House of Marley Approved: John Brown’s Body

JohnBrownsBodyWith their revolutionary take on reggae, John Brown’s Body have created one of the genre’s best albums in 2013 with their release, Kings And Queens. The band’s new record may be their tenth full length, but they have hit a stride of meshing electronic and hip-hop with the sounds of Bob Marley’s Jamaica. Check out “Starver,” a track off Kings and Queens and feel the rhythm when John Brown’s Body hits your town as they tour America throughout January and February.

House Of Marley Approved: Home Is Where You Park It

Some say, “Home is where the heart is,” but at the House of Marley, we agree wholeheartedly with the title of photographer Foster Huntington’s new book, Home Is Where You Park It. After leaving his cushy job and buying a VW van, Foster set about having the adventure of a lifetime while traveling around America.

The resulting photobook has the essence of the #LiveMarley movement at its very core. Based on the idea that adventure doesn’t come find you and that you need to seek it out, Foster’s photos document over 80,000 miles of his journey and fellow van owners from along the way. Check out the book and Foster’s killer blog for more of his incredible escapades.

House Of Marley Approved: Satori ReLife Skateboard Wheels


Some people get skateboarding all wrong. They think it’s a destructive lifestyle. The truth is that most skateboarders (like the Satori Movement crew), have an alternative way of looking at how the world works. More concerned with creating something beautiful and making a contribution in the process, Satori has been creating low-impact skate products for over a decade.

Just like the earth-friendly gear we create at the House of Marley, Satori combines hemp, bamboo and organic cotton to make killer t-shirts, hoodies and pants. The company’s sickest achievement are some super slick wheels that actually made from recycled wheels dropped off at skate shops around the country.

Dubbed ReLife, these new wheels feature inner cores that are made from old wheels, as opposed to making completely brand new ones from urethane. Forget just trashing your old wheels, let Satori turn them into something new again.


Satori2 Satori1 Satori


House Of Marley Approved: Civilware


They say, “It’s the little things in life that matter,” and at the House of Marley, we definitely agree with that sentiment. When you’re heading out on your next camping expedition, consider the bare minimum of what you need. An ax, a little coffee and a dry place to put some kindling, a flint stick or your in-ear headphones. Sound about right? If so, then Civilware and the House of Marley have your needs covered.

Taking a similar back to basics approach as the House of Marley, Civilware is creating unique goods that are perfect for the trail, mountain or just about any adventure you can handle. This gear has all been handcrafted and the gem of the collection is the Civilware Pathfinder Axe. Limited to only 12 axes, this tool is perfect for salvaging fallen wood, splitting logs and just about any job you can offer up to it. Another sick addition to the line are the service tins of coffee that will easily fit in a scout pack and keep all of your tiny needs dry in the event of rain.

civilware civilware2 civilware1 civilware3


House Of Marley Approved: Bogobrush


It’s time to keep brushing locally, but start thinking globally. The House of Marley recently found Bogobrush, a killer company that is focused on creating well-made earth-friendly toothbrushes. Just like our Chant Bluetooth Portable Audio System, these toothbrushes are made using bamboo, which is a material that grows fast and is also completely biodegradable. Once you’re done with your Bogobrush, you can simply throw it in your backyard and the brush will literally dispose of itself.

Why would you want to get rid of an awesome tooth brush? Simple. For every Bogobrush purchased, the company gives away a brush to a person in need, hence the name Bogo (Buy One Get One). With an initial goal of giving away 10,000 brushes, the company has already achieved a hefty sum of 8,000 and they aren’t finished yet. Give the boot to plaque and toothbrushes made from plastic in one fell swoop by helping to protect the environment and your next door neighbor.

bogobrush1 bogobrush2 bogobrush3