The House of Marley Gets a Visit From The Dirty Heads Live

Evoking a smooth blend of Bob Marley’s reggae sounds and the hopped-up ska vibe of Sublime, The House of Marley is stoked to see young artists like The Dirty Heads live out the musical legacy of our brand’s namesake. The California-born band, who’s about to embark on an American tour with Matisyahu, is set to release their new album, Cabin by the Sea, on Five Seven Music on June 19.

After previewing Cabin by the Sea on a pair of Marley earbuds, we were even more excited by the band’s keen take on reggae and hip-hop thanks to instant summer classics like “Disguise,” “Dance All Night” and “Smoke Rings.” In fact, The House of Marley was so hyped on the band that we wanted to do something really special. The result? The House of Marley set up a show for fans, new and old, to experience The Dirty Heads live at a secret location.


Holing up in the Idle Hands bar in New York City, The Dirty Heads met with fans and enjoyed the chilled out vibe of the East Village bar before playing a stripped down set. Backed by a Marley earbuds banner, The Dirty Heads live show was amazing, with the highlight being a performance of their new single “Spread Too Thin.” Despite only having an acoustic guitar and bongos, the feeling in the air was truly electric.

Check out this fun footage of The Dirty Heads live secret show from New York and see the band playing, joking around with the crowd and checking out some Marley earbuds and noise-reducing headphones. If you still haven’t found the soundtrack to your summer, allow us to introduce you to the band you will listen to a million times over.