Cameron Sinclair Looks To 3-Peat His Way Into History at the 2012 Summer X-Games

When Australian motocross pro Cameron Sinclair became a member of Team Marley, the House of Marley could see the potential in his already spectacular riding. Since then, Sinclair has become a perennial star at Moto X best trick contests including this week’s 2012 Summer X-Games. Looking to medal for the third straight year, Sinclair will take flight June 29, and soar through the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Starting his epic medal run at the X-Games in 2010, Cameron returned from a year away from the sport after a tremendous injury. Looking to go big in one of his first contests back, the Metal Mulisha member pulled the first double backflip in competition and landed the gold medal position. In last year’s event, Sinclair again pulled the double flip, but threw in a sweeping leg variation that upped the ante. The result? A trip to the podium and a silver medal.


As for his plans for the 2012 Summer X-Games, Sinclair has continued building off the success of his double backflip by working in more combinations and increasing the trick’s difficulty level. “The double in itself is difficult enough, so I’ll see on the night how I’m feeling to which way I’ll go with it,” Sinclair says of what he wants to accomplish at the 2012 Summer X-Games. “All I can worry about is landing my trick and the judges will take care of the rest.”

With a field that includes big named pro riders Kyle Loza, Jackson Strong, Taka Higashino and Bruce Cook, the 2012 Summer X-Games Moto X Best Trick is set to be the climax of the extreme sports event. While he has the tricks to take the gold, Cameron Sinclair also has a little extra motivation at this year’s X-Games. The Yamaha sponsored pro and his wife Brooke are expecting their first child in the coming months. “Having a baby on the way definitely makes me think a little more about what I do,” Sinclair says about his mental preparation for the 2012 Summer X-Games. “This is my job though, so I’ll be doing my best to bring home another X Games medal, then I’ll focus on being a dad again next week.”


No matter what happens under the Staples Center lights on Friday night, The House of Marley is excited to have Cam Sinclair repping our on-ear headphones, in-ear headphones and over-ear headphones. We know he will be double backflipping his way through the 2012 Summer X-Games and into the history books with another gold medal win. Watch Sinclair and the rest of the Moto X Best Trick riders tear up the dirt on ESPN, Friday, June 29.