What Does It Mean To Be A Top-Rated Bluetooth Speaker?

What Does It Mean To Be A Top-Rated Bluetooth Speaker?

Posted by House of Marley on Dec 7th 2021

There’s nothing quite like the Marley sound—it’s lively, rich and full of energy. Music lovers turn to our lineup of top-rated Bluetooth speakers to get a stereo experience like no other. But what does it mean to be a top-rated Bluetooth speaker, and what does it take to earn the title?

Marley Bluetooth speakers are a versatile listening solution with superior sound and build quality. In this article, we’ll discuss what makes House of Marley Bluetooth speakers best in class from the ground up. 

Superior Sound

The heart of the Marley “Signature Sound” comes from high-quality components that deliver a full-range stereo experience. Every speaker undergoes custom tuning to deliver the most realistic and powerful sound possible.

From deep lows to crisp highs, Marley Bluetooth speakers sound big, bright and bold. The sound signature is designed to produce sound accurately, whether you’re listening to pop, hip-hop, jazz, rock or our favorite genre—reggae. House of Marley’s entire lineup of Bluetooth speakers is built using premium tweeters and woofers to create a rich sound. 

There are plenty of speakers out there, but it can be difficult to find ones that offer a balanced sound. You might already know the story—some speakers just sound a little “off” in terms of sound accuracy. Marley Bluetooth speakers excel at reproducing music faithfully and bringing out all the subtle details of your music. 

Premium Build Quality

All House of Marley Bluetooth speakers are made using materials that are mindfully sourced, sustainable and aesthetically striking. These sustainable materials are also essential to the acoustic and mechanical properties of every design. 

Natural Bamboo

Staying true to the sustainable mission of House Marley, we craft our Bluetooth speakers with CNC-milled bamboo. Since bamboo is one of the world’s fastest growing plants, it’s a great renewable resource. Plus, bamboo has a higher compressive strength than wood and a tensile strength that rivals steel, so it gives our Bluetooth speakers a natural look that’s equally durable and built to last.


The distinctive REWIND fabric that lines the exterior of Marley Bluetooth speakers is constructed from 30% reclaimed organic cotton, 30% reclaimed hemp and 40% recycled PET—a lightweight plastic resin that is highly durable. Like our bamboo speaker faceplates, the REWIND fabric is a recycled material that provides long-lasting speaker durability, while lowering our environmental impact. 

REGRIND Silicone

Some of our Bluetooth speakers are built with a specially created REGRIND Silicone made from reclaimed and recycled post-consumer waste. Our NoBounds Bluetooth speakers, for example, use REGRIND Silicone for protection and additional friction on surfaces. Plus, it helps eliminate unwanted vibrations during playback. 

Recyclable Aluminium

Utilizing recyclable aluminum, an efficiently reusable metal, significantly reduces the amount of material entering the waste stream. The aluminum recycling process has existed on a major scale—within communities and on an industrial-scale—for over 50 years, saving energy and massively reducing global mining. 


Marley Bluetooth speakers look just like they sound—flawless. All of the sustainable materials that we use create a clean look that pairs well with any style. Whether you’re enjoying music at home or chilling outdoors, the natural aesthetic of Marley Bluetooth speakers will elevate the whole vibe. What’s better than looking good when the tunes come alive?


You can enjoy Marley Bluetooth speakers in a way that fits your style or occasion. Every speaker is outfitted with premium features that allow you to listen to music on your own terms—at home or out in the wild. 

Wire it Up

With RCA and aux inputs, you can hook up your Marley Bluetooth speakers to any music player or home receiver. Want to experience the ultimate sound system? Pair Marley Bluetooth speakers with one of our Stir It Up Turntables. 

Pair it Up

Wirelessly stream warm, balanced audio through any Marley Bluetooth speaker. The 30-foot wireless range allows you to move around the dancefloor with freedom—wherever the party’s at. Our Get Together Duo features True Wireless technology to create a full stereo listening experience without cables. Just pair your wireless device, queue your jams and let the speakers do the rest. 

Sound to Go

Travel with a powerful audio system wherever your journey takes you. Marley Bluetooth speakers allow the beat to follow your footsteps out the front door. If you’re looking for a compact Bluetooth speaker that packs a punch, check out the Get Together Mini. It’s a great daily sidekick to toss in your car or backpack before you hit the road. 

Long-Lasting Battery Life

The beat doesn’t stop, and neither should your Bluetooth speaker. All Marley Bluetooth speakers are battery-powered and designed for audio playback that lasts for hours on end. And if the battery starts to run low, you can easily charge it up with the included DC to AC adaptor or USB charging port, depending on the model you choose.   

Upgrade Your System with Style

Experience everything your music has to offer. House of Marley designs top-rated Bluetooth speakers that offer impeccable sound, durable built quality and versatility for any scenario. Check out our entire lineup of Bluetooth speakers and choose the one that fits your personal style.