On-Ear Headphones


Marley on-ear headphones are designed for high-quality comfort and best-in-class sound. Inspired by Bob Marley, now you can express yourself in a variety of styles whether you're out on the street with friends or at home relaxing.

  • Stir it Up™ On-Ear Headphones

    Stir it Up™
    On-Ear Headphones


    The Stir It Up Noise-Isolating Headphones offer a real uninterrupted experience. You can hear the bass, the drumbeat and every colorful melody the way they should be heard.

  • Redemption Song™ On-Ear Headphones

    Redemption Song™
    On-Ear Headphones


    These comfortable on-ear headphones are made out of earth-friendly materials and capable of reproducing bass and crisp, clear sound.

  • Riddim™ On-Ear Headphones

    On-Ear Headphones

    From $149.99

    Covered in beautiful canvas and incorporating ultra soft leather headband and ear cushions, Riddim headphones deliver comfort, power and style in a truly unique design.

  • Buffalo Soldier™ On-Ear Headphones

    Buffalo Soldier™
    On-Ear Headphones


    FSC certified wood, canvas and recyclable aluminum combine with high definition drivers to create an earth-friendly design that delivers all of the realism of your favorite music.

  • Liberate On-Ear Headphones

    On-Ear Headphones

    From $109.99

    Liberate on-ear headphones offer a unique design crafted from stainless steel, fabric and FSC certified wood. 40mm high performance drivers deliver every ounce of energy and every subtle detail with our Marley signature sound.

  • Color: Pulse

    Positive Vibration™
    On-Ear Headphones

    From $69.99

    The vibrant design and quality craftsmanship make our Positive Vibration great headphones for iPod and every other portable music player. Show the world the lifestyle you live. New colors available!

  • Harambe™ On-Ear Headphones

    On-Ear Headphones

    From $59.99

    Lightweight, comfortable and available in multiple designs, Harambe delivers the look you want and the performance you demand.


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