Punky Reggae Party: The Best Songs To Skate To

So you don’t have a skating mixtape? Here, the House of Marley has compiled a playlist of five of the best songs to skate to, whether you’re bombing a hill or just picking up a deck for the first time.

No matter what your style, experience level, or age, sometimes music is just as big an element to skating as the deck and wheels themselves. Download our list of the best songs to skate to, throw in some of your favorites and get out on your own four wheels.

Bob Marley – “Punky Reggae Party”

In “Punky Reggae Party,” the first track on our list of the best songs to skate to, the House of Marley’s namesake sings about how music brought together punks and Rastas. Similarly, skateboarding has always connected kids of different backgrounds and inspired them to push the limits with one another. Oh, and it’s also awesome to just cruise too.

Agent Orange – “Bloodstains”

The dark and brooding “Bloodstains” is a blast of California hardcore punk from the ‘80s that screams “Skate or Die!” Perfect for skating a city, if you have this song blaring on your House of Marley over-the-ears headphones you will be 1000% guaranteed to push faster, skate harder and take all your bails with a huge smile on your face.

Lupe Fiasco – “Kick, Push”

It’s a surprise that no one has used Lupe Fiasco’s “Kick, Push” as the soundtrack to their epic tech skate video segment. Perfect for a skater with the right flow, “Kick, Push” is the ultimate jam for a skater with tons bench/ledge tricks and a bunch of killer manual variations.

Jimi Hendrix – “Ezy Ryder”

Choosing the Hendrix classic “Ezy Ryder” as one of the best songs to skate to comes courtesy of one of the most stylish skate crews ever, the Dogtown and Z-Boys. Providing the background music for a revolution, “Ezy Rider” was one of the tracks that pushed Tony Alva, Jay Adams and Stacy Peralta to make skating a beautiful piece of artwork.

Misfits – “Skulls”

The Misfits Crimson Skull logo is just as synonymous with skating as any skate company logo. “Skulls,” from the band’s debut Walk Among Us, speaks to the enduring qualities that make any Misfits song instantly skatable; it’s fast, it’s short, and it’s brutal.