivers the same sound performance you’d expect from a top-rated Bluetooth speaker.


Desktop speakers are a nice addition to any home office or bonus room. Normally, you’re going to be in close proximity to the speakers while you’re listening to music—no more than a few feet away—so even compact stereo speakers are the loudest Bluetooth speakers you need for desktops. 

If you want big sound right from the comfort of your desktop, you don’t have to look far. The House of Marley Get Together Duo is the perfect stereo solution. Each speaker delivers high-quality bass and audio clarity with a 20-watt rating.

A stereo pair of Bluetooth speakers will allow you to listen to music in greater detail. With individual speakers on the left and right, you can experience stereo sound while positioned at the ideal 60-degree angle. 

Outdoors or On the Go

When it comes to finding a Bluetooth speaker that’s loud enough for the outdoors, your biggest consideration is going to be distance. How far away do you plan on being from your Bluetooth speaker? For example, pocket-sized Bluetooth speakers seem convenient, but they aren’t able to provide enough output or maintain good audio quality at higher volume levels if you’re more than an arm’s reach away. 

We simply recommend finding a mid-sized portable Bluetooth speaker with good build quality, premium components and nominal loudness. Our Bag of Riddim 2 Portable Audio System packs plenty of power. Plus, the messenger bag sling makes it easier than ever to take the beat with you for up to ten hours. 

Turn it Up

Room size and distance are the biggest things to consider before you decide on a Bluetooth speaker to fit your room. Loudness ratings vary from speaker to speaker, but remember—build quality and premium features come first. Whether you want something for your bedroom or your backpack, House of Marley has you covered. Check out our entire lineup to find the loudest Bluetooth speaker you need!