Five Classic Reggae Artists That Influenced Snoop Lion


While he may be better known as Snoop Dogg, the artist now called Snoop Lion has flipped the reggae world upside down with his new album, Reincarnated. Finding inspiration in classic reggae artists like Bob Marley, Gregory Isaacs and Jimmy Cliff, Snoop has paired with producer Diplo to define his own take on the genre.

Reggae has had a strong influence on modern music since its rise from the streets of Kingston decades ago. From classic artists like The Clash and The Rolling Stones to newer pop stars like Bruno Mars and Rihanna, the music has maintained a hold on all kinds of artists. We’ve brought together some of the classic reggae artists that acted as inspiration for the Snoop Lion album. Check ’em out below!

Bob Marley and The Wailers “Duppy Conqueror”

Aside from inspiring the name of our earbuds, the Conqueror in-ear headphones, Bob Marley’s classic reggae song features an uplifting take on living freely. Marley wrote “The bars could not hold me / Force could not control me / They tried to keep me down / But Jah put I around.”   

Gregory Isaacs “Night Nurse”

The influence of the signature synthesizer sound on Gregory Isaacs’ “Night Nurse” is particularly apparent in Diplo’s production work for Reincarnated. As an early example of mixing electronic music and live instrumentation, “Night Nurse” set a precedent for the entire Snoop Lion project.

The Abyssians “Satta Massagana”

With “Satta Massagana,” The Abyssians went beyond creating a pop hit and wrote a classic hymnal. Widely sang during Rastafarian services in Jamaica, the song shows a connection between religion and reggae, which has been an inspiration for generations of artists.

Jimmy Cliff “You Can Get It If You Really Want”

In learning more about Jamaican culture, listeners will discover the uplifting spirit behind most reggae songs. While many artists have sung about making their lives better, no one has done it better than Jimmy Cliff.

Prince Far I “Survival”

Before producing Reincarnated, Diplo became known for making mix tapes featuring classic reggae artists. From his compilation for VP Records titled Riddimentary: Diplo Selects Greensleeves, the world-famous producer selected Prince Far I’s classic “Survival” as his grand finale track.

The Inspiration Behind Bob Marley’s “No Woman, No Cry”

Dive deeper into your Bob Marley records! Feel the grooves of the vinyl and look closer at the labels. Notice anything weird? Here… Take a look:


Bob Marley is known for his unmatched songwriting, but who is Vincent Ford? How did his name make it onto a Wailers record? Did he really write “No Woman, No Cry?” The answers can be found within Marley history.

Improving the lives of others was constantly on Bob Marley’s mind, a lesson he learned from Vincent Ford. Finding a refuge in Ford’s soup kitchen, Marley discovered how charity worked firsthand from his Kingston mentor.


Nicknamed “Ta Ta,” Ford did more than just feed local kids. He taught them to pick up guitars and write about the world that surrounded them. Looking around the Jamaican streets, Marley found inspiration during a conversation with “Ta Ta” one day. He strummed and sang:

“I remember when we used to sit
In the government yard in Trenchtown
Oba, ob-serving the hypocrites
As they would mingle with the good people we meet
Good friends we have had, oh good friends we’ve lost along the way
In this bright future you can’t forget your past
So dry your tears I say

No woman, no cry”


When the song was released, Bob Marley gave Ford credit for writing “No Woman No Cry.” By giving away his songwriting royalties to his mentor, Marley ensured that generations of Kingston children would be able to eat.

This story is the birth of the #LiveMarley movement. How are you making a difference in your community? What actions are you taking to create a better tomorrow? The House of Marley wants to hear all about it. Head to our Facebook page, click on the “Share Your Story!” tab and tell us how you are making a positive impact on the world that surrounds you.




The Rastaration of Bob Marley’s Land Rover


Can you hear it? That’s the sound of Bob Marley’s Land Rover firing up in the distance.  After sitting idle for decades, mechanics have brought a piece of the Marley legacy back to life.

Stripped to the bone and reimagined by the ATL Automotive group, the Land Rover project has been a labor of love. Down to the smallest detail, auto designers and technicians have worked months to make everything the way Bob Marley would have wanted it.

Further putting the Marley stamp on the project, Bob’s eldest daughter, Cedella Marley has created the upholstery for the car’s interior. While the project is still in the final stages of completion, the car has come a long way since its rust-ridden condition of 2012.


Bob Marley was known for driving his Land Rover around the streets of Kingston, Jamaica and finding inspiration to write his lyrics. Can you imagine being in the car with Bob, witnessing the creation of songs like “Get Up Stand Up,” “I Shot The Sheriff” and “One Love?”

Celebrating the Marley heritage and repurposing items from the past inspires us to create new products, whether it’s Earth-friendly bags, portable audio systems or over-ear headphones. What inspires you? Share your muse with the House of Marley on our Facebook page and tell us what makes you want to #LiveMarley.

BONUS: ATL Automotive is documenting the process of rebuilding Bob Marley’s Land Rover through a unique video series. Check out the video below and watch the ATL team strip the Land Rover to its core.

Celebs React to Bob Marley Tribute During the 2013 Grammys

Photo Credit: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Photo Credit: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

In celebration of what would have been his 68th birthday, the 2013 Grammys featured an all-star Bob Marley tribute including some of music’s hottest stars. Directly connecting the dots between today’s sounds and the reggae legend’s illustrious career, the performance proved that Bob Marley has the ultimate staying power.

Bruno Mars kicked off the festivities by practically lighting the stage ablaze with his reggae-influenced track “Locked Out of Heaven.” Sting, Rihanna, Ziggy Marley and Damian Marley then joined Mars for the Marley classic “Could You Be Loved,” rocking the crowd into reggae oblivion.

What did celebrities think of the Bob Marley tribute? Twitter was filled with positive reactions from across the world.











We want to know what you thought of the Bob Marley tribute at the 2013 Grammy Awards. Did it do the legend justice? If you missed the performance, watch the video below and head to our Facebook page to share your opinion!

NYU Examines Why Bob Marley Is Important

For the House of Marley, there is no question as to why Bob Marley is important. Through his music, Marley has inspired listeners everywhere to spread the love, promote unity and, in general, think about the world in a different way. And for students looking to learn more, New York University is offering a new course to teach why the last legacy of Bob Marley is important.

Taught by Vivien Goldman, Bob Marley’s trusted biographer, the class will focus on how Bob Marley shaped the post-colonial world of Jamaica and helped to cause change elsewhere in the world. The course guide offers a brief summarization as to why Bob Marley is important: “Often described as ‘a prophet,’ the pioneer Bob Marley transcended the genre he helped develop, Jamaican reggae, to become a musical and revolutionary leader of the 20th Century. On the way, the bi-racial Marley smashed restrictions of race and class imposed on his generation by the colonial system.”

Similarly themed classes are taught at the Berklee College of Music and Amherst College, but with the focus being mainly on the Marley musical legacy. Aiming to show why Bob Marley is important in the socio-political realm, the semester long class at NYU with Goldman will offer a unique and illuminating perspective on the cultural icon.

Bob Marley has certainly had a lasting impact on modern society, and the House of Marley strives to carry on his legacy. Through our over-ear headphones, on-ear headphones, in-ear headphones, and portable audio systems the impact of Marley’s music lives on. Anyone who’s felt one of his songs knows why Bob Marley is important.


The House of Marley Launches Brand New Pandora Station

Ever find yourself with a pair of House of Marley in-ear headphones, on-ear headphones or over-ear headphones on your head and nothing to listen to? Tired of the usual albums in your rotation? Just want to jam to some free Bob Marley music? The House of Marley has created a new Pandora station for all of our fans to explore new sounds, music from yesteryear, and of course, hours of classic Marley jams.

From current pop with the feel of world music and classic reggae to indie rock and moody folk, the House of Marley Pandora station has a wide range of music for you to enjoy and discover.

Here are a few selections from the House of Marley Pandora station that will have your in-ear headphones, on-ear headphones, and over-ear headphones jammin’ on overtime.

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Bob Marley – “Three Little Birds”

Rogue Wave – “Eyes”

Ebo Taylor & Uhuru Yenzu – “Victory”

Band Of Horses – “The Funeral”

Jack Johnson – “Good People”

The Best Bob Marley Artwork On Pinterest

As one of the fastest growing sharing sites ever created, Pinterest has become known as a useful tool for finding interesting art, music and lifestyle shots. In fact, the House of Marley has it’s own Pinterest page where we collect the best photos of our in-ear headphones, on-ear headphones, over-ear headphones, and portable audio systems, as well as motivational quotes and fan-made Bob Marley artwork.

Lately, we’ve been compiling some of the best handmade Bob Marley artwork that we have ever seen. From graphic designs done by computer to an epic color-coded CD tribute, Bob Marley fans the world over have found some interesting ways to express their love for the cultural icon.

You’ve Got Marley

bob-marley-artwork-1Ever wonder what to do with all those free CDs that you always receive in the mail? One fan created this epic piece of Bob Marley artwork by piecing together hundreds of free AOL trials discs and the result is nothing short of amazing. Where there is a will to recycle there is a way, and this artist certainly found an inspiring use for uninspiring junk mail.

Kicking & Singing

bob-marley-artwork-2The photos of Bob Marley that Kate Simon captured throughout her travels with the legendary singer are some of the most memorable photos of the Marley. Simon was able to capture a different side of Marley; one that showed a love of books and, of course, his favorite sport of soccer.

Please Don’t Rewind

bob-marley-artwork-3The cassette tape may be mostly obsolete, but one fan found inspiration in the actual tape itself and created a fantastic piece of Bob Marley artwork. Perfect for your home, Facebook profile photo or just a repin on Pinterest, this fan art is one of favorites.

A, B, C, Marley

bob-marley-artwork-4Showing off extreme skill and patience, one Marley fan took the time to piece together every letter of the alphabet to form the king of reggae’s infamous face and frame. From his wide smile to his signature dreads, this creative graphic design artwork almost captures Marley better than an actual photo.

Now that you’ve seen some of the best Bob Marley artwork on Pinterest, feel free to create your own inspired work for us to share on our Pinterest account. The House of Marley loves to see photos of inspired fans decked out in Marley headphones, reinterpretations of our logo and their own Bob Marley artwork. Let us see what you got! Simply upload your work to Pinterest and tag it with #LiveMarley.

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4 Of Our Favorite Bob Marley Tributes

Though Robert Nesta Marley left the physical world in 1981, the spirit of Jamaica’s favorite son (and the House of Marley’s namesake) has continued to live on in the 21st century. With his records and lyrics standing as time honored icons of his legacy, people all over the world are continuously offering their own Bob Marley tributes anyway they can.

The House of Marley has compiled this list of some of our favorite Bob Marley tributes, from the now-historic monument that is Bob Marley’s house in Kingston to an entire week of honors from late night host Jimmy Fallon, there are many different ways music fans around the world have chosen to honor the legendary singer.

One Love – The Bob Marley All-Star Tribute

Held in December of 1999, this live concert experience brought together the Marley family with reggae musicians and modern American musicians to pay homage to the family’s father figure. This Bob Marley tribute sees electrifying performances of the family’s most famous songs from Jimmy Cliff, Tracey Chapman, Erykah Badu, Ziggy Marley, Cedella Marley and many more.

Bob Marley Museum

The famous address of 56 Hope Road in Kingston, Jamaica was originally home to Marley and his record label, Tuff Gong’s before it became a museum. The hallowed halls now act as a Bob Marley tribute and reminder of Kingston’s biggest export and most legendary citizen.

Bob Marley – A Tribute To Freedom

If you can’t make it all the way to Jamaica to check out the 56 Hope Road Bob Marley tribute, Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida offers its own unique Marley experience. Created with help from the Marley family, “Bob Marley – A Tribute to Freedom” features a full-scale replica of the Marley home in Jamaica and offers a live music experience unlike any other. Additionally, the unique celebration offers authentic Jamaican food fare like oxtail stew, chicken breast with curry and yucca fries.

Late Night With Jimmy Fallon’s Bob Marley Week

In May 2011, late night host Jimmy Fallon, known for his love of music, brought a special Bob Marley tribute to life with a week of guests and performers talking about the reggae legend. This clip from the first day of Bob Marley Week features Ziggy Marley performing an inspiring cover of his father’s classic song “Get Up Stand Up.”

Standing proud as our own Bob Marley tribute, the House of Marley hopes that our line of Marley-inspired in-ear headphones, on-ear headphones, over-headphones, portable audio systems stand the test of time (just like these other memorials), and help new generations appreciate the legendary singer for many years to come.

Have you done your own Bob Marley tribute? Stop by the House of Marley’s Facebook page and let us know about it!

Best Sing Along Songs for Fireside Jammin’

A day at the beach, capped off by a night spent around the fire with good music and great friends is a great way to cap off a day. With nighttime fun around the fire on our brains, we’ve created a list of the best sing along songs for you and your friends to jam on your Bag of Rhythm portable audio system. Download the tunes, get some firewood, warm up that angelic singing voice and prepare yourself for a night full of the best sing along songs.

Bob Marley – “No Woman No Cry”

Our list starts off with our namesake’s classic “No Woman No Cry.” Let your voices ring out with your portable audio system providing the backing track and remind everyone that “Everything’s gonna be alright.”

Harry Belafonte – “Day O (Banana Boat Song)”

Before Lil Wayne sampled this song for “6 Foot 7 Foot,” “Day O (Banana Boat Song)” was made popular by the “King of Calypso” Harry Belafonte. Yet, the song’s roots come from a traditional Jamaican folk song, one that will sound great echoing out of the Bag of Rhythm portable audio system.

Sublime – “Santeria”

“Santeria” may be the newest entry into our playlist of the best sing along songs, but it captured the reggae feel that appeals to Marley fans and established Sublime as the one of heirs to the reggae-rock throne. The late Bradley Nowell inflected this song with his trademark humor and made it the perfect song for both good and bad times.

Jimmy Cliff – “The Harder They Come”

Bob Marley’s fellow countryman Jimmy Cliff is well known for his role in the film The Harder They Come. The singer’s mammoth hit of the same name propelled Cliff to stardom and has since become one of the most memorable reggae songs to ever be written. One of the best sing along songs for any occasion.

Otis Redding – “(Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay”

Wind down the night with one of the best sing along songs from the late, great Otis Redding. Released after his death in a plane crash in 1967, “(Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay” has memorable lyrics that are perfect for group singing and wastin’ time with the ones you love.

Punky Reggae Party: The Best Songs To Skate To

So you don’t have a skating mixtape? Here, the House of Marley has compiled a playlist of five of the best songs to skate to, whether you’re bombing a hill or just picking up a deck for the first time.

No matter what your style, experience level, or age, sometimes music is just as big an element to skating as the deck and wheels themselves. Download our list of the best songs to skate to, throw in some of your favorites and get out on your own four wheels.

Bob Marley – “Punky Reggae Party”

In “Punky Reggae Party,” the first track on our list of the best songs to skate to, the House of Marley’s namesake sings about how music brought together punks and Rastas. Similarly, skateboarding has always connected kids of different backgrounds and inspired them to push the limits with one another. Oh, and it’s also awesome to just cruise too.

Agent Orange – “Bloodstains”

The dark and brooding “Bloodstains” is a blast of California hardcore punk from the ‘80s that screams “Skate or Die!” Perfect for skating a city, if you have this song blaring on your House of Marley over-the-ears headphones you will be 1000% guaranteed to push faster, skate harder and take all your bails with a huge smile on your face.

Lupe Fiasco – “Kick, Push”

It’s a surprise that no one has used Lupe Fiasco’s “Kick, Push” as the soundtrack to their epic tech skate video segment. Perfect for a skater with the right flow, “Kick, Push” is the ultimate jam for a skater with tons bench/ledge tricks and a bunch of killer manual variations.

Jimi Hendrix – “Ezy Ryder”

Choosing the Hendrix classic “Ezy Ryder” as one of the best songs to skate to comes courtesy of one of the most stylish skate crews ever, the Dogtown and Z-Boys. Providing the background music for a revolution, “Ezy Rider” was one of the tracks that pushed Tony Alva, Jay Adams and Stacy Peralta to make skating a beautiful piece of artwork.

Misfits – “Skulls”

The Misfits Crimson Skull logo is just as synonymous with skating as any skate company logo. “Skulls,” from the band’s debut Walk Among Us, speaks to the enduring qualities that make any Misfits song instantly skatable; it’s fast, it’s short, and it’s brutal.