What Does Eco-Friendly Mean to the House of Marley?

At House of Marley, we aim to create highly stylized headphones with impeccable sound, and great fashion appeal, but the underlying focus has always been on creating a product that is sustainable and eco-friendly. But just what does eco-friendly mean? Created with both the safety of the planet and the consumer in mind, the House of Marley is excited about creating new green products.

Our idea to create headphones that answered the question, “What does eco-friendly mean?” goes back to incorporating the philosophies of our namesake, Bob Marley. The legendary artist was a consummate advocate for Mother Nature, who wrote songs extolling her many virtues as well as protest lyrics aimed at her detractors. With this in mind, the House of Marley looked to cut down on waste by using recycled material to create our products. While some products stamp their product as being “green” without considering what it really means, our brand uses everything from recycled hemp, cotton, plastic water bottles, metal and FSC Certified wood to create our unique products.

By using this recycled material, the House of Marley cuts down on the energy it takes to produce our eco-friendly headphones, eco-friendly bags, and portable audio systems. Instead of creating new pieces from scratch, we focus on using plastic bottles and metal refuse to turn out a new shiny product that hardly seemed possible given the prior state of the materials used. In addition, by using hemp to create fabric, the House of Marley is capable of yielding more fiber than with traditional cotton, and there are no pesticides used to control the crop.

When considering the question “What does eco-friendly mean?” many consumers previously assumed these items were only meant to serve for function and not for fashion. Yet, with the creation of new textiles like REWIND, the material used to create the House of Marley’s eco-friendly bags, there are a new breed of eco-friendly products that have changed the outlook of many on the versatility of green technology. Taking into account the looks of a product, its functionality and its reusability factor, the House of Marley is focused on well-designed products that can help, not hurt, the Earth.

In his song “Small Axe,” Bob Marley compares himself to as a hand axe that is used to cut down those that rule in a tyrannical fashion, metaphorically referring to them as “the big tree.” Using this comparison, Marley shows that those who band together to take down a big problem can truly triumph in the end. The House of Marley is committed to working to end the problems that plague Mother Nature’s eco-system. The first step is asking yourself “What does eco-friendly mean to me and how can I make a difference?”

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