Creative Spaces: Dessie Jackson

In early July, House of Marley made way to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to visit artist and painter, Dessie Jackson.
“I was born and raised in Lancaster, PA- with horses at the edge of my backyard and cornfields lining the front. After high school, I moved to Philly where my studio lives.
In the beginning, the space was shared with my two other good friends and artists- Meri McDevitt and Mia Williamson. In exchange for the space (which is located in Old City above East End Salon) we would put on a co-currated pop-up group show every First Friday of the month. My studio mates and I would de-ensemble and clear out the hair salon and install work by emerging local artists where we would also highlight local musicians and DJ’s.
My studio is an extension of my home. Obviously, I go there with priority to create my work but I also go for a sense of serenity. Living in a city, (and now a freshly moved New Yorker) I think it’s important to have some sort of space that allows you to take a deep breath.
The Get Together is perfect for my space. Any sound I chose fills my studio beautifully- for when I’m pulling an all nighter, drawing, reading, or simply retreating from the city.
Trying not to limit myself to one specific medium, my work plays with femininity, sensuality, and self presentation.”

View more of Dessie’s work on her website and Instagram.

Photos by Colin Kerrigan, Danielle Parsons and Dessie Jackson.

House of Marley Presents BERT Street Art Show


Art has always been a way to voice a dissenting opinion, but Hawaiian street artist BERT has taken it to a whole different level with his provocative pieces. While some people might not think there are extreme politics in the world of surfing, BERT has a unique opinion on the subject and has used artwork to boycott the outcomes of the sport’s biggest event.

The House of Marley is sponsoring BERT’s first ever foray into public exhibition outside of the street at an art show this week in Waialua, Hawaii. The exhibition opens at Third Stone Surf Shop this Friday, December 13, and will chronicle the entire year of BERT street art, in addition to some new pieces that will coincide with the 2013 ASP World Championship.

If you haven’t seen any of BERT’s killer street art in person than you have to make it out to Third Stone during the exhibition’s run. Want a sneak peak of what you’ll see? Check out these incredible pieces and find out why BERT was dubbed the surfing world’s vision of Banksy by Surfer Magazine.

It all goes down this Saturday, December 13, when the BERT show opens up at Third Stone with tons of art, live music, food, drinks and prizes. The House of Marley will be on hand to support the cause and all proceeds from the event will be going directly to Hale’iwa Elementary, a local school in Hawaii. Come out to Third Stone and see the future of art and surfing with the House of Marley.