Earth Month Partners

Earth Month Partners

Posted by House of Marley on Apr 8th 2022

For House of Marley, protecting the Earth is at the heart of our mission. As a brand that practices sustainability, we’ve worked to align ourselves with earth month partners who share the same vision. 

That’s why we’re a proud ally of organizations that are committed to aiding global reforestation, oceanic preservation, biodiversity, climate stability and more. And in the spirit of Earth Month, we’re celebrating the positive impact those partners are making on the environment. 

Keep reading to meet a few of our Earth-friendly partners and learn how House of Marley is helping them change the world for the better. 

One Tree Planted

One Tree Planted is a non-profit organization devoted to global reforestation. Since 2014, they’ve planted over 40,000,000 trees across 43 countries, and House of Marley is a proud contributor to their efforts. 

Trees are essential to all life on Earth—they clean the air, filter water, give organisms a place to call home and provide jobs to 1.6 billion people. But most importantly, trees are key to bringing climate change to its knees. 

To keep the world’s forests strong, One Tree Planted plants trees in North America, Latin America, Africa, Asia, Europe and the Pacific. In 2021 alone, they planted 23.5 million trees and already have 25 million trees ready for 2022! 

Since 2017, House of Marley has planted 300,000 trees with One Tree Planted. This year, we’re planting more trees to help in impacted areas around the globe that need support—and you can plant trees too. One Tree Planted plants one tree for every dollar donated from individuals just like you. Help us keep trees standing tall alongside One Tree Planted!

The Surfrider Foundation

House of Marley works with the Surfrider Foundation, a strong network of volunteers who are dedicated to maintaining the world’s oceans and beaches.

The Surfrider Foundation focuses on multiple projects related to plastic pollution, ocean protection, safe beach access and coastal preservation. Every year Surfrider works on at least 100 active campaigns across the country and has had over 700 successful campaigns since 2006.

However, the Surfrider Foundation knows that many issues, like plastic pollution, can be traced back to local, state and national levels where protective legislation needs to be in place. For over a decade, the Surfrider Foundation has successfully passed laws that lessen the impact of ocean pollution, and they give activists the resources to follow in their footsteps. 

Alongside the Surfrider Foundation, House of Marley shares a global mission to protect the ocean’s waves and beaches through a passionate chapter network spread across Europe, Australia, Japan, Morocco and Argentina.

In 2020, House of Marley joined Surfrider’s Blue Water Task Force. This proactive water-testing program measures bacteria levels in recreational water sources while raising awareness of local pollution problems. The Blue Water Task Force has been helping communities develop ways to clean their water for 25 years. Currently, the program has 480 water testing sites, 55 labs and performs 7,500 tests annually in the United States. 

Plant with Purpose

Plant with Purpose is on a mission to break the poverty cycle in agricultural communities by increasing crop yield, healing damaged ecosystems, improving nutrition and more. 

85% of people who live in poverty live in rural areas and rely on agriculture as a primary source of income. Plant with Purpose helps these communities by teaching them better farming practices. Farmers who partner with the non-profit have 37% higher yield, 40% more crop diversity and plant an average of 125 trees annually. 

In 2021, House of Marley partnered with Plant with Purpose to reverse poverty and deforestation in Cornillon, a Haitian village in need of agricultural and economic guidance. Using newly learned agroforestry practices, Haitian farmers planted a variety of fruit, timber and multipurpose trees that have environmental and economic advantages.

Hoopa Valley Forestry

Hoopa Valley Forestry governs the largest forested reservation in California—over 87,000 acres of land. House of Marley stepped in to maintain and nurture the land after a massive forest fire in 2020.

The Red Salmon Complex, a convergence of two forest fires, affected the Hoopa Valley Tribe and surrounding counties. Within four months, the fire destroyed over 100,000 acres of timberland.

House of Marley teamed up with Hoopa Valley Forestry to restore the land and promote the regrowth of native resources, such as bear grass, hazel and maple bark. We successfully planted new seedlings in areas that were back-burned to reestablish the forest and improve the quality of life for endangered species like the Northern spotted owl.

Supporting Climate Stability, Biodiversity and More

House of Marley’s efforts to help the environment reaches several other countries around the world. In addition to the organizations above, we’re involved in several ongoing projects that support the Earth in multiple ways, from climate stability to soil conservation. 

House of Marley is an active partner in environmental projects in Haiti, Brazil, Ethiopia and Jamaica, the birthplace of Bob Marley himself. We’ve restored the vitality of national parks, promoted biodiversity and changed entire communities for the better. To say we’re passionate about the Earth is an understatement!

We take our passion for the environment and use it to make Earth-friendly products. All House of Marley turntables, Bluetooth speakers and headphones are made with sustainable materials, right down to the packaging, which is 100% recyclable. 

Help Us Protect the Planet!

By partnering with organizations that share our passion for sustainability, we’re able to make a bigger impact on the planet, and you can help us make a difference too. Shop House of Marley for Earth-friendly audio products with premium sound. To see all the ways we’re supporting the environment, follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter