The House of Marley and They Will Skate Again Showcase the Stars of Adaptive Skateboarding

Over the course of the past weekend, The House of Marley, the Life Rolls On organization and a team of sponsors took over the Venice Skate Park to put on an adaptive skateboarding demo of epic proportions. Dubbed They Will Skate Again, the Life Rolls On team brought together both advanced and beginner limited-mobility skaters for a skateboarding clinic and contest with a prize of $10,000.


Shredding the park in the only way they know how, legendary pro skaters like Jay Adams and Christian Hosoi grabbed and grinded all over the place while offering tips to up-and-coming skaters. In addition, volunteers helped teach a fresh crop of new adaptive skateboarders the basics of pool skating throughout the They Will Skate Again event. Helping out both younger and older skaters, the crew taught a wide range of pool skating basics from dropping in to carving sloped walls and even airing out over the pool coping.


While we were happy to see so many new smiling faces become involved with adaptive skateboarding, the “go big or go home” moment of the day at They Will Skate Again came when Robert Tompkins attempted the first ever wheelchair 50-50 on a huge handrail. Rolling in on a table that was set near the ramp, Tompkins nearly wheeled away from his first attempt but stumbled on his reentry to flat ground. With a supportive cheering section, Tompkins prepared for his second descent down the rail. Looking just like Hosoi, Adams and other big name skaters before him, Tompkins stomped a huge 50-50 that left the They Will Skate Again crowd in pandemonium.


The House of Marley feels that to #LiveMarley is to take the next step, push forward and achieve your goals no matter what roadblocks may lay in wait. Life Rolls On and the They Will Skate Again event are shining examples of what can happen when people pursue their dreams. Just to be on hand with our on-ear headphones, over-ear headphones, and Marley earbuds was an amazing experience. To all our new and old friends that we were fortunate enough to skate with over the weekend, here’s looking to the next session.

Bonus: Check out this great footage of Robert Tompkins’ huge 50-50 at the They Will Skate Again demo.