Heart of the Marleys: Miami’s Rohan Marley, son Nico carry on Bob’s legacy

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Sports Illustrated conducted an amazing interview with Rohan and his son Nico Marley. They discuss football between the family, and even take a trip to the Bob Marley Museum. This interview shows viewers a side of the family that isn’t musical, but the one common denominator that connects the family is passion in everything they do. “Passion makes us do what we do” – Nico Marley


The House Of Marley Rocks The 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show

The House of Marley introduced the world to our newest line of personal audio and lifestyle products this week at the 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Known as one of the world’s premier electronics events, the Consumer Electronics Show brings out the newest innovations brands have to offer and acted as the perfect launching point for the new House of Marley gear.

“When we started, we made a promise and a commitment to our planet and Marley fans,” Rohan Marley said during Consumer Electronics Show. “Today, we are continuing to work hard to deliver on that promise by creating extraordinary personal audio and lifestyle products that reflect our commitment to a global movement, and expresses our love of music, craft, the planet and people.”


Rohan Marley & Derek Hough of Dancing wih the Stars.

Announcing a new era of wireless technology for our brand, the House of Marley debuted new portable Bluetooth speakers, including the Chant, the Bag of Riddim, the versatile Get Together speaker and the Roots Rock carrying bag. The House of Marley’s home audio system, The Get Up Stand Up, was also given a Bluetooth makeover for the Consumer Electronic Show, while the One Foundation Premium Digital Audio System made a splash with it’s unique four driver design.


Rohan Marley & artist/producer Swizz Beatz.

The House of Marley’s dedication to using eco-friendly materials in every product is represented best in our new over-ear headphones, on-ear headphones and in-ear headphones. The Rise Up over-ear headphones offer aviator style with unique bamboo-fiber ear cushions, while our new Legend in-ear headphones are made with FSC certified wood. New on-ear headphones, including Harambe, Buffalo Soldier, Riddim and Liberate, give consumers the ability to purchase sophisticated audio gear at several different price points.

The House of Marley was proud to finally show our newest product lines at the International Consumer Electronics Show. Check out the video recap below, and stay tuned here for more!

Get Up Stand Up With The New House of Marley iPod Sound System

The House of Marley has become synonymous with creating eco-friendly headphones and we are now adding a new Marley iPod sound system to our family of products. The new House of Marley speakers, dubbed the Get Up Stand Up, packs the most powerful punch of any iPod sound system around, while still being built with sustainable materials.

Crafted with FSC certified Birch wood, the Get Up Stand Up portable audio system comes in a rich walnut color and is also emblazoned with our own infinity logo. Meant to be the centerpiece of any room, this iPod sound system has an effortless style that takes inspiration from the home sound systems of the 1970s.

“We thought back to how people used to admire the large floor speakers back in the 1970s and ‘80s and how those speakers were design elements in the home. Our Get Up Stand Up system delivers exceptional audio quality in a strikingly beautiful design, while staying true to our values and commitment to the planet,” Rohan Marley said of the new House of Marley speakers system.

Outfitted with our “Signature Sound” technology, these House of Marley speakers deliver booming bass and timely treble via twin 1” tweeters, twin 4.5” high-definition woofers and a powerful amplifier. While most speaker systems created today are the product of big box manufacturing, each House of Marley iPod sound system undergoes custom tuning to ensure that your Get Up Stand Up is just right for playing the sounds of Trenchtown Rock.

Now available in the United States, Canada and Australia, the Get Up Stand Up iPod sound system is a sign of what is to come from House of Marley. Stay tuned for the expansion of the House of Marley audio line with more earth friendly technology and a new line of lifestyle products, including our Lively Up bag line, watches and other accessories. In the meantime, let the Get Up Stand Up guide you into the new season with ease and prepare to #LiveMarley this fall.


1Love: Bob Marley Charity Makes Global Impact

Through music, Bob Marley sent positive vibes that resonated throughout the world. Whether spreading the seed of musical prosperity or helping to provide clean water to third world countries, the Bob Marley charity, 1Love, has continued in his tradition. As one of the major partners of 1Love, The House of Marley is dedicated to these causes as well.

The principle focus of the Bob Marley charity centers around three major subject areas: the world’s youth, peace opportunities and the planet’s eco-system. By channeling its efforts through partnerships with world renowned charities like Save The Children, Every Mother Counts, Protect Our Winters, Invisible Children, and United Nations Environment Programme, 1Love is committed to raising funds for causes that Bob Marley himself was concerned with.

However, 1Love isn’t just concerned with donations. The Bob Marley charity is two-fold, with one avenue that is solely focused on monetary contributions, while the other is a social media campaign funneled through the 1Love website that connects those trying to make a difference to other likeminded individuals. By challenging fans of Bob Marley to take on a “Marley Mission,” 1Love inspires the sharing of good vibes, whether the project is to record an uplifting song or simply be a role model in the community.

While projects of this scope might seem small in nature, 1Love and The House of Marley believe that if simple acts like these can change the course of one person’s day, then it was truly worth the time.

1Love, the official Bob Marley charity, is dedicated to making the world a better place. Gain knowledge and educate yourself by visiting the 1Love website and take a few minutes to watch the video below and learn firsthand what Rohan Marley, Bob’s son, and the rest of the Marley family are doing to make a difference.

Marley Movie Hits Los Angeles

The long-awaited feature-length documentary, Marley finally hit the big screen last night at its Los Angeles premiere. Music icons, A-List actors, international press, and a handful of proud Marley children were among those in attendance to celebrate the legacy of Bob Marley.

Directed by Oscar-winning filmmaker Kevin MacDonald, and made with the blessing of the Marley family, and the guidance of eldest son, Ziggy, Marley presents an intimate portrait of a music icon whose own way of life changed the lives of so many. On hand at the LA premiere of the Marley movie were artists like rap icon Snoop Dogg and country superstar Kenny Chesney — polar opposites on the genre meter, but like-minded admirers when it comes to Marley. Check out what both had to say about the universal impact of Marley from the red carpet:

The Marley movie will be screening in select theaters and available worldwide via Facebook, tomorrow April 20, 2012!

The House of Marley Gets the Fashion Industry Jammin’

Magic, Las Vegas was another great show for the House of Marley. Our booth was in the street area and really got the fashion industry jammin’. Rohan Marley as well as Marley Young Gongs, Jo, Daniel and Matthew were all on hand to meet the crowd and show off our eco-friendly headphones, in-ear headphones and speaker docks.

On the first night of Magic, we had a special treat for everyone at the show. Julian Marley, Bob’s son performed on-stage in Town Square. This brought in a great crowd of hundreds who were all feeling the vibes and jammin’ out with the entire crew. Check out Ju Ju performing Natural Mystic for the crowd! To scope our videos from Magic, hit up YouTube.com/TheHouseofMarley.

Be sure to register for our site so you can be one of the first to order our products when they are released in August.

Here are some more pictures from around our booth at Magic:

Day 1: The House of Marley Takes Over CES

The last 24 hours of CES have been nothing short of humbling. We debuted our line of eco-friendly audio equipment to the world and we’re blown away by the response. It’s been an exciting first day. The Marley family is representing. We’ve got Rohan, Cedella, Karen, Robbie, Joseph and Daniel signing autographs and giving interview after interview with over 61 broadcast news stations so far. Plus, Marley gear has been featured in Gizmodo, URB, Wired, The Wall Street Journal and more.

If you couldn’t make it to the event, check out our busy day at YouTube.com/TheHouseofMarley.