11 Best Gifts for Vinyl Lovers & Record Collectors

11 Best Gifts for Vinyl Lovers & Record Collectors

Posted by House of Marley on Dec 15th 2022

If you’re shopping for a vinyl enthusiast, you probably already know the pressure to find a satisfying gift is real. Those recycled vinyl bowls and record-shaped keychains are easy to find and pretty tempting, but hear us out—there are plenty of better options out there.

If you’re short on gift ideas, we’re here to help. From record cleaning kits to custom slipmats, there’s a wealth of products that your crate-digging friends and family members will appreciate. 

Keep reading to find gifts that will create a deeper listening experience for vinyl record lovers!

Vinyl Cleaning Kit

Vinyl cleaning kits prolong the life of records, ensuring your vinyl collection will last a lifetime or more. These dedicated cleaning kits include accessories that remove dust, dirt and fingerprints.

Smaller, affordable kits feature the basic tools—a record brush and a bottle of cleaning solution, for starters. These are great for beginners to record collecting or vinyl lovers who want to stock up on the essentials. A small cleaning kit costs as little as $15. 

Premium cleaning kits include a wider range of accessories. Examples like the Ultimate Record Care Kit include everything needed to keep records and turntables in top shape for years to come. In addition to a record brush, most premium kits have special tools for keeping the stylus (or needle) dust-free. A premium kit ranges from $30 to $50. 

Or, you can buy standalone cleaning accessories and put together a custom-made cleaning kit for the vinyl record lover in your life.

Record Weight

Record weights (a.k.a. clamps) are a small upgrade that can make a big difference in sound quality. They fit over the spindle of the turntable and stabilize the record while it spins. This simple accessory creates a deeper sound while minimizing vibrations.

Record weights also improve the playability of mildly warped records. Learning how to fix a warped record is a common struggle for vinyl lovers, especially those who like to flip through bargain bins. Using a record weight will temporarily flatten a warped record, making it easier for the needle to follow the groove thus preventing skipping and that warbled sound warped records are famous for. 

Before you buy a record weight, make sure you choose the right one. Lightweight clamps are better suited for belt-driven turntables like our House of Marley Stir it Up Turntables because they put less stress on the motor. DJs who use direct-drive turntables prefer heavyweight clamps for extra control.

Vinyl Club Membership

Vinyl record clubs offer mail-order subscriptions that deliver fresh vinyl every month. It’s a fun way to help someone grow a record collection or explore new music that they’ll love. 

Vinyl clubs have different membership options. For example, VinylMePlease allows you to choose between Essentials, Classic, Country and Hip-hop. Each membership option features a deluxe record that ships every month. Members can swap records at no cost if they don’t like what’s coming next. 

Before choosing a membership, check out the best vinyl record clubs to join. Each club offers a unique experience, tailored to any individual. 

Record Display Frames

Vinyl collectors love to display their records like rare treasures or vintage artifacts from yesteryear. Displaying gatefold covers, picture discs and glow-in-the-dark vinyl records brings a new dimension of decor to any home. 

There’s a huge selection of display record frames available everywhere from Target and Amazon to your local record stores, ranging from standard wooden frames to stunning glass cases. We recommend a sealed frame for autographed covers or rarities that need a place to shine.

Anti-Static Inner Sleeves

Vintage album covers have a classic, broken-in look and feel—but those dusty paper inner sleeves can do more harm than good. That’s where archival quality, anti-static sleeves come in. 

Inner sleeves act as a protective barrier between the record and the inside of the cover. Traditional paper sleeves can scratch the surface of the vinyl. They also do a poor job of eliminating static, dust and debris—the primary causes of poor sound quality. 

Anti-static inner sleeves are a better alternative because they don’t scratch records. They’re made with an acid-free material, such as rice paper or polyethylene, to keep records in excellent condition. Vinyl enthusiasts swear by the MoFi Original Master Sleeves and GrooveGuard Archival LP Inner Sleeves

Outer Sleeves

Preservation meets style with outer sleeves, an essential for anyone into vinyl collecting. These protective covers shield cherished records from dust, scratches, and external damage, ensuring the music's longevity. Beyond just protection, they offer a crystal-clear view of the album artwork, allowing the vibrant colors and intricate designs of your favorite record to shine through. Crafted with precision, these sleeves are a testament to the reverence vinyl enthusiasts have for their collections. For those who treasure their records as both auditory and visual gems, outer sleeves are the unsung heroes. Gift them to your loved one obsessed with vinyl, and you're not just gifting protection, but a promise of timeless music.

Record Crates

Record crates are the OG of vinyl storage. Buying a couple record crates—or making them yourself—is a thoughtful gift that’ll serve any vinyl lover for years to come. 

Whether beginner or pro, every vinyl collector should learn how to store vinyl records. Storing records vertically and relatively tightly in a crate will ensure that the records don’t warp. 

There are many different places to get record crates. Though online stores like Amazon sell crates, sometimes record stores sell used ones for cheap. If you’re feeling creative and are handy with a hammer, you can build a custom crate yourself to make a unique, handcrafted gift.

Record Stands

Every vinyl aficionado knows that showcasing their collection is an art in itself. Vinyl record stands are the perfect blend of style and function, allowing enthusiasts to display their currently spinning album's artwork prominently. These stands not only elevate the aesthetic of a room but also celebrate the tactile joy of vinyl. From simple, single-album holders to multi-tiered designs, there's a stand to suit every collector's taste. Crafted from materials like wood and metal, they ensure records are both safe and showcased. For the perfect gift that resonates, a vinyl record stand is a harmonious choice for any vinyl fan.

Record Coasters

For those who breathe vinyl, every detail counts. Vinyl record coasters are the quintessential touch for any music lover's space, merging nostalgia with practicality. Designed to mimic the classic vinyl look, these coasters not only protect surfaces from drink spills but also spark conversations about favorite albums and artists. Made from durable materials, they capture the grooves and labels of real records, offering a trip down memory lane with every sip. Whether it's for a casual listener or a die-hard collector, vinyl record coasters are a playful nod to the timeless charm of vinyl. A perfect gift to tune into the vintage vibe!

LP Dividers

Every vinyl lover needs a good organization system. Without one, searching for an album in a large collection can feel like an impossible task. LP record dividers are a great gift that make it easy to organize a collection, locate records and keep the rotation going. 

Ask any vinyl collector their preferred way of organizing records, and you’ll get a range of responses. Organizing records alphabetically is the most common method, but some vinyl record lovers arrange records by genre, decade or, if you’re a fan of High Fidelity, autobiographically. Others play “rhythm roulette” and let fate decide which album to play next.

While most record dividers are stenciled or engraved with letters, you can also buy blank ones with surfaces to write on, just like you’ll find at record stores. If you decide to take the DIY route, you can make dividers from other materials—even old, unplayable vinyl records!


Almost all modern turntables come with slipmats—they’re soft surfaces that hold the record as it spins on the platter. Upgrading the slipmat can improve how a record player performs and levels-up the listening experience. Besides, there’s no easier way to personalize a turntable and make it stand out. 

Slipmats feature felt, rubber, cork or a combination of materials. Though felt is the most common style, these mats can cause excessive static. Instead, audiophiles prefer cork or rubber for anti-static benefits, better stability and fewer vibrations. The Stir It Up Turntable comes with a slipmat made from eco-friendly REGRIND Silicone that offers similar benefits to rubber. 

Have a Grateful Dead fan in your circle? There’s a slipmat for that. In fact, you’ll find plenty of colorful slipmats with eye-catching artwork. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can order a custom one through Slipmats Online

Gift the Marley Sound

These gifts will bring the vinyl record lover in your life even closer to the music they enjoy. From cleaning kits to custom slipmats, we guarantee that they’ll appreciate everything on our list. But if you really want to send them over the moon, upgrade their setup with a House of Marley a Stir It Up Turntable and premium Bluetooth speakers