Meet The Materials: Recyclable Aluminum

Meet The Materials: Recyclable Aluminum

Posted by House of Marley on Jul 15th 2022

At House of Marley, our passion for the planet inspires everything we do. In addition to global reforestation and oceanic preservation, we design sustainable audio products with the most abundant, reusable metal on Earth—aluminum. 

Aluminum is an invaluable resource used in household appliances, musical instruments, aircraft, works of art and much more. It’s also used to craft House of Marley’s eco-friendly products, including our Vibration XL ANC Wireless Headphones and Stir It Up Turntables

But how does recyclable aluminum help the environment? Keep reading to learn about the benefits of recyclable aluminum and why we use it to design premium speakers, headphones and turntables. 

Infinitely Recyclable

Aluminum is the most recycled—and recyclable—metall in use. While some industries depend on what we call virgin metals (metals that have never been recycled) for specific manufacturing needs, House of Marley uses recycled aluminum to minimize waste and lay the groundwork for safer landfill operations. 

Despite the increase in trash pickup up curbside and created by corporations each year, landfill waste has decreased substantially. According to the EPA, recycling and composting rates have increased from just over 6 percent of waste generated in 1960 to about 32.1 percent in 2018.

Metal and glass are the only materials that are infinitely recyclable—meaning they can be recycled essentially forever without creating landfill waste. When aluminum is recycled, 100% of the metal can be repurposed into something new. The Stanford Recycling Center claims one ton of recycled aluminum saves 270 cubic feet of landfill space.

In addition to saving space, recycling aluminum keeps landfills in stable condition. Experts claim that chemical reactions caused by landfilled aluminum—aluminum that was thrown in the trash instead of recycled—can generate gasses such as hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide and ammonia. If collected underground, these gases can cause fires or worse and are a huge hazard to those working landfills as well as the environment.  

Saves Energy and the Natural Resources

House of Marley speakers, turntables and headphones are crafted without wasting precious natural resources. We use recycled aluminum to reduce energy consumption and preserve forests that would otherwise be destroyed for mining. 

A single ton of recyclable aluminum can make a significant difference. According to the EPA, recycling aluminum saves 90-95% of the energy used to make virgin aluminum. For example, one ton of recycled soda cans can save 21,000 kilowatt hours. That’s almost double the average annual electricity consumption of a single American household. 

Recyclable aluminum also saves a lot of trees—a natural resource we’re deeply passionate about. Mining bauxite ore, the raw material required to make virgin aluminum, destroys huge forested areas around the world. However, sourcing recyclable aluminum doesn’t require destructive manufacturing processes that are harmful to the environment. 

Minimizes Pollution

Extracting bauxite ore—which is used to make aluminum—releases pollutants that contaminate the air and accelerate global warming. Thanks to recyclable aluminum, we can make quality products while minimizing air pollution. 

Virgin aluminum production causes perfluorocarbon (PFC) emissions, which are highly potent greenhouse gasses. The EPA reports that PFC emissions are 9,200 times as strong as carbon dioxide and linger in the atmosphere for 10,000 years. 

At House of Marley, fighting global warming begins with using sustainable materials. Recyclable aluminum erases our dependence on production methods that produce greenhouse gasses, allowing us to slow global warming in its tracks.

Lightweight and Durable

With all the environmental advantages in mind, recyclable aluminum is also one of the most versatile materials in the world. Its lightweight, durable properties make it exceptional for crafting House of Marley’s lineup of sustainable audio products. 

When you hear “recycled,” you might think you’re sacrificing build quality for sustainability—but House of Marley products are built to last. In addition to being eco-friendly, aluminum retains all its properties after being recycled. That means the ear cups on our Positive Vibration XL Wireless Headphones offer the same strength and durability you’d expect from virgin aluminum. 

We also use recycled aluminum to improve your listening experience. Our Stir It Up Wireless Turntable features a recycled aluminum platter that eliminates vibrations during playback. Combined with similar materials, like our REGRIND silicone, House of Marley products deliver crystal-clear sound without unwanted noise.

Listen in Sustainable Style

From sustainability to durability, recycled aluminum is an infinitely reusable material with a wide variety of benefits. When you’re ready to experience the signature Marley sound, check out our premium lineup of headphones, speakers and turntables