DayCation Pt. 1 With Izzy Guttuso

Izzy Guttuso is a freelance photographer from Florida who lives for sunshine, sandy beaches, skating and surfing. Capturing photography of her adventures is a part of everyday life for Izzy, but now she is sharing her experiences with the House of Marley. Check out Izzy’s first DayCation below and stay tuned for new updates from the road, the beach and her home.


DayCation Pt. 1

Leading an organic life is something I focus on every single day. I started this morning off with a hot cup of plum tea and a fruit salad on my patio surrounded by plants and my big cat Gizmo.



Living two minutes from the Atlantic Ocean has its perks. There isn’t a week that goes by when I don’t touch the sand. Right after breakfast, I was longboarding towards the coast with a surfboard in one hand and a beach blanket in the other. After the surf died out, I fell asleep on my blanket while listening to music.



After imbibing in some beach and sun, I headed over to a skate demo going on and took some photos from the deck of the mini-ramp. Taking pictures on the ramp is a thrilling experience, as the skaters express so much raw emotion in their technique.


InEarHeadphones8When the sun started to set, I headed back to the beach to watch the darkness overcome the ocean. It’s a beautiful experience. This is what life is like for my friends and me. We hit the beach from morning until night, and it never gets old. I mean, how could it get old? Especially when you are with friends around a bonfire, hanging out and talking until we are too tired to talk anymore.



 Photography/Words by Izzy Guttuso