Cool Skate, Surf And Snow Brands Utilizing Sustainable Production

These days, the need for eco-friendly products is extremely important. Thankfully, green options are growing more and more common. This is especially true for the world of skate, surf and snow sports. The House of Marley recently checked out a few innovative action sports brands utilizing sustainable production.

sustainable-production-1Benefitting both the earth and mankind alike, Bamboo Skateboards long searched for an alternative to wood to make its skateboards with. It now employs bamboo, which can grow up to 18” in one day. Aside from the highly green growing process, Bamboo Sk8 also takes money made from every purchase and buys skateboards for at-risk youths.

sustainable-production-2Soul Poles have created handmade sustainable production ski poles that come from materials like bamboo, water based paints, recycled plastics and aluminum. In addition to being made with eco-friendly materials, these ski poles are stronger, lighter and more stylish than most other ski products on the market.

sustainable-production-3If you want to keep surfing for the next 100 years, the need for green technology in the extreme sports world is essential. Surfing company Matuse agrees and sought out the best eco-friendly fabric to create their green bodysuits. Made from limestone instead of the typical petroleum based neoprene of most other bodysuits, Matuse products produced with sustainable production are 98% impenetrable by water. Perfect for staying warm and dry, these green body suits will have both a positive impact on the environment and your time in the water.

The House of Marley is always excited to see like-minded companies producing items the same way we create in-ear headphones, on-ear headphones, over-ear headphones and portable audio systems. Props to Bamboo Skateboards, Soul Poles and Matuse!