The House of Marley to Attend the Rockn Rolla MTV Movie Awards Eco Lounge

On the verge of celebrating the best and brightest in Hollywood this weekend, The House of Marley is amped up to be attending the Rockn Rolla MTV Movie Awards Eco Lounge just prior to show time. Presented by Bob Marley’s longstanding guitar endorsement company, Gibson, The House of Marley team will be strutting our way down the green carpet to showcase our eco-friendly headphones to the many musicians, actors, athletes and entertainers in attendance.

But this isn’t just any regular pre-show soiree, as Gibson is teaming up with likeminded earth conscious companies, like us at The House of Marley, to promote a socially conscious and sustainably produced event. Featuring everything from food cooked in a sustainable barbecue and energy saving lights, to an on-site eco hair salon and displays on green technology, the Rockn Rolla Eco Lounge is truly setting a precedent when it comes to environmentally conscious events. The House of Marley is proud to be attending and showing how our own eco-friendly headphones have made progress in sustaining the planet’s ecosystem.

The Rockn Rolla Eco Lounge not only offers celebs a place to hang out before the big show, but it also will act as charity event working with both the American Red Cross and Music Saves Lives. By donating all proceeds of the Rockn Rolla Eco Lounge, attendees will ensure that the seed of education grows and that vital information about leukemia, cancer and other blood related disorders is spread throughout the country. In addition, patrons will also be asked to sign up to donate blood and register for the marrow program that will help advance the causes of both charities.

With the stars aligning for a good cause, the MTV Movie Awards and the Rockn Rolla Eco Lounge pre-party are sure to be big hits on the social calendar, without taking a hit on the planet. If you’re one of the lucky invited guests, be sure to come visit The House of Marley booth, check out some of our eco-friendly headphones and also make a donation to the fantastic charities benefiting from the event.