Tyler Wright Racks Up Gold at Colgate Plax Girls Rio Pro


A high flying, big scoring final at the Colgate Plax Girls Rio Pro acted as a showcase for Team Marley surfer Tyler Wright to retain her crown as the current queen of the ASP World Tour. Killing it during another set of amazing contest heats, the Australian-born surfer racked up another 10,000 tour points and $15,000 in prize money.

Receiving the highest score in each of her heats, Wright battled through a field of sick competitors including Laura Enever, Courtney Conlogue and Bianca Buitendag. “This whole event has been stepping stones for me. I started off a bit shaky…” Wright said of her early runs. “After I lost that Round 3 heat I just wanted to catch waves and I stayed busy from then on. It’s just the way it worked out. I just love catching waves.”


Wright turned up the heat against rival surfer Sally Fitzgibbons in their epic finals battle, as the two jockeyed for the lead in ASP Women’s Tour standings. Delivering a stunning 9.33 score with smooth, compact turns while taking a wave on her forehand, Tyler tallied a final score of 17.80 and took home the title of Colgate Plax Girls Rio Pro champion.

In the few short months since Tyler joined Team Marley and began repping our earth-friendly headphones, Bluetooth speakers, Lively Up bags and watches, she has been tearing up the ASP tour. With another big win this year and a few second place finishes, she is in prime contention to walk away with the tour title for 2013. Next up for our surf pro is the Roxy Pro comp, which will be held Biarritz, France in July. Good luck and keep on killing it, Tyler!

Bonus: Check out Tyler Wright’s journey to the finals at the Colgate Plax Girl Rio Pro and see her epic slob grab during her commanding first place victory.

Photo Credit: ASP World Tour

#LiveMarley Contest Winner: Jeremy Hopwood/Caravan Skate Shop

As a part of the #LiveMarley contest on our Facebook page, we’ve been asking you to submit stories of how you have personally been inspired by Bob Marley’s values. The first winner of one of our sick new watches is Jeremy Hopwood, a 27-year-old skater from Seattle, who is also the owner of Caravan, a mobile skate shop.

OK. Your first thought was “What’s a mobile skate shop?” Right? Well, Jeremy was tired of the old skate shop model — he wanted to move it out into the streets. Instead of waiting for someone else to do it, Hopwood bought a van, tricked it out with a quarter pipe and stocked it full of decks, wheels and trucks. Forget the ice cream man… Kids are now running to the Caravan Skate Shop van. We spent some time talking to Jeremy about the shop, his charity work with Skate For Change and the future of the van.


What was the reason that you started Caravan?

Caravan evolved out of boredom and a desire to do something meaningful. The whole idea didn’t come to me at once, but it was a feeling that I had… A burning. After I thought of the mobile skate shop idea, it took me a few months before I actually bought the vehicle. It was Earth Day 2012. My friend and I went out for a day trip here in Issaquah, Washington, starting at 6 or 7 AM. We actually didn’t know it was Earth Day until we got back from the trip.

How did the charitable element come into play?

The charity aspect came out of pure desire to continue what I started. I went to a local skate shop with the idea and the owner and I began converting the van to have a better aesthetic and functionality for skateboarding. I got word of Pam Miller (a skate event organizer) and her work, and was able to go to that first event at Samammish Park and volunteer with set-up/breakdown for the event. I passed out water and had tools and extra bearings/hardware for people skating. It slowly evolved to where I was accepting donations of skateboard equipment and shoes, and then going to events and giving them out to kids who needed them.


How did you become involved with Skate For Change?

Getting involved with Skate for Change (a non-profit group of skaters who give back to low-income families and the homeless) was another blessing from Pam Miller, and the skate park competition circuit she runs. I took the Caravan out to Woodinville Skatepark with a pack of younger rippers, Jaeden Ovenall, Kyle McQueen and we entered the contest as a team. It was the first contest I had been in since I was 18 or so. So Skate for Change had a booth set up and it was about as natural as it could have been. I was already doing the charity aspect of Caravan and it was a perfect fit.

What kind of projects are you working on with Skate For Change?

Caravan and Skate for Change are starting to come together, but it hasn’t happened just quite yet. Mike Smith [the founder of Skate For Change] travels the country and speaks at high schools, and is gaining a huge following. They just won the State Farm $25,000 grant for the second year in a row, and just recently opened up the Bay in Nebraska, an indoor skate park/youth facility. So as far as my part, I go out with SFC Seattle most Sundays and spread the word about what we are doing in our community. Besides that, I am working to recycle used skateboards by shaping, sanding, and painting them, and by leading by example.

What’s the connection between skateboarding and making changes in society?

I’ve had conversations about the connection between skating and society since I was a lot younger. The first skateboard video I was in was called Wood Relation. To me that title says a lot on its own; skateboards are a vehicle for positivity and growth for individuals. They don’t pollute the environment, at least their carbon footprint is much smaller than most other modes of transportation. Beyond that, skating is an outlet for creativity, in art, in the physical form and with photography/filmmaking. It’s an extremely positive activity, but I believe anything active can be good. A lot of skaters don’t like scooters, rollerbladers, bmx or traditional sports. I think those are great and much better than kids playing Call of Duty any day.


Some people just don’t understand skaters. They think they are lazy. They think they are destructive. “A skater comes down the street and it’s loud… It shocks people,” Hopwood says of skaters’ reputation. “They think you are reckless and are going to run into them.” Through his work with Caravan and his latest adventure (a summer spent acting as a counselor at a Massachussets sports camp), Jeremy is doing his part to keep the skate community in a positive light. He’s even considering making Caravan a bi-coastal project with a new van on the East Coast.

If Bob Marley’s vision for a better world has inspired you to hit the streets, plant trees, pick up trash or spend time helping others in your community, then we want to hear your story! Visit the #LiveMarley contest page on our Facebook profile and tell us what you are doing locally to improve the planet for a chance to win a new watch.


Bob Marley’s Kaya Celebrate 35th Anniversary


Separated. That’s how Bob Marley must have felt while making his album Kaya. Forced to flee from Jamaica after an assassination attempt, Bob created a record in England that was more in tune with the more peaceful times of Trenchtown. Yet, no matter how great the music… Jamaica was still 4,000 miles away.

In celebration of the album’s 35th anniversary and Bob’s return to Jamaica, Island Records is releasing an expansive two-CD set of Kaya. Perfect for the beach or any place summertime relaxing can happen, the album is full of heavy grooves and motivational words.

Kaya’s earth-friendly lyrics have had a huge influence on the direction of our brand’s Earth-friendly headphonesportable audio systemsbags and watches. Check out some of our favorite cuts from the album below and commemorate this amazing anniversary with a listen to music that will satisfy your soul.

“Easy Skanking”

Setting the pace for Bob Marley’s Kaya, “Easy Skanking” features a slower, more reserved groove than many of The Wailers early tracks. With the promise of “taking it easy, taking it slow,” Marley creates a new vibe for his band that would last for the rest of his career.

“Sun is Shining”

Amongst a number of songs rerecorded for Kaya, “Sun is Shining” trades in its sparse sounds for a heavier guitars and bass. Offering up the line “Sun is shining, the weather is sweet / Make you want to move your dancing feet,” Marley captures the beauty and spirit of nature in Jamaica.

“Smile Jamaica”

As the inspiration for our Smile Jamaica in-ear headphones, this song is new to the latest edition of Bob Marley’s Kaya. Written as an uplifting anthem for Jamaica, Marley first played the song at a concert of the same name shortly after an assassination attempt in 1976, prior to leaving for England.

“Get Up Stand Up (Live from Rotterdam 7/7/1978)”

In addition to the full Kaya album, the new edition of the album features some odds and ends like a live concert from Amsterdam. With the Wailers in fine form after countless recording sessions, this version of “Get Up Stand Up” acts as an eternal document of Bob’s energy-filled live shows.

“Time Will Tell”

Kaya‘s closing song “Time Will Tell” is a relaxed meditation on the history of Jamaica’s citizens. Beckoning to his people that they should “weep no more,” the music of this song signifies some of the newfound freedoms of Jamaicans in the late 1970s and their closeness to Jah.

The Inspiration Behind Bob Marley’s “No Woman, No Cry”

Dive deeper into your Bob Marley records! Feel the grooves of the vinyl and look closer at the labels. Notice anything weird? Here… Take a look:


Bob Marley is known for his unmatched songwriting, but who is Vincent Ford? How did his name make it onto a Wailers record? Did he really write “No Woman, No Cry?” The answers can be found within Marley history.

Improving the lives of others was constantly on Bob Marley’s mind, a lesson he learned from Vincent Ford. Finding a refuge in Ford’s soup kitchen, Marley discovered how charity worked firsthand from his Kingston mentor.


Nicknamed “Ta Ta,” Ford did more than just feed local kids. He taught them to pick up guitars and write about the world that surrounded them. Looking around the Jamaican streets, Marley found inspiration during a conversation with “Ta Ta” one day. He strummed and sang:

“I remember when we used to sit
In the government yard in Trenchtown
Oba, ob-serving the hypocrites
As they would mingle with the good people we meet
Good friends we have had, oh good friends we’ve lost along the way
In this bright future you can’t forget your past
So dry your tears I say

No woman, no cry”


When the song was released, Bob Marley gave Ford credit for writing “No Woman No Cry.” By giving away his songwriting royalties to his mentor, Marley ensured that generations of Kingston children would be able to eat.

This story is the birth of the #LiveMarley movement. How are you making a difference in your community? What actions are you taking to create a better tomorrow? The House of Marley wants to hear all about it. Head to our Facebook page, click on the “Share Your Story!” tab and tell us how you are making a positive impact on the world that surrounds you.




The Rastaration of Bob Marley’s Land Rover


Can you hear it? That’s the sound of Bob Marley’s Land Rover firing up in the distance.  After sitting idle for decades, mechanics have brought a piece of the Marley legacy back to life.

Stripped to the bone and reimagined by the ATL Automotive group, the Land Rover project has been a labor of love. Down to the smallest detail, auto designers and technicians have worked months to make everything the way Bob Marley would have wanted it.

Further putting the Marley stamp on the project, Bob’s eldest daughter, Cedella Marley has created the upholstery for the car’s interior. While the project is still in the final stages of completion, the car has come a long way since its rust-ridden condition of 2012.


Bob Marley was known for driving his Land Rover around the streets of Kingston, Jamaica and finding inspiration to write his lyrics. Can you imagine being in the car with Bob, witnessing the creation of songs like “Get Up Stand Up,” “I Shot The Sheriff” and “One Love?”

Celebrating the Marley heritage and repurposing items from the past inspires us to create new products, whether it’s Earth-friendly bags, portable audio systems or over-ear headphones. What inspires you? Share your muse with the House of Marley on our Facebook page and tell us what makes you want to #LiveMarley.

BONUS: ATL Automotive is documenting the process of rebuilding Bob Marley’s Land Rover through a unique video series. Check out the video below and watch the ATL team strip the Land Rover to its core.

The House Of Marley Rocks The 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show

The House of Marley introduced the world to our newest line of personal audio and lifestyle products this week at the 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Known as one of the world’s premier electronics events, the Consumer Electronics Show brings out the newest innovations brands have to offer and acted as the perfect launching point for the new House of Marley gear.

“When we started, we made a promise and a commitment to our planet and Marley fans,” Rohan Marley said during Consumer Electronics Show. “Today, we are continuing to work hard to deliver on that promise by creating extraordinary personal audio and lifestyle products that reflect our commitment to a global movement, and expresses our love of music, craft, the planet and people.”


Rohan Marley & Derek Hough of Dancing wih the Stars.

Announcing a new era of wireless technology for our brand, the House of Marley debuted new portable Bluetooth speakers, including the Chant, the Bag of Riddim, the versatile Get Together speaker and the Roots Rock carrying bag. The House of Marley’s home audio system, The Get Up Stand Up, was also given a Bluetooth makeover for the Consumer Electronic Show, while the One Foundation Premium Digital Audio System made a splash with it’s unique four driver design.


Rohan Marley & artist/producer Swizz Beatz.

The House of Marley’s dedication to using eco-friendly materials in every product is represented best in our new over-ear headphones, on-ear headphones and in-ear headphones. The Rise Up over-ear headphones offer aviator style with unique bamboo-fiber ear cushions, while our new Legend in-ear headphones are made with FSC certified wood. New on-ear headphones, including Harambe, Buffalo Soldier, Riddim and Liberate, give consumers the ability to purchase sophisticated audio gear at several different price points.

The House of Marley was proud to finally show our newest product lines at the International Consumer Electronics Show. Check out the video recap below, and stay tuned here for more!

Introducing The New Chant Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Ladies and gentlemen, we’re pleased to introduce the next step in the evolution of the House of Marley: the Chant Bluetooth.

Offering the same carrying ability as the original Chant (thanks to the REWIND carrying bag with carabineer), the House of Marley’s new portable Bluetooth speakers are perfect for traveling. Whether hiking through the woods, biking down a mountain or hanging out at the beach, the Chant keeps your hands free of annoying cords and allows for complete wireless freedom when it comes to your entertainment.

Pumping out the quality sound you deserve, courtesy of a 2” speaker with passive radiator, the Chant portable Bluetooth speakers pack a large punch with a small package. Connecting your wireless device through the House of Marley’s new Bluetooth technology, or plugging in via the traditional auxiliary input, the impressive bass sounds and perfect treble tone will remain the same no matter what. With the House of Marley Chant Bluetooth, there is never a loss in quality.

The House of Marley’s latest version of the Chant portable audio system was also created with sustainable bamboo wood, REWIND fabric, and even recycled packaging.

If you’re looking for the newest technology in portable Bluetooth speakers, and something that is easy on the environment, the new Chant Bluetooth is the best of both worlds.

The Harambe On-Ear Headphones With Mic Embody The House Of Marley Philosophy

The House of Marley’s firm commitment to earth-friendly products is shown proudly with our new on-ear headphones with mic. Employing recycled aluminum and the House of Marley’s patented REWIND fabric, the Harambe on-ear headphones with mic deliver stellar sound without leaving a lasting impact on the environment. REWIND fabric, a House of Marley creation, is made with recycled hemp, organic cotton and recycled water bottles and colored with water-based dye.

As the lightest headset created by the House of Marley so far, these comfortable on-ear headphones weigh less than two pounds and have an airy feel about them. Designed to have a maximum sound in a minimum amount of space, the on-ear headphones with mic are compact, but deliver a distinct, crisp sound courtesy of two 30 mm dynamic drivers.

Throughout the process of building the House of Marley, our brand has remained focused on well-constructed comfortable on-ear headphones, but with the idea that eco-friendly technology and charity work can make a worldly impact.

The Harambe headphones are the culmination of the House of Marley’s beliefs. Pulling together our love of the environment, sustainable technology and our efforts to help 1Love with a portion of sales from every set of on-ear headphones with mic sold, we hope to make a positive impact on the world, one piece at a time.

Famous Friends Rock Their Favorite House of Marley Gear

The House of Marley has been privileged to travel the world and meet a lot of great people along the way. Some of these new friends are familiar faces to many of us. Legends of music, movies and sports all #LiveMarley and rep our in-ear, on-ear and over-ear headphones. Below, we’ve collected several of these famous friends rocking their favorite House of Marley gear.

Snoop Lion

Dubbed “Snoop Lion” by a Rastafarian Priest, Snoop Dogg has taken to bumping reggae on his House of Marley portable audio system while recording his latest album, Reincarnated. Taking influence from Bob Marley, Gregory Isaacs and Jimmy Cliff, the rapper’s debut as Snoop Lion will be an exploration in reggae.

Tracy Morgan

tracey-morganFormer Saturday Night Live cast member, 30 Rock star and celebrated comedian, Tracy Morgan is known for being one of the funniest movie stars in Hollywood. Tracy can often be found with that famous grin on his face, listening to his Destiny TTR over-ear headphones.

The Roots

rootsNow known as the most famous band in late night television, The Roots have built their career on stellar sound, premium musicianship and infinite knowledge of music. So, it’s no surprise that when Roots drummer ?uestlove and guitarist Captain Kirk Douglas reach for a pair of over-ear headphones or a portable audio system, they choose from the House of Marley collection.

Warren Sapp

warren-sappLegendary NFL player Warren Sapp knows all about delivering hard hits, and the House of Marley’s over-ear headphones can certainly pack a punch themselves. With noise cancelling technology and stunning bass sounds, the Destiny TTR headphones are a favorite for Sapp.

Flo Rida

flo-ridaFlo Rida is known for hits like “Low,” “In The Ayer” and “Right Round.” He’s been a constant at the top of the charts since 2008. While living the jetset lifestyle, traveling can become somewhat tedious. That’s when Flo’s House of Marley over-ear headphones serve him well.

One love to all the House of Marley supporters out there. We want to see photos of you rocking out your Marley gear! Post your photos to the House of Marley Facebook wall and show us how you #LiveMarley.

Rise Up with House of Marley’s Newest Over-Ear Headphones


The House of Marley’s brand new Rise Up over-ear headphones were styled after the classic aviator headset, and created with incredible innovations like bamboo fiber ear cushions, recycled aluminum parts and our signature REWIND fabric. Not only do these comfortable over-ear headphones look great, but the environment didn’t take a hit from their production.

The Rise Up over-ear headphones also feature the House of Marley’s signature precision sound performance. Designed with 50 mm dynamic moving coil drivers, the Rise Ups are comfortable over-ear headphones that kick warm bass and offer beautifully solid mids and highs.

Since creating our very first set of headphones, the House of Marley has been dedicated to releasing stylish, eco-friendly audio products renowned for impactful sound. The Rise Ups aren’t just another product, but rather the next step in the evolution of quality over-ear headphones.

Rise Up over-ear headphones are available now, exclusively on Apple.com