Shirts From 1Love and Sevenly to Benefit Jamaican Orphanages

Poverty is an everyday reality in Jamaica. Unfortunately, many new mothers are forced to abandon their newborns at the hospital, as their situations are so destitute that they are left no other choice. To help, the Bob Marley charity 1Love is teaming with Sevenly, a t-shirt company that uses its profits to solve important issues, to make a difference in Jamaican orphanages.

As this week’s featured t-shirt, 1Love created special designs for the cause including hoodies, t-shirts and tank tops built around the phrase “Wild at Heart.” Whether wrapped in flowers with butterflies or donning a vintage motorcycle racer, these “Wild at Heart” t-shirts come in a number of different colors and sizes and are only available through Monday, June 25. For only $22 for a t-shirt or tank and $35 for a hoodie, you can help 1Love and Sevenly reach the week goal of raising $7000. Additionally, if you can’t pay for a shirt, Sevenly offers the chance to help by promoting the sale through your social media profiles.

The decision for the Bob Marley charity and Sevenly to team together to help Jamaican orphanages was an easy one. The Glenhope Orphanage, the beneficiary of the t-shirt drive, is located in Kingston, Jamaica, and is one of thirteen government-operated Jamaican orphanages. Using the money for baby formula and proving 24-hour care, Glenhope provides for the children until they are ready for adoption. Once they are of age, the orphanage then seeks out a stable home for the young Jamaican boy or girl.


Located less than three miles away from the Marley’s famous Hope Road home in Kingston, it’s clears why1Love chose the Glenhope Orphanage. Walking the streets of the city every single day, Bob Marley was focused on changing the way his country worked and supporting those who were left behind. Through 1Love, the Marley Family has continued on Bob’s legacy of helping the downtrodden and improving their lives in of children in Jamaican orphanages.

The House of Marley is pleased to be working with 1Love and Sevenly to promote their current t-shirt drive, while also donating a portion of sales from on-ear headphones, in-ear headphones and over-ear headphones to the Marley charity. Furthering Bob’s mission is the focus of both 1Love and the House of Marley family and we hope that you will take part in the Bob Marley charity t-shirt drive for the Glenhope Orphanage and other Jamaican orphanages.