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Pat Hoblin Pat Hoblin 2

I've been skating more than half my life and it has molded who i am through the experiences had, people I've met, and has been a main contributor to my vision. Music has always resonated deep with me, keeps me moving with a positive outlook on life (especially reggae)! I appreciate photography so much because i am able to capture the vision in the exact moment how I see it. Being able to look back on those times and memories is amazing.

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  • Age: 22
  • Stance: Regular
  • Hometown: Riverhead, New York

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How Pat Lives Marley

For me "Live Marley" is living with your soul. Is doing the things you love, for me to skate while listening to good music, go hiking, driving my Volky, making the most of it and enjoying little things; but most importantly, letting nature and the experiences in life be your most honorable teachers.

Music that Inspires Pat

Bob Marley’s music and legacy was and will always be an inspiration to past and future generations (including myself). I see his legacy as one of respect and love for each other and ourselves, fighting for what you believe in and not letting fear guide your life. Those reasons are the ones who guide me through mine.