Vote to Name our Audio System

You submitted your name ideas for our Audio System and now is the time to vote. Have a say in the future of our product line by casting your vote for your favorite name here.

We were overwhelmed by the amazing response from our fans for this contest. We received an excess of 500 entries and had the difficult task of narrowing these down to the “Top 5″. This was not an easy task in the least. Looking at all of the great entries, it was easy to see how much love our fans have for Marley and our upcoming product line. There were so many great entries and everyone who entered should be considered a winner.

After much internal voting and friendly debate within the Marley team, we have narrowed the names down to the following “Top 5″:

-Roots Rock Dock
-Pure Vibration
-Natural Mystic
-The Lion
-Get Up Stand Up

Voting has been open for two days and currently “Roots Rock Dock” has taken the early lead. Click here to vote for your favorite now and have a say in our future product line!

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