House Of Marley Introduces Latest Gear At CES 2014


We’ve been waiting months to debut our new Liberate family and thankfully CES 2014 is finally here. If you can’t jam with us in person, then hopefully you can get some insider insight with this blog about all that is happening at the show. 
First off, this year it’s all about our Liberate family of products: The Legend ANC headphones, the Liberate XL Bluetooth headphones and the Liberate Bluetooth portable audio system further improve on the Marley signature sound and are built to deliver an impeccable audio experience. The hype is getting real here at CES around these products. Check out what people have been saying:
Also debuting at CES this week are two of our newest pieces of innovative Bluetooth technology, the Liberate XL Bluetooth Headphones and Liberate Bluetooth Portable Audio System. Freeing yourself from the restrictions of wires and cords has never felt better than being able to wear your headphones and not worry about getting tangled up. Imagine it. No cords. No mess. No stress. Just a nice smooth ride.
The Liberate Bluetooth portable audio system crushes the sound. Wrapped in our patented REWIND fabric made from recycled water bottles, organic cotton and hemp, you can connect and listen to Kaya or Exodus with the simple push of a button. We admit these are some of our best sounding (and looking) portable audio systems yet. 
If you can’t find a way to get into CES 2014, you’ll have to wait a little while longer to get your hands on the latest and greatest House of Marley gear. Be sure to check out our headphones, portable audio systems, bags and watches, while also making sure to follow us on Instagram or Twitter for the latest #CES2014 news. 

We Got the Crowd Jumping

Another day was at an end at CES but we didn’t want to leave people without a smile on their face. So we set up another jam session and got a party started. The vibe was perfect.

The music brought hundreds of people around the booth, even a few celebs stopped by. Rick Fox and Eliza Dushku came by to share the love. Rick even got on the mic and sang along to the music. It was definitely a perfect ending to another exciting day at CES.

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Day 2: Spreading the Word Like Wildfire

The love continues at CES and it shows no sign of slowing doing. For the Marley family it was a day full of interviews, autographs and sharing the sound of Marley gear with fans. It’s been another day full of buzz. From Twitter to national broadcast television, the House of Marley has been banging the gong for the world to hear.

In addition to showing off our amazing new line of headphones, we’ve been selling yarn bracelets to help raise money for So far we’ve raised $1,500 that will go to a charity.

At the end of the day Daniel and Joseph gave the crowd another incredible performance and we had a couple celebrities stop by to join in on the party.

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Day 1: The House of Marley Takes Over CES

The last 24 hours of CES have been nothing short of humbling. We debuted our line of eco-friendly audio equipment to the world and we’re blown away by the response. It’s been an exciting first day. The Marley family is representing. We’ve got Rohan, Cedella, Karen, Robbie, Joseph and Daniel signing autographs and giving interview after interview with over 61 broadcast news stations so far. Plus, Marley gear has been featured in Gizmodo, URB, Wired, The Wall Street Journal and more.

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