2014’s Year End Wrap


As 2014 comes to a close, we’re taking some time to reflect on all of this year’s accomplishments and action. It’s been a great ride filled with good vibes and the always improving #TeamMarley support system!

AfroPunk Fest! Bringing in over 60,000 people to Commodore Barry Park in Brooklyn, we still can’t stop talking about it. The style and energy was wild (see photo above for some direct proof on that note) Our Get Together party alongside the DJ’s at the Gold stage had thousands of people dancing all day long.

The Get Together Speaker video launch was a huge success for all involved. We traveled all over and connected with the dopest of videographers to show our audience the authenticity and creativity behind the House of Marley name.

– Throughout the year, we were stoked to release and share our video series, Noisey Jamaica II,  focusing on the rising artists in Jamaica. Names like Jesse Royal, Alkaline, Popcaan, and Ras Malekot got to show their talents in a raw video form. Who doesn’t love viewing the beautiful and deep rooted music and culture of Jamaica? Big Thanks to Noisey Music, Major Lazer’s Walshy Fire, and all who contributed to this video series.

– To domino off of that, we celebrated the success of the Noisey Jamaica II video series in the best way we know how, a party..with lots of live music. We took it over to Kinfolk in Brooklyn and invited House of Marley ambassadors, Electric Punanny to get on the 1’s and 2’s, and we even had a drum line march threw the crowd to turn it all the way up. The club was going up on a TUESDAY. Yes, it was an actual Tuesday – we all know weekday parties tend to be the best there is. Check out photos from the event here.

– Damian “Jr Gong” Marley’s Welcome to Jamrock Reggae Cruise will go down in cruise ship history. Filled with music and heavy positive vibes; the weekend of October 20 – 25th was wild. Jamaica’s best reggae artists, including: Sean Paul, Cham, Wayne Marshall, Etana, Bounty Killer and more, graced the stage and had the crowd rocking for several days straight! Check out the recap, but don’t blame us for the #FOMO that might endure over here.

– Another moment our NYC team was quick to embrace: Spring’s opening of the new Miss Lily’s location closer to the office in The East Village. If you’ve never been yet, it’s a destination always at the top of our list.

– Electric Punanny’s Asian Tour had the other side of the world dancing all night long. Melo X and Jasmine Solano are a dynamic duo and a pair that definitely can not be mimicked or duplicated. Singapore, ManilaBali, Seoul, and Shanghai were the main pit stops on their tour, check out those recaps. The House of Marley is very proud to represent these two.

– The incredible team of Miles2Give powered by our friend Landon Thomas, finished the second annual 10,321 mile tour around the United States exceeding their goal of $50,000 to support research in benefit of the Huntsman Cancer Institute in the fight of Sarcoma Cancer.

LargeUp named Jesse Royal a 2014 ‘Artist To Watch’ and throughout the year he continued to show us all why, dropping singles and mix-tapes landing at the top of every list. Proud to call Royal a part of #TeamMarley.

– We love the Reggae Girlz, and the House of Marley is giving major props to all that this team has accomplished in 2014. This amazing group of soccer stars raised over 100% of the funds needed to send them to the World Cup 2015 bid. The House of Marley matched $100 to every $1 that was donated. We can’t wait to see these girls dominate in 2015 and bring home the gold!

While 2014 is coming to a close when the clock strikes midnight tonight, we are ready to take on 2015 in full force. Big ups to everyone who helped make 2014 what it has been.

New Visuals from Electric Punanny – #RosaCaleta

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 4.04.18 PMRosa Caleta – This song is nothing short but a stimulating musical journey. It will take you up, down and all around, just make sure you’re ready to dance and vibe out! House of Marley Ambassadors, Electric Punanny (Melo-X and Jasmine Solano), always come through with the eclectic riddims. Check our their video for Rosa Caleta below!


ELECTRIC PUNANNY Asia Tour: #5 Singapore

Our last and final stop on the tour was Singapore! Set to play at Gem Bar with Darren Dubwise, we were excited to see if the last city could be as amazing as all the rest. Indeed it was…

DSC07034 DSC07066 DSC07071 DSC07072

First order of business is always EATS!DSC07035 DSC07068 DSC07069And second of course is to par-tay.

DSC07045 IMG_6583 Oh, and to pick up coffee in a bag on the way to the club…DSC07038 DSC07040

Photos courtesy of Gem Bar:

63952_767406496658434_4371053629591235630_n 540436_767408519991565_3314216617607653298_n 544917_767407159991701_2796447803566658224_n 1457758_767407299991687_9200958138599818300_n 1610827_767408629991554_437202497433014113_n 1899923_767407589991658_5245739323952443839_n 10359553_767364163329334_6028740369324046895_n 10360544_767407239991693_213794901439030091_n 10616204_767364426662641_3087778385592952518_n 10636197_767408143324936_9026192232344258913_n 10801677_767407999991617_3998489293287477608_n

And thanks to my homegirl Masia One for coming through and accepting me forcing her on the mic!

DSC07060 DSC07054 IMG_6605

Our final day, we took to the streets! We had an interview with Ziggy Magazine which is coming out soon, visited my fav record store and got treated to an delicious meal at Phuck – the head chef made us a vegan entree separate from the menu, we appreciated it!

DSC07074 DSC07081 DSC07092 DSC07088 DSC07087 DSC07090 DSC07042 IMG_6580

And that’s a wrap folks! We’d like to thank everyone that came out to dance, all the venues and promoters and of course – our family at House of Marley for making it all happen! Til’ next year!


ELECTRIC PUNANNY Asia Tour: #4 Manila

Fourth stop on the tour was Manila, Philippines! Another first time for both me and MeLo-X, we had no idea what to expect. Turns out, Manila TURNS UP. We only had 24 hours in the city, and we certainly made the most of it. Not to mention, it was Halloween night… Read on!

Never gets old…





First order of business, vintage shopping! Angelo and Eric (Black Market) took us to what is considered the “Williamsburg” of Manila. A cozy two block area filled with local shops all run by young creatives. Look out for the guys new vinyl store opening soon!

DSC06992 DSC07001 DSC06998 DSC06996 DSC06994 DSC06993

Next it was time to get ready for the party! Luckily our hosts Anna and Eric had extra masks for us, since we didn’t pack anything close to a Halloween costume.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset MNLedit1

Anna’s costume was hands down the best. We watched the process of her make up getting done, it was a movie set!


DSC07007 DSC07021 DSC07023

Besides Bali, the party at Black Market was the craziest. At one point we both jumped on top of the DJ booth, sweated off our Halloween masks and had choreography poppin’ like we were opening for Bey!

Photos courtesy of Black Market:

1908467_368527593325962_1471957178006237156_n 1506733_368530296659025_2780709528975646845_n1503275_368530059992382_9130861314880774027_n 10357458_368529876659067_1389654928007009983_n64247_368528743325847_8612085154840248045_n 1010490_368528659992522_5171383816057185563_n 1480567_368531163325605_8078168356586567710_n 1610833_368529236659131_583253730030008337_n 1907913_368526939992694_379636398001153046_n 10393676_368523076659747_8563620082114188483_n 10614199_368521243326597_5568302101869494218_n 10615364_368523883326333_5598121347957367289_n 10441014_368521849993203_4166469795116389230_n 10374527_368527206659334_1581337088551482539_n 10458654_368527826659272_1842683431305912391_n 10500434_368530186659036_6750249888337615498_n 7593_368528169992571_1500596694539023698_n 1378870_368532089992179_2181304231080926581_n 1466214_368528353325886_4578698773297121501_n 644376_368530046659050_7740201792555479545_n 553233_368529109992477_2513624416652901153_n 1506733_368530296659025_2780709528975646845_n

And check out the video recap:

Manila, you crazy little thing you! Hope to be back soon, but for now it’s off to Singapore!


The third stop on our World Tour #AsiaEdition was Bali, Indonesia. A special stop for Jasmine being that her father is from Java, Indonesia. We had a few days there, which worked in our favor. Thus our adventure begins…

Pretty much the best greeting ever, although why not “Mrs.”?!

EPBaliIntroOur hotel, TS Suites was just above the nightclub and to describe it as luxurious would be an understatement…



DSC06799 DSC06798

It was time to explore! Not only did Jasmine’s uncle and cousin meet up with us, but so did our long time friend Madeleine who happened to be in Hong Kong at the time. It was truly a family affair. We spent the day visiting Uluwatu Temple, eating a ton of Nasi Goreng and taking in the sights (and heat).

DSC06831 DSC06808 DSC06832 DSC06848 DSC06852 DSC06858 DSC06861

Despite the look on his face, MeLo was very happy with this natural flower crown.

DSC06845 DSC06836 DSC06819 DSC06870 DSC06875 DSC06881 DSC06885 DSC06890

Madeleine trying the local fruit, which was delicious…


DSC06766 DSC06768 DSC06774 DSC06786 DSC06772

The next day it was time for our big show at Jenja! This venue was one of the nicest we’ve seen worldwide. The party was strictly hip-hop, r&b and reggae and we learned it was the only one of its kind on the island. Perfect!

DSC06891 DSC06896 DSC06903 DSC06917 DSC06911 DSC06944 DSC06947

Don’t get it twisted either, Jasmine’s family stayed until the lights came on! 😉


Extra photos courtesy of Bali Tonight:

10750440_532005736935877_2924544799974045125_o 10710236_532008046935646_4394644901803288186_o 10497104_532009353602182_3816105526028750685_o 10700383_532008456935605_3878101566429196697_o 10623700_532006743602443_5273605487879357085_o 10733495_532005676935883_5995673920710327808_o 10446261_532008780268906_844802089298226243_o 10629320_532005873602530_3812305923944388565_o 10649035_532006653602452_5350621124232910254_o 10470989_532006280269156_6498077017105544531_o 10750077_532005590269225_5440429371055039253_o 10700190_532008580268926_6792311260797167892_o 10257334_532007076935743_2815583258237230931_o 1522583_532008056935645_4690451696477262286_o 1404489_532005826935868_7973521000399483675_o 1272268_532007343602383_8208713695943463650_o+++

Our final day in Bali included some much needed R&R at TS Suites infinity pool, a coffee / juice visit to Whale and Co. and some last minute shopping at only the best stores…

EPBALI2 Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset EPBALIcoffee1 EPBALI12 EPBALI13

Bali, you were but a dream.

EPBALI6 EPBALI15 Next stop: Manila, Philippines!

ELECTRIC PUNANNY Asia Tour: #2 Seoul

Our second stop on our World Tour #AsiaEdition was Seoul, South Korea. We were booked to DJ at Cakeshop, a venue we had heard about for quite some time. Cakeshop’s reputation is strong in Brooklyn – many of our talented friends have performed there. And it was our first time in South Korea, so we were beyond stoked!


Did we mention Jasmine’s “World Tour” nails…


Before we headed to our gig, Nevin (Cakeshop) took us to eat at his favorite street spot. The woman cooking the food looked like your favorite grandma preparing an age old recipe, destined for deliciousness…


Sam, Nevin, MeLo-X, Jasmine

DSC06628 DSC06631 DSC06632 DSC06636

Whether it’s smart or not, we always seem to head to our gigs on a full belly! It was time to DJ!

DSC06621 DSC06622 DSC06640

Signing our poster for the Wall of Fame!

DSC06643 DSC06647


DSC06649 DSC06650 DSC06658 DSC06662 DSC06686 DSC06698 DSC06699 Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Quick outfit change with Jisun into Community 54‘s new collabo Cakeshop tee! (mostly because our original shirts were destroyed in sweat)

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

You can imagine how late we slept the following day. Between the jet lag, back to back flights and gigs – we woke up when it was dark out. Never the less, we were ready to head out on the town and explore!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

DSC06721 DSC06730

Ironically enough, our House Party fellow DJ and friend Just Blaze was DJing in town as well! We headed over to the RBMA Event to say hello…

DSC06620 DSC06618 Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

We stopped at a vintage store that sold Nisus Hotel, a Japanese line we modeled for a year ago!


Speaking of modeling…

DSC06736 DSC06739

We even found our poster in the streets!


Overall Seoul was fantastic. Our Cakeshop fam took great care of us and the party people will never be forgotten. Next stop, the exotic and beautiful Bali, Indonesia!

ELECTRIC PUNANNY Asia Tour: #1 Shanghai

It’s that time again! We pack our bags and hop on a 15 hour flight to somewhere in the world, so far from our home of NYC that today is already tomorrow. That’s right, our new annual tradition of WORLD TOURING. This year, it’s the #AsiaEdition. We strapped on our House of Marley backpacks and made our way overseas!

Our first stop was Shanghai, China!


DSC06522 DSC06604

The weather at this time of year in China is perfect, sunny and 70 degrees. We hopped in a cab and headed downtown towards to our hotel.

DSC06526 DSC06608 DSC06536

One of the owners of The Shelter (the club we performed at) brought us to eat first at his restaurant, The Grumpy Pig. This place is a MUST visit for anyone passing through Shanghai. I’m crossing my fingers hoping they open one up in Brooklyn! I mean, who thinks of a BLT steamed bun sandwich!



Did I mention it’s a store / restaurant?!

DSC06552 DSC06553 Next it was time to head to The Shelter! Even though China is still very traditional politically, the nightlife scene is vibrant and wild. At least from what we saw. The venue we played at was actually a bomb shelter, complete with a long tunnel and secret back rooms. Perfect for raves and bashment parties like ours :)

DSC06564 DSC06566 DSC06568 DSC06573 DSC06574 DSC06576 DSC06582 DSC06584 DSC06586 DSC06591 DSC06599

Our first night certainly started with a bang. We left drenched in sweat and on a high (which drowned out the jet lag, thank god). It was off to sleep for only a few hours before we flew to our second stop… Seoul, South Korea!