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Mason Ho - Surf

Mason Ho was born into surfing royalty, but is carving a path all his own. A native Hawaiian and son of living surf legend, Michael Ho, Mason lives to surf. From ankle high to 40-foot monsters, Mason loves it all. Blessed with loads of natural charisma and an effortless style that mixes old-school moves with an aggressive aerial assault, Mason and his sister, Coco Ho, are determined to carry on the rich legacy established by their father and Uncle Derek Ho, another world champion surfing legend.

Connect with Mason


  • Height: 5'9''
  • Weight: 180 lbs
  • Stance: Regular
  • Hometown: Oahu, Hawaii

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How Mason Lives Marley

#LivingMarley to me means follow your heart in a peaceful way and give back to the earth and all the people in it.

Music that Inspires Mason

I grew up listing to all sorts of music in my house. Reggae, Classic Hawaiian, 70's rock, World Beat . It was a crazy time for my Dad with so much great music coming out… so I heard it all. I travel all over the world and really enjoy hearing whats happening in each city or country. It gets me inspired to live and breathe all these different sounds and incorporate it into my surfing.