Team Marley’s Zander Venezia Becomes Three-Time Surfing Champion

Some people are just born with a certain destiny in life. For ten-year-old surfing champion wunderkind, Zander Venezia, it’s already clear that riding waves is what he was born to do.

Raised in Barbados, Zander Venezia is already a veteran in the surf world despite his small stature and young age. Surfing waves with the big boys since the age of four, Venezia has quickly risen through the amateur ranks to achieve some of the highest honors possible. Among them, consecutive national championships and the Barbados Surfing Association’s Surfer of the Year award.


As a new recruit to Team Marley, we’re pleased to see that Zander has continued his winning ways with our infinity logo on his board. The pint-sized surfing champion went wild in this past weekends Barbados Surfing Association U12 division competition at the world famous Soup Bowl spot in Bathsheba. A long time favorite surf spot for Venezia, the young surfer showed up his fellow surfers by scoring two points higher than the next closest competitor.

With his next event, The Independence Pro, on the horizon, Team Marley’s young surfing champion will be headed back to the Soup Bowl for another set of waves on November 30. Until then, you’ll probably be able to find Venezia hanging out in the waves, catching some concrete surf on his beloved skateboard and listening to some tunes on his eco-friendly headphones from the House of Marley.