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Alexis Rivera - Skate

Alexis Rivera Born on 8/2/88 in beautiful Puerto Rico. I've traveled the world over but love chilling in my home town of Hormigueros, enjoying inland life, Puerto Rico pride! I live to Skate everything, street to tranny. People think I would be a surfer too but, I've never done that and might try it if the time is right. For me it's about making the most of everyday with my friends (and dog Waco), feeling the good vibes, working hard and doing my best; that’s what gets me psyched. My life philosophy is to stay humble, help the environment and inspire others to do the same. If I end my day injury free with a plate of Chicken Stew and a cold beer surrounded by great people, I'm a happy man.

Connect with Alexis


  • Date of birth: 8/2/88
  • Age: 25
  • Stance: Goofy
  • Hometown: Hormigueros Puerto Rico

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How Alexis Lives Marley

For me "Live Marley" is living with your soul. Is doing the things you love, for me to skate while listening to good music, go hiking, driving my Volky, making the most of it and enjoying little things; but most importantly, letting nature and the experiences in life be your most honorable teachers.

Music that Inspires Alexis

Bob Marley’s music and legacy was and will always be an inspiration to past and future generations (including myself). I see his legacy as one of respect and love for each other and ourselves, fighting for what you believe in and not letting fear guide your life. Those reasons are the ones who guide me through mine.