Stir it Up™
On-Ear Headphones



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Made for iPod, iPhone, and iPad

Ultimate Comfort

Lightweight, padded, canvas-covered headband.

On-Ear Design

Ultra-soft ear cushions provide comfort and isolation from outside sounds.

Earth-Friendly Materials

Crafted from FSC-certified Beech wood, recyclable aluminum and leather and designed to keep material out of the waste stream.

Premium Sound

High-definition 40mm moving-coil drivers in tuned enclosures are designed and engineered to deliver all of the detail and power of your favorite music.

Style: Harvest


Note: The + and - controls on the three-button controller are designed to work with Apple devices only. The center button will answer and end calls in most smart phones.

  • Stir it Up™ On-Ear Headphones

Premium Materials. Premium Sound.

Stir It Up on-ear headphones offer a truly premium experience through comfort, performance and an Earth-Friendly design. Premium leather, canvas and FSC-certified wood come together to create a truly beautiful design while high-definition 40mm moving-coil drivers tuned to capture the Marley signature sound deliver a world-class audio experience.

  • On-Ear Design

    On-ear design with soft ear cushions and padded headband provide premium comfort even during long listening sessions. 15Hz - 22kHz frequency response adds clear sound reproduction. And a 40-millimeter dynamic moving coil speaker drive for sound reinforcement.

  • Gold Plated Connector

    Stereo 3.5mm gold-plated connector provides a secure and static-free connection.

  • Recyclable Aluminum

    Marley uses earth-friendly materials such as recyclable aluminum to help keep materials out of the waste stream.

  • Fabric Covered Cord

    52" cable is wrapped in braided fabric to reduce noise and avoid tangles.

  • Recycled Packaging

    Marley uses recycled paper, recycled plastic and other earth-friendly materials in our packaging. Please recycle.

  • The speakers sounded crisp and undistorted from their 20Hz bottom end all the way past 18kHz.

  • Driving them hard wasn't a problem either - no distortion before the ear-drums complained.

  • Another bonus is their noise isolation. With a firm but not uncomfortable fit they keep out a hell of a lot of extraneous noise leaving well defined sound in noisy environments. Sweet.

  • I like. A lot. They have a unique and credible look.

  • We're more than proud to offer the Marley headphone line… we are excited to promote a company that so tightly adheres to such positive core values.

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