LowLine: New York’s New Underground Park


New York City may seem like the last place that you’d expect to see plantlife set amongst the grit and grime of the streets. Think again! Two visionaries named Dan Barasch and Jay Ramsey are taking green life to somewhere even more unique and unusual — under the streets of NYC. Meet their vision for one of the world’s first underground parks, LowLine.

Barasch and Ramsey are at the helm of this brand new project that includes plans to use solar technology to help transform an unused trolley terminal into a lush, green space. Opened in 1908, the Williamsburg Bridge Trolley Terminal on the Lower East Side was used by commuters until 1948 when the transportation services were ended. While the space has been untouched in the six decades since, much of the original architecture stands intact. This includes incredible vaulted ceilings, trolley tracks and cobblestrone streets once walked by the population of Manhattan.

Lowline Lowline1

After first making waves with their Kickstarter efforts in 2012, the Lowline team raised over $150,000 for their project and set about creating a functioning full-scale model in a building above the trolley terminal. The key to the greenery in the park is the solar technology developed by Ramsey himself. With solar collection discs above grounds (think    satellite dishes), light from the sun is brought below the surface of the street and allows plantlife to complete photosynthesis.

With the full model scale functioning aboveground, the team has been working on securing the proper permits and support from elected officials to complete the underground project. In 2014, the Lowline team will continue to work with the transit authority and New York City to transfer ownership to the group. While it may seem far away, Ramsey and Barasch hope to have the Lowline park up and running by 2018.

Lowline5 Lowline4

The concept of an underground park and the technology used to create such a dream space is something that the crew at the House of Marley can easily relate too. Ever since our company started, we’ve been dreaming up ways to create earth-friendly audio gear and we can’t help but be excited by any others who take on the same commitment to the earth. Cheers to the Lowline crew and hopefully we’ll see you under the Big Apple after your project is completed!

Photo Credit: Lizzy Zevallos/Lowline


What Does Eco-Friendly Mean to the House of Marley?

At House of Marley, we aim to create highly stylized headphones with impeccable sound, and great fashion appeal, but the underlying focus has always been on creating a product that is sustainable and eco-friendly. But just what does eco-friendly mean? Created with both the safety of the planet and the consumer in mind, the House of Marley is excited about creating new green products.

Our idea to create headphones that answered the question, “What does eco-friendly mean?” goes back to incorporating the philosophies of our namesake, Bob Marley. The legendary artist was a consummate advocate for Mother Nature, who wrote songs extolling her many virtues as well as protest lyrics aimed at her detractors. With this in mind, the House of Marley looked to cut down on waste by using recycled material to create our products. While some products stamp their product as being “green” without considering what it really means, our brand uses everything from recycled hemp, cotton, plastic water bottles, metal and FSC Certified wood to create our unique products.

By using this recycled material, the House of Marley cuts down on the energy it takes to produce our eco-friendly headphones, eco-friendly bags, and portable audio systems. Instead of creating new pieces from scratch, we focus on using plastic bottles and metal refuse to turn out a new shiny product that hardly seemed possible given the prior state of the materials used. In addition, by using hemp to create fabric, the House of Marley is capable of yielding more fiber than with traditional cotton, and there are no pesticides used to control the crop.

When considering the question “What does eco-friendly mean?” many consumers previously assumed these items were only meant to serve for function and not for fashion. Yet, with the creation of new textiles like REWIND, the material used to create the House of Marley’s eco-friendly bags, there are a new breed of eco-friendly products that have changed the outlook of many on the versatility of green technology. Taking into account the looks of a product, its functionality and its reusability factor, the House of Marley is focused on well-designed products that can help, not hurt, the Earth.

In his song “Small Axe,” Bob Marley compares himself to as a hand axe that is used to cut down those that rule in a tyrannical fashion, metaphorically referring to them as “the big tree.” Using this comparison, Marley shows that those who band together to take down a big problem can truly triumph in the end. The House of Marley is committed to working to end the problems that plague Mother Nature’s eco-system. The first step is asking yourself “What does eco-friendly mean to me and how can I make a difference?”

Element Skateboarding’s New Recycling Program Leaves No Skateboard Behind

The House of Marley has constantly pushed our effort towards creating the most earth-friendly on-ear headphones, over-ear headphones and in-ear headphones possible and we always admire when other businesses step up to create products in the same manner. The Element skateboarding company has been on the same trip for years, as they have constantly worked to include the Earth into their business plan. With their new program, No Board Left Behind, Element skateboarding is showing skaters how to recycle boards.


Between broken noses, chipped tails and pressure cracks, many skaters blow through skate decks, leaving their homes to look like veritable skateboard graveyards. While making their most recent video, FUTURE NATURE, Element decided to take these wayward skateboards from their pros and make them usable again. By using drills and sanders, Element skateboarding deck shapers are creating smaller cruiser boards that are perfect for hitting the hills and streets in your local area.

With random used complete boards going for $90 to those that have been used by pros such as Boo Johnson and Nick Garcia priced at $150, the Element skateboarding No Board Left Behind program hovers right around the price of the typical skateboard. In addition to the recycled Element board, each deck comes outfitted with customized, made-to-fit trucks and wheels that are actually made from bug poop. Yes, bug poop. Although they’re coated in urethane (what wheels are usually made of), Element skateboarding has pioneered new technology that uses corn fed bug waste to make up their wheels. Not only does Element #LiveMarley by using earth-friendly technology, they are on the forefront of creating it.

The House of Marley salutes companies like Element that find something they love to do (in this case skateboarding), perfect their products and then push them to the next step by including an earth conscious point of view. Whether you’re using an earth-friendly skateboard or Marley earbuds, to #LiveMarley is to be alive and living the life you want to live, responsibly. Props to the Element skateboarding company.

The House of Marley to Attend the Rockn Rolla MTV Movie Awards Eco Lounge

On the verge of celebrating the best and brightest in Hollywood this weekend, The House of Marley is amped up to be attending the Rockn Rolla MTV Movie Awards Eco Lounge just prior to show time. Presented by Bob Marley’s longstanding guitar endorsement company, Gibson, The House of Marley team will be strutting our way down the green carpet to showcase our eco-friendly headphones to the many musicians, actors, athletes and entertainers in attendance.

But this isn’t just any regular pre-show soiree, as Gibson is teaming up with likeminded earth conscious companies, like us at The House of Marley, to promote a socially conscious and sustainably produced event. Featuring everything from food cooked in a sustainable barbecue and energy saving lights, to an on-site eco hair salon and displays on green technology, the Rockn Rolla Eco Lounge is truly setting a precedent when it comes to environmentally conscious events. The House of Marley is proud to be attending and showing how our own eco-friendly headphones have made progress in sustaining the planet’s ecosystem.

The Rockn Rolla Eco Lounge not only offers celebs a place to hang out before the big show, but it also will act as charity event working with both the American Red Cross and Music Saves Lives. By donating all proceeds of the Rockn Rolla Eco Lounge, attendees will ensure that the seed of education grows and that vital information about leukemia, cancer and other blood related disorders is spread throughout the country. In addition, patrons will also be asked to sign up to donate blood and register for the marrow program that will help advance the causes of both charities.

With the stars aligning for a good cause, the MTV Movie Awards and the Rockn Rolla Eco Lounge pre-party are sure to be big hits on the social calendar, without taking a hit on the planet. If you’re one of the lucky invited guests, be sure to come visit The House of Marley booth, check out some of our eco-friendly headphones and also make a donation to the fantastic charities benefiting from the event.

1Love: Bob Marley Charity Makes Global Impact

Through music, Bob Marley sent positive vibes that resonated throughout the world. Whether spreading the seed of musical prosperity or helping to provide clean water to third world countries, the Bob Marley charity, 1Love, has continued in his tradition. As one of the major partners of 1Love, The House of Marley is dedicated to these causes as well.

The principle focus of the Bob Marley charity centers around three major subject areas: the world’s youth, peace opportunities and the planet’s eco-system. By channeling its efforts through partnerships with world renowned charities like Save The Children, Every Mother Counts, Protect Our Winters, Invisible Children, and United Nations Environment Programme, 1Love is committed to raising funds for causes that Bob Marley himself was concerned with.

However, 1Love isn’t just concerned with donations. The Bob Marley charity is two-fold, with one avenue that is solely focused on monetary contributions, while the other is a social media campaign funneled through the 1Love website that connects those trying to make a difference to other likeminded individuals. By challenging fans of Bob Marley to take on a “Marley Mission,” 1Love inspires the sharing of good vibes, whether the project is to record an uplifting song or simply be a role model in the community.

While projects of this scope might seem small in nature, 1Love and The House of Marley believe that if simple acts like these can change the course of one person’s day, then it was truly worth the time.

1Love, the official Bob Marley charity, is dedicated to making the world a better place. Gain knowledge and educate yourself by visiting the 1Love website and take a few minutes to watch the video below and learn firsthand what Rohan Marley, Bob’s son, and the rest of the Marley family are doing to make a difference.

Celebrating Earth Day With FSC Certified Wood and Ellen Degeneres

Though The House of Marley’s week-long celebration of Earth Day ended with us giving away some headphones in our #EarthDayGiveaway, it’s our belief that the Earth should be enjoyed and respected year-round. This is why we use FSC certified wood and recycled aluminum in our products. It’s not enough to just care about Mother Nature one week a year.

So, pop quiz time: what does FSC certified wood even mean? Used in House of Marley products like the Exodus and Stir It Up on-ear headphones among others, FSC stands for the Forest Stewardship Council. This is a non-profit organization that ensures businesses don’t mishandle the world’s forests when using them for resources. Each piece of wood that is stamped by the FSC has met the high standards of this conservation group that guarantees the wood was sourced in a way that was “environmentally responsible, socially beneficial and economically viable.” The group became an official organization in 1993 and has been helping to create forest regrowth one tree at a time ever since.


So, what does all this mean to you? Well, if you’re anything like us, you like to breathe in clean air every time you wake up. Whether hitting the water for surfing, running down the pavement for your daily jog, or just relaxing with a barbecue in your backyard, the Earth’s ecosystem would crumble without trees. Be mindful of the Earth-friendly products already in your life, and whenever possible, add some more.

In celebration of this year’s Earth Day, The House of Marley teamed up with daytime talk show host Ellen Degeneres to give away pairs of Exodus Headphones to everyone in her audience. Check out the clip below. Ellen sums us up best when she says, “Now you can listen to your music and save the Mother Earth at the same time.” A worthy concept if there ever was one.

The House of Marley Promotes Earth Week With Eco-Friendly Facebook Contest

#EarthDayGiveaway Contest Combines Green Tips With a Chance to Win Marley Headphones

The House of Marley recently launched an interactive Earth Week contest for fans of its Facebook page, combining thoughtful green tips with its critically acclaimed line of Earth-friendly headphones.

All this week, #EarthDayGiveaway will provide fans of the House of Marley Facebook page with different tips for achieving a more Earth-conscious lifestyle. Within the text of these tips will be several highlighted letters for fans to collect over the course of Earth Week. On Sunday, April 22 — Earth Day — fans will have to use these letters to complete a word jumble. The first person to correctly solve the jumble and submit their answer will win a prize courtesy of The House of Marley.


Here’s the twist: the Marley Headphones prize depends entirely on how many Facebook ‘shares’ the #EarthDayGiveaway contest image receives. If the contest receives 250 shares, the prize will be a pair of Smile Jamaica in-ear headphones. For 1,000 shares, the prize will be a pair of Positive Vibration on-ear headphones. 2,500 will up the ante to a pair of their popular Stir It Up on-ear headphones. And finally, if the contest hits 4,000 shares, the lucky winner will take home the brand new Marley Bag of Rhythm portable iPod dock and speaker system.

Each House of Marley product is built with three principles in mind: superior quality, Earth-friendly, and cause-mindedness. Committing its brand to maintaining the vision and teachings of legendary musician, Bob Marley, the House of Marley follows these principles to not only create lasting products, but also make a positive impact on the world. To achieve this, the brand combines top-of-the-line craftsmanship with natural, sustainably-sourced materials, such as FSC-certified wood, organic cotton and recyclable aluminum. In addition to limiting the impact its products have on the environment, the House of Marley also contributes a portion of its sales to support the Marley family charity, 1Love.