Celebrating Earth Day With FSC Certified Wood and Ellen Degeneres

Though The House of Marley’s week-long celebration of Earth Day ended with us giving away some headphones in our #EarthDayGiveaway, it’s our belief that the Earth should be enjoyed and respected year-round. This is why we use FSC certified wood and recycled aluminum in our products. It’s not enough to just care about Mother Nature one week a year.

So, pop quiz time: what does FSC certified wood even mean? Used in House of Marley products like the Exodus and Stir It Up on-ear headphones among others, FSC stands for the Forest Stewardship Council. This is a non-profit organization that ensures businesses don’t mishandle the world’s forests when using them for resources. Each piece of wood that is stamped by the FSC has met the high standards of this conservation group that guarantees the wood was sourced in a way that was “environmentally responsible, socially beneficial and economically viable.” The group became an official organization in 1993 and has been helping to create forest regrowth one tree at a time ever since.


So, what does all this mean to you? Well, if you’re anything like us, you like to breathe in clean air every time you wake up. Whether hitting the water for surfing, running down the pavement for your daily jog, or just relaxing with a barbecue in your backyard, the Earth’s ecosystem would crumble without trees. Be mindful of the Earth-friendly products already in your life, and whenever possible, add some more.

In celebration of this year’s Earth Day, The House of Marley teamed up with daytime talk show host Ellen Degeneres to give away pairs of Exodus Headphones to everyone in her audience. Check out the clip below. Ellen sums us up best when she says, “Now you can listen to your music and save the Mother Earth at the same time.” A worthy concept if there ever was one.

The House of Marley Promotes Earth Week With Eco-Friendly Facebook Contest

#EarthDayGiveaway Contest Combines Green Tips With a Chance to Win Marley Headphones

The House of Marley recently launched an interactive Earth Week contest for fans of its Facebook page, combining thoughtful green tips with its critically acclaimed line of Earth-friendly headphones.

All this week, #EarthDayGiveaway will provide fans of the House of Marley Facebook page with different tips for achieving a more Earth-conscious lifestyle. Within the text of these tips will be several highlighted letters for fans to collect over the course of Earth Week. On Sunday, April 22 — Earth Day — fans will have to use these letters to complete a word jumble. The first person to correctly solve the jumble and submit their answer will win a prize courtesy of The House of Marley.


Here’s the twist: the Marley Headphones prize depends entirely on how many Facebook ‘shares’ the #EarthDayGiveaway contest image receives. If the contest receives 250 shares, the prize will be a pair of Smile Jamaica in-ear headphones. For 1,000 shares, the prize will be a pair of Positive Vibration on-ear headphones. 2,500 will up the ante to a pair of their popular Stir It Up on-ear headphones. And finally, if the contest hits 4,000 shares, the lucky winner will take home the brand new Marley Bag of Rhythm portable iPod dock and speaker system.

Each House of Marley product is built with three principles in mind: superior quality, Earth-friendly, and cause-mindedness. Committing its brand to maintaining the vision and teachings of legendary musician, Bob Marley, the House of Marley follows these principles to not only create lasting products, but also make a positive impact on the world. To achieve this, the brand combines top-of-the-line craftsmanship with natural, sustainably-sourced materials, such as FSC-certified wood, organic cotton and recyclable aluminum. In addition to limiting the impact its products have on the environment, the House of Marley also contributes a portion of its sales to support the Marley family charity, 1Love.