Recap: Marley Heads to Beach ‘N Boards Fest


We’re back from the beach after a short but rewarding trip to Ron Jon Surf Shop’s Annual Beach ‘N Boards Fest! It was an honor to have been invited by the team at Ron Jon; once we got the call it was a no brainer that we had to be there in a major way to support. Beach ‘N Boards Fest is Ron Jon’s largest annual event; from Friday to Sunday a number of selected brands showcase beach and board sports all in one venue right behind Ron Jon on the beach. Marley was in good company with brands like RVCA, Billabong, Oakley, Quicksilver, Sun Bum, FOX, and more.

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We were psyched to be able to provide a mini ramp along with RVCA and The Collegiate Skate Tour, all thanks to our friends at Instaramp. Big up to our Team Marley ambassadors, Shama Beckfort, Alexis Rivera, and Karl Watson who came along for the ride and repped Marley Skate through Cocoa Beach.

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Photos by Grams.


Mason Ho Heads Into December With First Pro Win


Another day, another killer session as Team Marley member Mason Ho captured his first ASP victory in November at the HIC Pro in Oahu. The native Hawaiian is the 30th surfer to have his name added to the HIC Pro winner’s cup, a list that includes none other than Mason’s father and fellow Team Marley member, Michael Ho.

Following in the footsteps of Micheal, a four-time winner at Sunset Beach, Mason certainly has the pedigree and style to be championship surfer. He topped veteran rider Pancho Sullivan in the finals by throwing down a huge 16.26 run and had a sick single score run of 8.93 points.

Aside from the winner’s cup and cash, Mason also qualified for the Vans Triple Crown Of Surfing. The infamous surf contest, which was won by Michael Ho 30 years ago, was one of the biggest that Mason has competed in yet. As a Wildcard entry, he faced a field of over 128 some of the best surfers in the world including Mick Fanning, Kelly Sater, Taj Burrow and Damien Hobgood.

While history wasn’t on his side at Vans Triple Crown, Mason managed to get off on some big waves during the first round at Haleiwa Ali’i Beach. At the conclusion of November, Mason now has his first ASP win in tow and will have his eyes set on winning more pro competitions. Congrats Mason on the win and keep killing it out in the surf!

Bonus: Mason has an awesome blog with his friends Kenoi and Rory called Burger In Paradise. Aside from awesome footage of modern day surfing, Mason tends to post lots of old school footage of his dad. Check out some of our favorite video posts below and head over to his section of the blog:

Vintage surfing footage of Micheal Ho at 15-years-old:

Mason’s Uncle Derek Ho at the Pipe Masters event in 1986:

Mason and Rory’s recent trip to Africa:

afriki u later from rory pringle @ conceptblue on Vimeo.

House Of Marley Talks Chile GoPro Trip With John Jackson


Team Marley member John Jackson is one of the sickest snowboarders around and his latest filming mission took him all the way to South America. Heading to Chile with a couple of snowboarders, skiers and the GoPro camera crew, John captured killer footy that shows just how sketchy the terrain can get.

We caught up with John after he got back from his trip below the Equator and talked all about his trip, the music he listens to throughout his travels and some of the crazy adventures he has on the road. Check out the interview below and see all the insane GoPro footage that John shot with his crew in Chile. 


Hey John! What was up with your trip to Chile? Have you even been before?

Yes, I’ve been there… This was probably my fourth or fifth time there. We were there with GoPro, strictly shooting a promotional video for GoPro with their new camera that they have coming out, Hero 3 Plus.

GoPro videos are sick, but they always make everything seem super sketchy. Was everything as sketchy as it seems in the video or was there some smooth riding in Chile?

No, the sketchiest part is the shallow snow paths. The Andes are very rocky, they are made up of this sharp, shale rock. There can be hidden rocks right beneath the snow that could do a lot of damage, but other than that the terrain is really fun. When the snow is good, it’s one of the best places in the world. You can get into some sketchy terrain, but the things we were riding we’re pretty mellow.

Are the Andes the biggest mountains you’ve snowboarded down?

It’s one of the highest mountains elevation wise and that’s the highest helispots I’ve ever been too. As far as vertical feet, like riding big mountains, I’ve done some huge stuff in Alaska where the actual vert is quite a bit more.


Who all went on the trip with you to shoot?

Travis Rice, Lindsey Dyer and Chris Davenport. So a couple of boarders, a couple of skiers and then the GoPro dudes. Good people!

Any competition between boarders and skiers on the trip?

I mean… We have fun. I saw Rice and Davenport kind of arguing about who was taking a certain camera on one run, but we’re all there for the same reason. We’re all there having fun. There is the old school stigma, but it’s all good. I have a ton of friends who are skiers, so I’m used to them I guess.

What was the first thought when you stepped out of the helicopter at the top of the mountain in Chile?

Usually you’re thinking about your line, but as soon as one foot sets down, you think one of two thoughts. If it’s good powder then you’re like “Yes! This snow is great.” Then sometimes you step down and your boot doesn’t go down in the snow more than a centimeter and you’re like “F**k, this is bad.” Either way, when you’re stepping out of a heli, it’s super exciting. We’ll always search for good snow though. Sometime you’re just on the wrong ridge. We always make due though.


What kind of music do you listen to on and off the mountain?

I like all kinds of music. These days I listen to a lot of reggae, I have for a long time. I’ve been listening to a lot of classic rock, but a lot more twangy stuff like Devil Makes Three and Trampled By Turtles. I like to play music too so I get inspired by that.

In the GoPro film from Chile you play a fife or flute at the top of the mountain…

Yeah it’s a weird bamboo flute I got from a guy in Nicaruga. He made it out of bamboo, burned it, stained it and carved all of these cool things into it.

Did you get into any hijinx or have any interesting cultural experiences in Chile?

We got to hang with (snowboarder) Manuel Diaz’s dad, Mr. Diaz, who is just an awesome, awesome human being. He was so cool. When we left there, for the first time, I felt like, “Man I’m excited to grow old.” He has it dialed in. He doesn’t want to be rich and he just loves life. We were told you have to bring wine otherwise he won’t talk and once we were there he wouldn’t let us leave. He made us like eat three blocks of cheese [laughs].


What’s the craziest thing you’ve eaten in your travels?

Let’s see… Chile didn’t get too crazy, but I’ll eat anything. My dad’s side of the family is from Louisiana, so that’s kind of the most awkward food that I eat down there. Alligator, frog, all that good stuff. We actually cook frogs at my house sometimes. We catch them out front and eat them along with crawfish and perch from the river. It’s pretty tasty.

What’s next for you? Where are you headed?

I’m just waiting for it to snow. It’s really difficult to plan out the season, it’s usually so last minute. You’ll be watching the weather and it’s snowing in Whistler and in Montana and it’s the night before and you know you’re going somewhere, but you don’t know where. Then you pull the trigger and load up your snowmobiles and head off to Canada. I just talked to Travis though and we’re talking about going to Russia in January.

Photo Credit: Clarke Fyan

Tyler Wright Splashs Onto The Pages Of Surfing Life


Team Marley member Tyler Wright had a life altering year in 2012. Forced to reexamine surfing as her option for a career in life, she spent much of her time in this year learning how to fall in love with the sport all over again. Opening up in a gigantic two-page expose in this month’s issue of Surfing Life, Tyler talked about this low point in her surfing and her plans for acesnding back to the top of the pro tour.

Despite her natural ability, fostered by her family’s love of surfing, the constant rigors of the pro circuit had begun to run Tyler ragged in 2012. “At the end of last year I was going to quit. I was over it,” Wright told Surfing Life. “My entire life had been so serious, the sport was everything and it defined who I was.” Pushed to surf everyday and follow an intense training schedule, Wright was ready for a change.

tyler focused before semifinal heat photo by Steve Sherman copy

Looking for inspiration anywhere she could get it, the words of wisdom came in the form of fellow Team Marley member and Tyler’s brother, Owen Wright. “Owen sat us both down and said, ‘Look, I’m going to talk at you.'” Tyler says quoting her brother. “‘You don’t have to do the tour. You’re an adult now and you don’t have to let people dictate your life anymore. You can control it. You have to make your own decision.'” Finding herself relieved by her brother’s advice, Tyler took a break from surfing and found freedom in a snowboard trip and new puppy, Martuma.

With this refocused effort into enjoying life, Tyler took stock of what was important to her. “My whole life people have told me how happy I should be because of my job, and that’s how I realized that’s not what it’s all about,” says Wright. “You take it away and what are you left with? You’re left with family, with yourself and who you are as a person.” Upon deciding to continue with the professional surfing tour, the young Australia native has optioned to do so on her own terms.


This way of life is synonomous with the #LiveMarley movement. It’s all about living life the way you want to and grabbing at the opportunities that you want to take advantage of. “This is the beginning of doing things that I’ve always dreamt of,” Tyler exclaims. “It doesn’t need to be surf related. Instead, it’s life related. I can’t freaking wait.”

Tyson Chandler Slam Dunks With The House of Marley

Tyson Chandler

Tyson Chandler doesn’t fit the stereotypical mold of a professional athlete. As a seasoned NBA veteran, now approaching his 13th year in the league, Chandler’s outlook has always been proof that a positive attitude shines over a negative one. With that being said, we’re proud to announce that Tyson will now be representing the House of Marley as a member of Team Marley.

Being a part of Team Marley is a lifestyle. It means that not only are you the best at your game, but that you also have an interest in supporting the world that surrounds you. Through his numerous charity initiatives and volunteer man hours, Tyson has always demonstrated compassion for others, both on and off the basketball court.

We recently had an opportunity to sit down with Tyson and pick his brain about everything ranging from his start in basketball to his favorite on-ear headphones. Get the lowdown on Tyson’s views on style, role models and the #LiveMarley movement below and find out what this NBA champion does to give back to the community.


Who or what inspired you to pursue basketball professionally?

I would say my surroundings. Growing up in the area I grew up in… I grew up in a lot of rough neighborhoods. Basketball was a way to get out for me.

Now that you’ve made it to the NBA and have won a championship and an Olympic medal, what inspires you to keep pushing?

My family. My family and the drive to be the best.

Are there certain people in your life who have served as role models for the way you live?

Yeah. For sure. Outside of my sport, my grandfather. He definitely showed me what a true work ethic is and how to be professional and how to take my professionalism seriously. I would say that he has been the biggest role model throughout my career.

What about in terms of basketball players? Who has influenced your career?

Bill Russell, Scottie Pippen, Charles Oakley. Those are a couple of guys that have inspired me.

What made you want to work with the House of Marley over other Audio/Lifestyle brands that you could have represented?

I love the passion behind the House of Marley and what they are trying to create and do. The quality, what they stand for… I love the creativity. Obviously, Bob Marley and what he stood for and how he creative he was. It just has inspired us all so much. I just wanted to be a part of it.

What’s your favorite House of Marley product? What about the House of Marley style were you drawn to?

The wooden headphones. When I was first introduced to the products, I loved the creativity with the wood. It was something that I had never seen before or seen anywhere else. It’s not only an audio system or a product, it’s also a fashion statement and art piece. That is one of the things that really drew me to it.

TysonChandler3 TysonChandler4

How do you #LiveMarley? What does #LiveMarley mean to you?

I #LiveMarley because whatever situation I’m in, whether it be the team I’m on or the various charities I’m involved in, I try to make the situation better than I found it. To me, that’s what Marley is all about. It’s about coming into a situation, putting your stamp on it and making it better than you found it.

How important is philanthropy, helping those less fortunate and giving back?

It’s very important. That should be the circle of life. You have to evolve as a person. I didn’t come from a great area and I definitely wasn’t privileged. It’s very important to me to give back to children who are less privileged because I was once in that situation. I want to inspire them and show them that they don’t have to stay in their current situation. They can get out of it and become anything they want to. I think it’s important for everyone to do that. It not only helps who you are aiming to help, but it also helps you within. It can also help you get a grip on reality.


What charities are you currently working with?

I work with UNICEF and that’s the biggest thing that I’m into right now. I went over to Africa last summer and really saw a lot of what they are doing and what they are trying to accomplish. That’s really my driving force right now.

How important is family to you?

My family is me. It’s what I live for everyday. I have three little ones and I’m molding them to be young women and a young man in society. I want to do the best I can. It’s the same as I said before… Put your stamp on something and leave it better than you found it. I’m molding them to do the same so that they can put their own stamp on the world and leave it better than they found it.

Bonus: Aside from being an all around nice guy and charitable person, Tyson Chandler can straight up play basketball. Check out some crazy jams, putbacks and alley-oops from his past few seasons with the New York Knicks.


Skate Legend Karl Watson Joins Team Marley


How do you explain Karl Watson’s skate style in one word? Butter. Whether on a ledge, rail, Hubba, manny pad, hill or regular old curb, Karl is as smooth as possible on four wheels. His effortless command is something rarely seen. That’s why we’re extremely excited to welcome Karl as the newest member of Team Marley.0440000

Growing up in the skateboarding mecca of San Francisco, everything in Karl’s skate life came organically. Living amongst legendary spots like Embarcadero and Pier 7, he learned from some of the best and pushed his skills forward with a natural ability. “I’ve been skating for 25 years and being an ambassador of House of Marley is an honor to me,” Karl says of joining Team Marley.


In addition to his skateboarding evolution, Karl has parlayed his positive vibes into doing charity work with his organization, Karl’s Kauses. “Karl’s Kauses and OneLove mesh well as we both strive to give back to our communities,” Karl states. Working together with other skaters, Karl’s Kauses strives to bring skateboarding to kids around the world.

In 2003, Karl took a life changing trip to Bob Marley’s home country. “I visited Jamaica with a group of 25 skaters in hopes of introducing skateboarding to the youth of the island,” Karl says of his experience. “We assembled and gave away 200 complete skateboards. We also built two ramps in some of the roughest villages in Jamaica.”


Karl’s love for Bob Marley started at a young age and says “[Bob’s] positive message helped me become the person I am today.” Yet, it was his trip to Jamaica further cemented the influence of Bob on his life. “While I was there I became even more inspired by Bob Marley’s legacy. I saw many murals of him and everybody had the utmost respect for the legend.”

Between his sick style, charity work and overall positive attitude, Karl Watson truly embodies what it means to be a member of Team Marley. We’re extremely excited to have him on board and look forward to seeing him skate for many years to come.

Bonus: Karl’s creative flow is something to be seen and not read about. Check out these tight clips below of Karl showing off his neighborhood and talking about his skating past, present and future.

Team Marley Member Anthony Fillingim Reps Hard On The Ocean

Anthony Fillingim3

In what has already been a huge year for 20-year-old surfer Anthony Fillingim, the Costa Rica native has continued his winning ways on the ALAS Latin America surfing tour. In addition to taking in some epic waves at a few ASP World Qualifying Series events, we’re also pleased to announce that Anthony is the latest member to join Team Marley.

Known for pulling sick Slob 360s and having a fluid, steezy style in his runs, Anthony is knee deep in the middle of competition this week. Currently shredding the surf at the Reef El Salvador 6 Stars comp, Anthony took a break from his busy day on Punta Rock Beach to talk with us about his surfing, his favorite Marley song and his love for our Positive Vibration on-ear headphones.

Anthony Fillingim2

Tell us a little about your surfing background? How long have you been surfing?

I have been surfing for 10 years. My dad got me into surfing when I was young and I started competing as a grommet. It was around seven years ago in a local contest in my home hometown Playa Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. For the last two years I have been surfing the ALAS Latin American tour and now I’m starting to enter more ASP WQS events.

Who do you ride for?

I surf for Reef, Carton Surfboards, A3 Energy Drink and now for House Of Marley.

Who are your surfing heroes?

Kelly Slater, Andy Irons and Dane Reynolds.

Where is your favorite place to surf in the world? Any standout spots that come to mind?

A reef close to my house in Mal Pais, Costa Rica, but I really love the North Shore. Killer waves every single day.

What’s the biggest wave you’ve ever ridden?Any crazy wipeout stories?

The biggest wave was in Rock Piles (Hawaii). It was solid. The best part was it was only my friend and I in the water for that session. Craziest wipeout? The best was a couple of months ago in Hawaii when I was surfing at Pipeline. It was a good wipeout that held me underwater and washed me through the reef. It was a great experience.

Anthony Fillingim

Is there anything you do before a big competition to get pumped up?

Yeah I listen to music before all my heats at the concentration zone using my Positive Vibration headphones.

Do you have a favorite Bob Marley song? Which one and why?

I like all of them but my favorite is “Natural Mystic” because of the chill vibe I get when I listen to it.

What’s your favorite thing you’ve eaten in your travels? What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?

Tacos al Pastor in Mazatlan are really good, but my favorite meal last year was a sushi night in Peru. The weirdest thing I’ve ever ate was the strange inside part of a red snapper.

With 4000 points, Anthony Fillingim sits in third place, near the top of the ALAS leader board, and hopes to make a leap forward after this week’s competition in El Salvador. Stay tuned for more updates on Anthony and his tournament run as he looks to win the tour championship. Good luck out in the waves Anthony and keep on killing it!

Bonus: Haven’t seen the latest Team Marley member surf yet? Check out this insane surfer profile video of Anthony and watch him do what he does best.

Tyler Wright and Owen Wright Join Team Marley


When looking for Team Marley members, we aren’t just looking for the most skilled and stylish at their craft. We want people who are committed to living life the way they want to live, while still respecting the earth and the community that surrounds them. That’s why we’re proud to announce the addition of two lifelong surfers, Tyler Wright and Owen Wright, to the ranks of Team Marley.

Born and bred surfing off the coast of Australia, Tyler and Owen got their start at an early age thanks to their older brother and father. The brother and sister duo’s dedication to surfing every single day has paid off as they have quickly risen through the ranks to become the hottest surfers on the ASP World Championship Tour.

TylerWrightOwenWright1 TylerWrightOwenWright2

In addition to ripping up the ASP World Tour and repping our line of Earth-friendly headphones, watches, portable audio systems and Lively Up bags, the Wrights are also taking the time to give back. Recently, the duo taught a surfing clinic for kids in Northern New South Wales at the Hurley Australia High Performance Centre. Check out the video below of the Wrights teaching a new generation of rippers and offer them a warm welcome them to Team Marley:

Photo Credit: ASP World Tour and Jason Childs

Team Marley’s Zander Venezia Becomes Three-Time Surfing Champion

Some people are just born with a certain destiny in life. For ten-year-old surfing champion wunderkind, Zander Venezia, it’s already clear that riding waves is what he was born to do.

Raised in Barbados, Zander Venezia is already a veteran in the surf world despite his small stature and young age. Surfing waves with the big boys since the age of four, Venezia has quickly risen through the amateur ranks to achieve some of the highest honors possible. Among them, consecutive national championships and the Barbados Surfing Association’s Surfer of the Year award.


As a new recruit to Team Marley, we’re pleased to see that Zander has continued his winning ways with our infinity logo on his board. The pint-sized surfing champion went wild in this past weekends Barbados Surfing Association U12 division competition at the world famous Soup Bowl spot in Bathsheba. A long time favorite surf spot for Venezia, the young surfer showed up his fellow surfers by scoring two points higher than the next closest competitor.

With his next event, The Independence Pro, on the horizon, Team Marley’s young surfing champion will be headed back to the Soup Bowl for another set of waves on November 30. Until then, you’ll probably be able to find Venezia hanging out in the waves, catching some concrete surf on his beloved skateboard and listening to some tunes on his eco-friendly headphones from the House of Marley.

Cameron Sinclair Looks To 3-Peat His Way Into History at the 2012 Summer X-Games

When Australian motocross pro Cameron Sinclair became a member of Team Marley, the House of Marley could see the potential in his already spectacular riding. Since then, Sinclair has become a perennial star at Moto X best trick contests including this week’s 2012 Summer X-Games. Looking to medal for the third straight year, Sinclair will take flight June 29, and soar through the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Starting his epic medal run at the X-Games in 2010, Cameron returned from a year away from the sport after a tremendous injury. Looking to go big in one of his first contests back, the Metal Mulisha member pulled the first double backflip in competition and landed the gold medal position. In last year’s event, Sinclair again pulled the double flip, but threw in a sweeping leg variation that upped the ante. The result? A trip to the podium and a silver medal.


As for his plans for the 2012 Summer X-Games, Sinclair has continued building off the success of his double backflip by working in more combinations and increasing the trick’s difficulty level. “The double in itself is difficult enough, so I’ll see on the night how I’m feeling to which way I’ll go with it,” Sinclair says of what he wants to accomplish at the 2012 Summer X-Games. “All I can worry about is landing my trick and the judges will take care of the rest.”

With a field that includes big named pro riders Kyle Loza, Jackson Strong, Taka Higashino and Bruce Cook, the 2012 Summer X-Games Moto X Best Trick is set to be the climax of the extreme sports event. While he has the tricks to take the gold, Cameron Sinclair also has a little extra motivation at this year’s X-Games. The Yamaha sponsored pro and his wife Brooke are expecting their first child in the coming months. “Having a baby on the way definitely makes me think a little more about what I do,” Sinclair says about his mental preparation for the 2012 Summer X-Games. “This is my job though, so I’ll be doing my best to bring home another X Games medal, then I’ll focus on being a dad again next week.”


No matter what happens under the Staples Center lights on Friday night, The House of Marley is excited to have Cam Sinclair repping our on-ear headphones, in-ear headphones and over-ear headphones. We know he will be double backflipping his way through the 2012 Summer X-Games and into the history books with another gold medal win. Watch Sinclair and the rest of the Moto X Best Trick riders tear up the dirt on ESPN, Friday, June 29.