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HOM @ CES 2019


House of Marley is the first FSC® certified consumer electronics company in the United States and we're announcing the debut of seven upcoming releases and newly launched products at CES 2019, including the Get Together Mini with the Google Assistant.

House of Marley

_ Exodus

Wireless Headphones:EM-JH133

Exodus features

_ Exodus ANC

Wireless Headphones:EM-DH021

Exodus ANC features
Exodus ANC

_ Redemption

Wireless Headphones:EM-JH141

Redemption features

_ Liberate Air

Wireless Earbuds:EM-DE011

Liberate Air features
Liberate Air

_ Get Together Mini

Bluetooth® Speaker:EM-JA018

Get Together features
Get Together Speaker

_ Stir It Up Wireless

Bluetooth® Turntable:EM-JT002

Stir It Up features
Stir It Up Turntable
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