The Street Art of David Flores

David Flores, a street artist and close friend of the House of Marley, has been creating incredible artwork on the sides of buildings, shoes and skateboards for a long time. Getting his start at Shorty’s Skateboards, David has designed iconic skate imagery for companies like Flip, Vans, Real, Anti-Hero, Powell Peralta and so many more. Now with his sights sets on back the street, David has been comissioned for some killer work all over California.

His latest piece was a large scale project for the side of the revamped Viper Room. The infamous Sunset Strip bar is in the middle of a makeover and David’s brand new Johnny Cash piece on the building will remind of it’s rock ‘n’ roll past, present and future. Talk about #LiveMarley? Not only is the artwork phenomenal, but David goes to some pretty great heights to finish the piece via a cherry picker.

Ever wanted to see how a great piece of street art is made? Well, you’re in luck, the House of Marley was on hand to witness the making of David’s wall piece and there is some epic footage of the entire painting process. Check it out below and witness a music legend become a timeless piece of artwork for all of Hollywood to see. Plus, keep your eyes peeled for a guest appearance from our House of Marley bus!

Bonus: See below for more of David’s artwork and be sure to check out his site for more of his street art.