House Of Marley Approved: Civilware


They say, “It’s the little things in life that matter,” and at the House of Marley, we definitely agree with that sentiment. When you’re heading out on your next camping expedition, consider the bare minimum of what you need. An ax, a little coffee and a dry place to put some kindling, a flint stick or your in-ear headphones. Sound about right? If so, then Civilware and the House of Marley have your needs covered.

Taking a similar back to basics approach as the House of Marley, Civilware is creating unique goods that are perfect for the trail, mountain or just about any adventure you can handle. This gear has all been handcrafted and the gem of the collection is the Civilware Pathfinder Axe. Limited to only 12 axes, this tool is perfect for salvaging fallen wood, splitting logs and just about any job you can offer up to it. Another sick addition to the line are the service tins of coffee that will easily fit in a scout pack and keep all of your tiny needs dry in the event of rain.

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