House of Marley Wraps up The Transworld C.U.T. Tour in New York

Taking over the hot concrete of New York’s Lower East Side, nearly a hundred amateur skaters took to Coleman Park to compete in the final round of the Transworld C.U.T. Tour this past week. Fighting for the top prize of one of our earth-friendly bags filled with skate gear from companies like WESC, ShakeJunt, Coal and DeathWish, the competition was frenetic and fierce.

Sick grinds and wall rides ruled the day with many of the skaters hitting the park’s quarter pipe-to-wall ride for an insane jam session. A.J. Rodriguez hit the top of the fence with a huge 50-50 while Jordan Trahan and Keith Hardy littered wall rides all over the place. As sketchy and insane as some of these tricks were, tech skating ruled the day with crazy grinds propelling Tyshawn Jones and Andrew Valencia to victory.
Winning the Prime C.U.T. award for his super shred-heavy style and long flowing locks, Piro Sierra dropped epic boardslides over the rainbow rail and a few grinds on the ledge-to-quarter. A busted arm couldn’t keep Tyshawn Jones from getting third with some crazy frontside flips, while Steven Farmer brought home second with his gnarly bag of tricks. None could stop Andrew Valencia though, the Transworld C.U.T. Tour winner for New York dropped bluntside after bluntslide and flip after flip in each of his lines.

With the C.U.T. Tour officially over, Transworld Skateboarding is challenging the winners from each of the six stops to piece together their best skate video. With less than a month to get all the footy they can, each of the C.U.T. finalists videos will be put on the web for users to vote on for the overall winner of the whole tour. The winner selected by the fans will receive the ultimate prize of a spotlight article in an upcoming issue of Transworld. For an am skater, there is nothing better than this kind of killer profile to document your style.
Bonus: Check out the footage from the Transworld C.U.T. New York stop and stay tuned for more clips from each tour stop’s big winner.

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