Surfs Up With Mark Longenecker

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The House of Marley is fascinated by the art world and how individuals take an idea and put it into real life. There is no concrete definition of what art can or should be and that is the beauty of it. Mark Longenecker, a featured competitor on Spike TV’s Ink Masters, best known for his art through tattoo, lives this ideal. You can find his work on skin all over the world, but if you are looking to meet Mark you can find him down in Cocoa Beach at Endless Summer Tattoo. When we met Mark, it all came together – his dedication to giving back to his community aligns with everything we are all about.

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After kicking it with Mark in Cocoa Beach, he put a personal touch on one of our Get Together BlueTooth Speakers and put it up for auction to raise money for Operation Surf, a program that offers life changing recreational and rehabilitation for wounded active duty soldiers. Through surfing and swimming in the ocean, this program is a less traditional form of rehabilitation.
This time around, we’re giving away a one-of-a-kind Get Together hand painted by Mark Longenecker to one of our lucky followers on Instagram. To enter, all you’ll need to do is re-gram our Instagram photo with the hashtag #LiveMarley and tag @houseofmarley @marklongenecker. We will announce the winner on Monday, June 1st.

Best of Luck!

AfroPunk Spin Thrift Market

Who doesn’t love to go shopping? Well luckily you can empty your pockets at AfroPunk’s Spin Thrift Market. Handmade jewelry, clothing, paintings and more all crafted by creative minds who represent Afropunk. Below are a few brands that sparked our interest.


Petrichor NYC

“’The funeral that inspired me the most was for my best friend Kwasi Pecou,” is usually not the first sentence a fashion designer uses to introduce their brand, but then there is Petrichor NYC, a high end street-wear apparel and accessories brand, birthed by Frank Caffey. The 24-year-old Queens, New York-native, has evolved from his graphic design and photography days into a full-fledged fashion designer over the past six years’.

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Afrodesiac Worldwide

“Established in 2005, Afrodesiac Worldwide is a cultural lifestyle brand, expressive of contemporary afro-urban style around the globe. From Brooklyn to Brixton, Jamaica to Johannesburg, Addis Ababa to Accra. Our vision is to become a premier lifestyle brand, pioneering a cultural revolution in fashion.”

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T. Barnes 

“T. Barnes is the owner of Solace hair and esthetics studio, an established licensed esthetician and business owner who has serviced the Fairfield County community since 2003.  She provides facial treatments, body waxing and make-up application services. Her facial provides deep cleansing, extractions of black and white heads and amazing relaxation through shoulder and face massage with lavender and jojoba oils. She has a loyal and growing clientele who seek out quality services, events and experiences. T. Barnes Beauty is a lifestyle of beauty brand which offers, spa services, retreats, workshops, boutique events, a high quality organic skincare and full mineral cosmetics line.”

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House of Eli 

Trimicka ‘Mecca’ Crump is a self-represented contemporary abstract artist that lives in the bustling city of Philadelphia. Mecca’s art is a reflection of liberation, trial and inspiration. She is a very new experimental artist who creates in many visual art mediums. She is a writer, teacher, published poet, and spoken word artist. Mecca addresses social subjects such as women’s, racial, and LGBT rights and awareness, social class, and politics through her art.”

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NY State of Mind 

NY STATE OF MIND is an independent lifestyle brand representing NY street culture. Started in the streets of downtown NYC and Brooklyn in 2008. All design, silk screening, painting, sewing, etc. is proudly done under one roof in Brooklyn, NY.”

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