House Of Marley Invades SURFER Poll 2013


At this year’s SURFER Poll award ceremony, sponsored by SURFER Mag and yours truly, the House of Marley, the greatest surfing stars of the ASP Pro Tour and beyond aligned for one magical night in Oahu. Legendary riders like Kelly Slater, Joel Parkinson and Mick Fanning hung out amongst breakout stars including Nat Young and Coco Ho and celebrated another killer year of surfing.

Honoring the best and brightest in 2013, the SURFER Poll annually gives out awards for Best Male/Female Surfer, Best Barrel, Worst Wipeout, Best Movie Of The Year and other sick surfing achievements. Voted on by the readers of the illustrious surf mag, perennial favorite Kelly Slater won the honors for Best Male Surfer in 2013, while upstart Alana Blanchard beat out world champ Carissa Moore for the women’s award.

The 2013 SURFER Poll party was a blast and it was great getting to hang out with all of the best surfers in the world. If you weren’t able to attend or watch the event, fret not! Slap on some of our earth-friendly headphones,  crank up the SURFER Poll/House Of Marley playlist below and check out all of our recap photos from the event below.

SURFER Poll 2013 from surfermag on 8tracks Radio.

 SurferPoll4 SurferPoll1
SurferPoll5 SurferPoll6 SurferPoll7
SurferPoll1 SurferPoll2 SurferPoll3 SurferPoll SurferPoll4 SurferPoll5

Photo Credit: Bryce Lowe White

House of Marley Presents BERT Street Art Show


Art has always been a way to voice a dissenting opinion, but Hawaiian street artist BERT has taken it to a whole different level with his provocative pieces. While some people might not think there are extreme politics in the world of surfing, BERT has a unique opinion on the subject and has used artwork to boycott the outcomes of the sport’s biggest event.

The House of Marley is sponsoring BERT’s first ever foray into public exhibition outside of the street at an art show this week in Waialua, Hawaii. The exhibition opens at Third Stone Surf Shop this Friday, December 13, and will chronicle the entire year of BERT street art, in addition to some new pieces that will coincide with the 2013 ASP World Championship.

If you haven’t seen any of BERT’s killer street art in person than you have to make it out to Third Stone during the exhibition’s run. Want a sneak peak of what you’ll see? Check out these incredible pieces and find out why BERT was dubbed the surfing world’s vision of Banksy by Surfer Magazine.

It all goes down this Saturday, December 13, when the BERT show opens up at Third Stone with tons of art, live music, food, drinks and prizes. The House of Marley will be on hand to support the cause and all proceeds from the event will be going directly to Hale’iwa Elementary, a local school in Hawaii. Come out to Third Stone and see the future of art and surfing with the House of Marley.

Mason Ho Heads Into December With First Pro Win


Another day, another killer session as Team Marley member Mason Ho captured his first ASP victory in November at the HIC Pro in Oahu. The native Hawaiian is the 30th surfer to have his name added to the HIC Pro winner’s cup, a list that includes none other than Mason’s father and fellow Team Marley member, Michael Ho.

Following in the footsteps of Micheal, a four-time winner at Sunset Beach, Mason certainly has the pedigree and style to be championship surfer. He topped veteran rider Pancho Sullivan in the finals by throwing down a huge 16.26 run and had a sick single score run of 8.93 points.

Aside from the winner’s cup and cash, Mason also qualified for the Vans Triple Crown Of Surfing. The infamous surf contest, which was won by Michael Ho 30 years ago, was one of the biggest that Mason has competed in yet. As a Wildcard entry, he faced a field of over 128 some of the best surfers in the world including Mick Fanning, Kelly Sater, Taj Burrow and Damien Hobgood.

While history wasn’t on his side at Vans Triple Crown, Mason managed to get off on some big waves during the first round at Haleiwa Ali’i Beach. At the conclusion of November, Mason now has his first ASP win in tow and will have his eyes set on winning more pro competitions. Congrats Mason on the win and keep killing it out in the surf!

Bonus: Mason has an awesome blog with his friends Kenoi and Rory called Burger In Paradise. Aside from awesome footage of modern day surfing, Mason tends to post lots of old school footage of his dad. Check out some of our favorite video posts below and head over to his section of the blog:

Vintage surfing footage of Micheal Ho at 15-years-old:

Mason’s Uncle Derek Ho at the Pipe Masters event in 1986:

Mason and Rory’s recent trip to Africa:

afriki u later from rory pringle @ conceptblue on Vimeo.

Tyler Wright Splashs Onto The Pages Of Surfing Life


Team Marley member Tyler Wright had a life altering year in 2012. Forced to reexamine surfing as her option for a career in life, she spent much of her time in this year learning how to fall in love with the sport all over again. Opening up in a gigantic two-page expose in this month’s issue of Surfing Life, Tyler talked about this low point in her surfing and her plans for acesnding back to the top of the pro tour.

Despite her natural ability, fostered by her family’s love of surfing, the constant rigors of the pro circuit had begun to run Tyler ragged in 2012. “At the end of last year I was going to quit. I was over it,” Wright told Surfing Life. “My entire life had been so serious, the sport was everything and it defined who I was.” Pushed to surf everyday and follow an intense training schedule, Wright was ready for a change.

tyler focused before semifinal heat photo by Steve Sherman copy

Looking for inspiration anywhere she could get it, the words of wisdom came in the form of fellow Team Marley member and Tyler’s brother, Owen Wright. “Owen sat us both down and said, ‘Look, I’m going to talk at you.'” Tyler says quoting her brother. “‘You don’t have to do the tour. You’re an adult now and you don’t have to let people dictate your life anymore. You can control it. You have to make your own decision.'” Finding herself relieved by her brother’s advice, Tyler took a break from surfing and found freedom in a snowboard trip and new puppy, Martuma.

With this refocused effort into enjoying life, Tyler took stock of what was important to her. “My whole life people have told me how happy I should be because of my job, and that’s how I realized that’s not what it’s all about,” says Wright. “You take it away and what are you left with? You’re left with family, with yourself and who you are as a person.” Upon deciding to continue with the professional surfing tour, the young Australia native has optioned to do so on her own terms.


This way of life is synonomous with the #LiveMarley movement. It’s all about living life the way you want to and grabbing at the opportunities that you want to take advantage of. “This is the beginning of doing things that I’ve always dreamt of,” Tyler exclaims. “It doesn’t need to be surf related. Instead, it’s life related. I can’t freaking wait.”

House Of Marley Hangs At The Hurley Pro


A few weeks back, the House of Marley crew had the chance to hang out at the Hurley Pro in the legendary surf spot of Lower Trestles in California. It was an epic contest that saw some sick waves and heavy competition amongst the best surfers on the ASP world tour including Kelly Slater, Mick Fanning and Taj Burrow.

In the end, the number seven stop of the 2013 tour was a dog fight between Burrow with fellow competitor Julian Wilson. Yet, it was Burrow’s heavy backhanded runs and some gnarlier righthanded runners that took the Busselton, WA native to the top of the podium. Despite finishing in ninth place, Mick Fanning took over the lead in overall points on the tour with only three contests left in this year’s schedule.




While at the Hurley Pro, we had time to catch up with some of our friends including Hurley owner Bob Hurley, Hurley Waves For Water founder Jon Rose and HOM brand manager Jeffrey Baldwin. Check out these interviews below from our buds over at L.E.A.F., or Leaders of Environmental Action Films, and get up-to-date with what’s going on with the entire crew.

Jeffrey Baldwin

As our brand manager, Jeffrey Baldwin has been in charge of shaping the direction of our brand and Team Marley. Stay tuned for some huge names that will be coming to the Team Marley crew and, in the meantime, check out this interview with Jeffrey.

Bob Hurley

As the founder of one of the biggest extreme sports clothing companies in the world, Bob Hurley has made a huge impact on surf, skate and snow. Additionally, he has had an impact on the environment by starting Hurley H20, a water-based initiative. Way to #LiveMarley Bob!

Ben Edwards

Ben Edwards and his Waves For Water crew also imbibe in the #LiveMarley spirit by taking great stride to bring clean water to those who need it. Through unique efforts like their “Buy a Filter” campaign, donation drives and location-based projects, Edwards and his team have already helped to make a huge difference.

Photos Credit: The Hurley Pro

Team Marley Member Anthony Fillingim Reps Hard On The Ocean

Anthony Fillingim3

In what has already been a huge year for 20-year-old surfer Anthony Fillingim, the Costa Rica native has continued his winning ways on the ALAS Latin America surfing tour. In addition to taking in some epic waves at a few ASP World Qualifying Series events, we’re also pleased to announce that Anthony is the latest member to join Team Marley.

Known for pulling sick Slob 360s and having a fluid, steezy style in his runs, Anthony is knee deep in the middle of competition this week. Currently shredding the surf at the Reef El Salvador 6 Stars comp, Anthony took a break from his busy day on Punta Rock Beach to talk with us about his surfing, his favorite Marley song and his love for our Positive Vibration on-ear headphones.

Anthony Fillingim2

Tell us a little about your surfing background? How long have you been surfing?

I have been surfing for 10 years. My dad got me into surfing when I was young and I started competing as a grommet. It was around seven years ago in a local contest in my home hometown Playa Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. For the last two years I have been surfing the ALAS Latin American tour and now I’m starting to enter more ASP WQS events.

Who do you ride for?

I surf for Reef, Carton Surfboards, A3 Energy Drink and now for House Of Marley.

Who are your surfing heroes?

Kelly Slater, Andy Irons and Dane Reynolds.

Where is your favorite place to surf in the world? Any standout spots that come to mind?

A reef close to my house in Mal Pais, Costa Rica, but I really love the North Shore. Killer waves every single day.

What’s the biggest wave you’ve ever ridden?Any crazy wipeout stories?

The biggest wave was in Rock Piles (Hawaii). It was solid. The best part was it was only my friend and I in the water for that session. Craziest wipeout? The best was a couple of months ago in Hawaii when I was surfing at Pipeline. It was a good wipeout that held me underwater and washed me through the reef. It was a great experience.

Anthony Fillingim

Is there anything you do before a big competition to get pumped up?

Yeah I listen to music before all my heats at the concentration zone using my Positive Vibration headphones.

Do you have a favorite Bob Marley song? Which one and why?

I like all of them but my favorite is “Natural Mystic” because of the chill vibe I get when I listen to it.

What’s your favorite thing you’ve eaten in your travels? What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?

Tacos al Pastor in Mazatlan are really good, but my favorite meal last year was a sushi night in Peru. The weirdest thing I’ve ever ate was the strange inside part of a red snapper.

With 4000 points, Anthony Fillingim sits in third place, near the top of the ALAS leader board, and hopes to make a leap forward after this week’s competition in El Salvador. Stay tuned for more updates on Anthony and his tournament run as he looks to win the tour championship. Good luck out in the waves Anthony and keep on killing it!

Bonus: Haven’t seen the latest Team Marley member surf yet? Check out this insane surfer profile video of Anthony and watch him do what he does best.

House of Marley Approved: Hess Handplanes


Do you love surfing? Can’t get enough sea foam sprayed in your face? Well, then you’ve got to try Hess Handplanes. Go find’em. Right now. Lovingly built by surfboard shaper Danny Hess from found wood and broken surfboards, these small pieces of wood are created to conform to the shape of your palm. Strap on one to each of your hands, paddle out to the break and ride them into shore. “Ride what,” you say? RIDE YOUR HANDS. You’ve now become your own surfboard.


Tyler Wright Racks Up Gold at Colgate Plax Girls Rio Pro


A high flying, big scoring final at the Colgate Plax Girls Rio Pro acted as a showcase for Team Marley surfer Tyler Wright to retain her crown as the current queen of the ASP World Tour. Killing it during another set of amazing contest heats, the Australian-born surfer racked up another 10,000 tour points and $15,000 in prize money.

Receiving the highest score in each of her heats, Wright battled through a field of sick competitors including Laura Enever, Courtney Conlogue and Bianca Buitendag. “This whole event has been stepping stones for me. I started off a bit shaky…” Wright said of her early runs. “After I lost that Round 3 heat I just wanted to catch waves and I stayed busy from then on. It’s just the way it worked out. I just love catching waves.”


Wright turned up the heat against rival surfer Sally Fitzgibbons in their epic finals battle, as the two jockeyed for the lead in ASP Women’s Tour standings. Delivering a stunning 9.33 score with smooth, compact turns while taking a wave on her forehand, Tyler tallied a final score of 17.80 and took home the title of Colgate Plax Girls Rio Pro champion.

In the few short months since Tyler joined Team Marley and began repping our earth-friendly headphones, Bluetooth speakers, Lively Up bags and watches, she has been tearing up the ASP tour. With another big win this year and a few second place finishes, she is in prime contention to walk away with the tour title for 2013. Next up for our surf pro is the Roxy Pro comp, which will be held Biarritz, France in July. Good luck and keep on killing it, Tyler!

Bonus: Check out Tyler Wright’s journey to the finals at the Colgate Plax Girl Rio Pro and see her epic slob grab during her commanding first place victory.

Photo Credit: ASP World Tour

House Of Marley & A Deeper Shade Of Blue Partner For Instagram Contest

A Deeper Shade of Blue – the latest film from director, photographer and surf enthusiast Jack McCoy – gets you as close to the sea-foam as you can get without actually riding a wave. With a unique look at surf culture, McCoy puts you in vantage points that are rarely ever seen by humans, let alone filmed on camera.

As a sponsor of the A Deeper Shade of Blue premiere on Wednesday, February 6, we are teaming up with the moviemakers, West Surfing Products and Sol Shop to celebrate the release of this spectacular film and launch an accompanying Instagram contest. All you have to do is show us how surfing has made an impact on your life.

We want to see pictures of the beach you grew up on, your first surfboard, the gnarliest waves you’ve pushed out into, or anything else that shows what surfing means to you. Once you’ve got a killer pic, upload your photo to Instagram and tag @houseofmarley and #LiveLoveSurf to be instantly entered to win.

Over the next two months, we will be giving away awesome prizes every week including over-ear headphones, portable audio systems, and much more. Check out the contest prize schedule below and enter as often as you’d like. Submissions to the Instagram contest must be in by March 22 11:59 p.m. PST.

Get more inspiration for your surfing shots by checking out the trailer for A Deeper Shade of Blue above, and see the entire film in theatres on March 22!


House of Marley & A Deeper Shade of Blue Instagram Contest Schedule

February 15 – Rise Up Over-Ear Headphones from House of Marley
February 22 – Two Spring Suits from Westing Surfing Products
March 1 – A Tribal Cabana from Sol Shop
March 8 – Bag of Riddim Portable Audio System from House of Marley
March 15 – Steamer Suit from West Surfing Products
March 22 – Custom A Deeper Shade of Blue Cabana from Sol Shop
March 29 – Two tickets to the Red Carpet Premiere at Downtown Disney and a one night stay at a Disney Hotel from New World Distribution
April 5 – Two tickets to the one-night movie theatre event of A Deeper Shade of Blue from Fathom Events

Kelly Slater & Stephanie Gilmore Shine At Surfer Poll Awards 2012

A week ago on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii, the surfing world converged to celebrate the SURFER Poll Awards 2012. Presented by Surfer Magazine and the House of Marley, the surf industry honored the top professional surfers, including big winners Kelly Slater and Stephanie Gilmore.

Hosted by sports commentator Sal Masekela, the large audience of surfers at the SURFER Poll Awards 2012 were regaled with amazing surf videos of industry leaders like John Florence, Dane Reynolds, Alana Blanchard and CoCo Ho. Surfer Magazine awarded winners in several categories including the film “Dear Surburbia” (Movie of the Year), Mark Matthews (Worst Wipeout) and Gabriel Mendez for his breakout performance this year.

Photo by Grant Ellis
For the music throughout the SURFER Poll Awards 2012, the House of Marley picked an eclectic playlist of sounds that ranged from surfy dream pop to all out rock ‘n’ roll blitz. Check out the embedded playlist from the House of Marley below and you’ll be able to check awesome up-and-coming artists like Ty Segall, FIDLAR, The Orwells, San Shi and Wolf Alice.

If you missed all the action, you can click here to check out the SURFER Poll Awards 2012. The House of Marley loves being a progressive innovator in our field of in-ear headphones, on-ear headphones, over-ear headphones, portable audio systems and lifestyle bags. Seeing surfers from all over the world push the sport of surfing excites us in the same way. Props on a great year for a great sport.