The Top 5 Best Vinyl Record Clubs to Join

The Top 5 Best Vinyl Record Clubs to Join

Posted by House of Marley on Oct 6th 2022

Just over a decade ago, we watched vinyl records spin their way back into the hands of music lovers everywhere. This brought a boon to record stores around the world, but it also brought back something else—record clubs that deliver fresh vinyl straight to your doorstep. 

The concept is nothing new. Mail-order record clubs were popular in the ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s when record companies like RCA and Columbia were looking for creative ways to get more exposure for the artists in their catalogs. For just a few bucks—or less—subscribers would receive a handful of vinyl records every month.

Record clubs transitioned to CD clubs for a bit in the ‘90s, but fizzled out as mp3s and streaming began to dominate. Today, there are dozens of record clubs you can join, many with rare pressings that you might not find anywhere else. But which record clubs are the best?

We’ll help you find the perfect record club for you. Check out our list of the best vinyl record clubs that you can join!

Vinyl Me, Please

The founders of the record club resurgence, Vinyl Me, Please is one of the best clubs you can join today. While they don’t promise that you’ll love everything they curate—they guarantee you’ll find something new that deepens your experience with music. 

When joining, you get to choose between four different membership options called “tracks.” Each track (Classic, Essentials, Hip-Hop and Country) features a deluxe edition vinyl record, shipped straight to your door every month. You’ll also receive a little booklet to take “listening notes” like a fine wine connoisseur—it’s all a part of the vinyl experience. 

Their “Essentials” track is the most popular for new members. We recommend this option for music lovers who enjoy a little bit of everything. You can expect anything from Bruce Springsteen to Bob Marley. Plus, it’s the only track that comes with a collectible art print every month. 

Best of all, VMP is flexible to your music tastes. If you don’t like what record is coming next, you can swap your LP for something else. You’ll be able to choose from previous records of the month, as well as titles from the member-exclusive online store.  

Beyond the record club, there’s a ton of other things to dig into over at VMP. Over the years, they’ve grown to include a magazine, podcast and an online store. You can also snag their themed box sets (Anthologies) that contain a handful of curated records, sold exclusively through VMP.

Black Box Record Club

Many of the modern record clubs are similar to the mail-order clubs of the 50s and 60s—sign up and wait for vinyl to arrive, fresh at your door. But if you’re a music lover who wants a more personalized experience (something that doesn’t feel random), give Black Box Record Club a try. 

Black Box Record Club sends you two premium vinyl records per month, curated just for you. After making an account and choosing a subscription option, you either link your Spotify account or complete their “taste profile.” So whether you’re a fan of golden oldies, indie rock or modal jazz, the team at Black Box will only ship records you’ll love. 

A simple month-to-month plan is $40—so $20 per record—but you can get a better deal if you commit to bigger bundles. And every membership plan gives you access to member-only giveaways which include rare vinyl, accessories, merch and more. 

Given the price of a brand new LP, we think Black Box Record Club offers great bang for your buck. Some of their top picks include albums by Black Pumas, Ed Sheeran, Foo Fighters, Jimi Hendrix and Bob Marley. 


VNYL takes the curated record club experience to a whole new level. Rather than using an algorithm to curate new picks, they have a team of experts who study your music tastes. In other words, it won’t feel random—these records are picked by people who already know what you like.  

After registering on their site, you’ll create a profile and link your Spotify, SoundCloud and Discogs accounts. Then, you’ll pick a “#vibe” to receive a specific vinyl record from their monthly lineup. 

VNYL has several membership options to choose from. Their base option, the Solo membership, costs just $22 a month for one record. To get the most out of VNYL—and the best price per record—you should at least consider their Trio membership which gets you three records every month for $39.

Cratejoy Vinyl Record Club

While most vinyl record clubs ship brand new records, Cratejoy’s Vinyl Record Club specializes in “pre-loved” vintage LPs that need a new home. 

Cratejoy record boxes feel like gifts from an old friend. They make it simple—just pick the genre and that’s what you get in the mail. Or, if you have broad tastes like we do, you can pick their Mystery Box to receive vintage records from all genres. 

The pricing structure is different from other record clubs. While choosing a longer term will save you money overall, pricing also depends on the genre you choose. That’s because some genres, like 60s-era soul and R&B, are more in-demand and sell for higher prices. 

You might be wondering whether you want to pay for pre-owned records that you’ve never seen or touched. After all, some people take better care of their records than others. Rest assured, Cratejoy promises that all the records have a grade of VG (very good) or better. And Cratejoy is one of the few record clubs that offers incredible deals on longer membership commitments—you might even get your first box free!

Vinyl Moon

While most record clubs send you a commercially-available vinyl record Vinyl Moon approached the idea a little differently. Instead of sending an album by a single artist, Vinyl Moon creates a "mixtape" of music you'll love and presses it straight to vinyl—a custom LP with original artwork, made just for you.

Each monthly release is a full LP “mixtape” of 10 songs from emerging artists from around the globe. Vinyl Moon partners with different visual artists to create an immersive experience that you can hear, touch and see. Every record includes extra (and often hidden) bonus material that will take you on an unique listening journey. 

Vinyl Moon’s eye-catching colored vinyl records are packaged in reusable sleeves, rather than shrinkwrap. Not only do the sleeves protect your records—they protect the environment too. 

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