House Of Marley X Dave’s Wear House Bike Auction


We kicked off our partnership with Dave’s Wear House in NYC last week with an epic party featuring the Team Marley crew and the uber-exclusive Dubwise on-ear headphones. The crown jewels of the event though were two custom-made bikes from the House of Marley and DWH that were strictly built for our collaboration. These one-of-a-kind bikes are unlike any other cruisers you’ve ever seen before.

To have your chance at owning one of these killer bikes, you’ll have to put on your philanthropic hat on and donate some dough to an awesome charity. Through a special auction going on over at CharityBuzz, DWH and yours truly will be handing over the bike to the highest bidder, and all of the money raised will be given to Stoked. Based in Brooklyn and LA, Stoked is a bi-coastal charity that has been helping kids learn more about themselves through surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding.

Check out these close-up shots of the HOM X DWH bike and see what you could potentially miss out on if you don’t bid right now:

Dave'sWearHouse12 Dave'sWearHouse13Dave'sWearHouse14

The HOM X DWH party was a blast as both crews brought out the best of the  skateboarding, biking, basketball and hip-hop world. Couldn’t join us for the #LiveMarleyNYC launch party? Relive the fun below with some sick snaps from the party and head over to CharityBuzz to try and win your HOM X DWH bike, a pair of Liberate on-ear headphones, a leather Scout Pack and our Hitch timepiece.

Dave'sWearHouse16 Dave'sWearHouse18 Dave'sWearHouse1 Dave'sWearHouse17 Dave'sWearHouse19Dave'sWearHouse14 Dave'sWearHouse12 Dave'sWearHouse15 Dave'sWearHouse13

Brush Park BMX Invades Downtown Detroit


The question of what to do about the city of Detroit may be an endless puzzle for politicians, but for many dedicated community members, the idea is much more simple. Grassroots based projects have always kept many in the city fed, clothed and entertained, all at the same time. Something as small as transforming an underutilized public park could literally change a city block. With that in mind, the Brush Park BMX revival was brought to life.

Led by local BMXer/freelance photographer Joe Gall, a team of dedicated bike riders set about cleaning up Brush Park in early April. Even though the park is located only a few blocks away from the stadiums that are home to the Detroit Lions and Tigers, the location was largely neglected since the early 1970s. Over the course of a few months, the crew packed up bag after bag with 20 to 30 plus years of trash and completely tore apart the overgrown shrubbery.

BrushParkBmx3 brushparkbmx2

While cleaning up the park was the initial goal, once the trash and debris were removed, it was time to start building an epic BMX park. By suggestion of the park’s neighbors, the bikers incorporated the vintage playground equipment that was still standing into the course’s architecture. A 10-foot metal slide acts as a starter ramp for the series of dirt jumps, which flows riders through and around concrete statues, monkey bars and more.

Gaining the confidence of the surroundings of the community was key in the success of building the Brush Park BMX trail. The city of Detroit tends to see its property misused by outsiders, but instead, this crew of riders (many of whom live near the park) went about their project the right way. By cleaning the area and making it safer for all, the park became a site for anyone to hang out, no matter whether they are into bike riding or not.


Creating something new out of an item that has long been forgotten is what the #LiveMarley movement is all about. Just as we have taken items from society’s waste stream and reused them in our earth friendly headphones, portable audio systems, Lively Up bags and watch line, the BMXers of Detroit have revitalized a park for their community.  We’d like to say “Happy Trails!” to the Brush Park BMX crew and hope that they will continue making a difference.

Photos courtesy of @BrushParkBMX and @BrushPark_MyHood

House of Marley Teams With Tilly’s For A Pinterest Giveaway


By teaming together with Tilly’s, we are offering you the chance to win an awesome package via our killer Pinterest giveaway. One lucky Pinterest follower will win their favorite House of Marley Lively Up bag packed with five additional House of Marley products from Tilly’s! All you have to do is… Pack It. Pin It. Win It.

The contest is simple, even if you have never been on Pinterest before. Start by signing up or logging in to your current Pinterest account. Head to our Pinterest page and the Tilly’s page, then click the “Follow All” button on both pages. In order to win the sick prizes, you have to be following each account.

Now the fun starts! Head back to your own Pinterest account and create a new board titled “House of Marley x Tilly’s.” Pick your favorite Lively Up Bag from our contest board and pin it to your brand new “House of Marley x Tilley’s” board. When pining to your own board, be sure to include the #houseofmarley and #tillys to each and every photo. The last step of the giveaway is selecting your five favorite House of Marley products from the Tilly’s board titled “House of Marley x Tilly’s” and pining them to your board of the same name.

Lock in your favorite products on your board and you could possibly be selected as the grand prize winner of the House of Marley and Tilly’s giveaway. You will receive the Lively Up Bag that you chose and have it stuffed full of the five products that you pined to your “House of Marley x Tilly’s” board. Don’t delay and start pining today as the contest ends on August 30, 2013 at 11:59 EST. This contest is open to US residents only.

A Deeper Shade of Blue Explores Surfing Style


The evolution of style in the surfing world is the stuff of legends and all Jack McCoy ever wanted to do was document it on film. In his latest feature movie, A Deeper Shade of Blue, the storied videographer takes a journey back through the waves of time to discover where surf style originated. From the Tahitian innovators to the latest Australian purveyors, like Team Marley members Owen and Tyler Wright, A Deeper Shade of Blue captures a worldwide style movement.

The line between film and surfing was a constant blur for Hawaiian native Jack McCoy. After releasing his first movie in 1976, the visionary director used his surfing and diving skills to push the possibilities of his films forward. As the culmination of his years of experience, A Deeper Shade of Blue is a continuation of Jack’s love of underwater shots. Transporting you to a world that is usually only seen by the greatest surfers, each shot is painstakingly crafted with lots of care.


Now available for the first time, A Deeper Shade of Blue is primed and pumped to turn your living room into the heaviest surfing spot this side of Jeffries Bay. Head over to Chill, a new video streaming site, and check out this killer film about the history of surfing. While you’re there, surf the site’s sidebar for your chance to buy the movie and get some of our sweet swag including on-ear headphones, over-ear headphones, portable audio systems and Lively Up Bags. The offer is for a limited time only, so snap up the film and our gear as soon as possible.

Bonus: Jack McCoy’s A Deeper Shade of Blue is an epic tale of one of the most beautiful sports ever. If you haven’t been convinced to check out the film, check out this insane trailer and get a little taste of the sickness to come.

The House of Marley Hits Up The Transworld Come Up Tour 2013


Around the globe, little groms hit the skate park every single day with the dream of having a chance to win a major competition and take home the big prize. We’ve teamed up with Transworld Skateboarding on their current Come Up Tour to offer amateur skateboarders the chance to bring home a championship of their own.

The C.U.T. tour starts with underage skaters submitting footage to become prequalified for a skate jam at their local park. The best of the best qualify for the finals, while hundreds of their skate brethren continue to battle it out for the chance to be called C.U.T champion.


This past Saturday, Chicago’s finest took over Piotrowski Skate Park, vying for three gear-stuffed Lively Up bags. From the techie switch flip crooked grind of Kevin Braun to the giant kickflips of Jorgey Rodriguez, the competition was hot and heavy. In the end, no one could match the flip-in/flip-out tricks Emmet Duffy was throwing down as he walked away with the C.U.T. championship for the Windy City.

Transworld’s C.U.T. continues to roll on down the road this weekend for a stop in Phoenix on April 27. We’ll be taking over the Peoria Skate Park with Cowtown skate shop and getting skaters to go big for some Lively Up bags and more prizes from Independent, Deathwish and Shake Junt. Skaters can still apply for the Phoenix contest by sending a one-minute video with their best tricks to Transworld Skateboarding.

Bonus: Check out this sick contest recap from the Chicago stop of the C.U.T and get some inspiration to shred:

Photo Credit: Transworld Skateboarding

Tyler Wright and Owen Wright Join Team Marley


When looking for Team Marley members, we aren’t just looking for the most skilled and stylish at their craft. We want people who are committed to living life the way they want to live, while still respecting the earth and the community that surrounds them. That’s why we’re proud to announce the addition of two lifelong surfers, Tyler Wright and Owen Wright, to the ranks of Team Marley.

Born and bred surfing off the coast of Australia, Tyler and Owen got their start at an early age thanks to their older brother and father. The brother and sister duo’s dedication to surfing every single day has paid off as they have quickly risen through the ranks to become the hottest surfers on the ASP World Championship Tour.

TylerWrightOwenWright1 TylerWrightOwenWright2

In addition to ripping up the ASP World Tour and repping our line of Earth-friendly headphones, watches, portable audio systems and Lively Up bags, the Wrights are also taking the time to give back. Recently, the duo taught a surfing clinic for kids in Northern New South Wales at the Hurley Australia High Performance Centre. Check out the video below of the Wrights teaching a new generation of rippers and offer them a warm welcome them to Team Marley:

Photo Credit: ASP World Tour and Jason Childs

Exploring With a Backpack Survival Kit


The world is our playground — It’s time to explore it. Create your own backpack survival kit and take the path less traveled.

Carabiner Water Bottle
Unlike your house, nature’s water isn’t filtered. In fact, it can be straight up nasty. You never know when you’ll be around clean water again. Pack a carabiner water bottle and purification tablets to make your supply last.

Keep your pack light by using small items that are worth more than their weight. Our in-ear headphones will keep you moving with musical inspiration, but won’t make for a heavy load.


It wouldn’t be called a backpack survival kit if it had a bunch of things you didn’t need inside. Buy a lighter. You’re going to use it.

At some point in any journey, you will get lost. No matter how gnarly a mountain or forest is, the old school technology of a compass always works.


Feeling inspired? Having a notebook with you to record your thoughts, sketches and directions is essential to any journey. If you carve it into tree, your never going to see it again.

Lively Up Bags
Perfect for any hike, nature walk or urban exploring trip, our Earth-friendly bags are necessary for any new adventure. With roomy pockets, straps to hang water bottles from and a padded laptop sleeve, it’s meant for making a backpack survival kit.

To do is to live. Explore, scavenge and create new expeditions for yourself. After all, no one else is going to live your life for you.

Photography: Carl Zoch

House of Marley’s Apple Collaboration Continues With Lively Up Leather Bags

The House of Marley’s collaboration with Apple continues this month with the release of our new line of Lively Up Leather eco-friendly bags. Again, a portion of the sales generated from this exclusive sale will benefit the amazing Marley charity, 1Love. Now through November 15!

Our Lively Up Leather bags are as sleek and stylish as they are durable and versatile. A unique blend of reclaimed hemp and organic cotton mixed with fibers of recycled plastic bottles, our exclusive REWIND material is the foundation for all of the eco-friendly bags in the growing Lively Up collection. With large capacity compartments and a number of convenient side pockets, bags like our Lively Up Leather Scout Pack, Lively Up Leather Messenger, and Lively Up Leather Backpack are the perfect companion for a day trip or an everyday routine.

The House of Marley’s collaboration with Apple continues through November 15, and features our in-ear headphones, on-ear headphones, over-headphones, the Chant portable audio system and the Lively Up bag line.

In addition to being featured in the Apple store, 10% of every sale will go to our charity partners at 1Love in our “Double the Love” program. Stock up on the new House of Marley headphones, bags and portable audio systems, all with the added bonus of contributing to the many great causes championed by our friends at 1Love.