Cool Skate, Surf And Snow Brands Utilizing Sustainable Production

These days, the need for eco-friendly products is extremely important. Thankfully, green options are growing more and more common. This is especially true for the world of skate, surf and snow sports. The House of Marley recently checked out a few innovative action sports brands utilizing sustainable production.

sustainable-production-1Benefitting both the earth and mankind alike, Bamboo Skateboards long searched for an alternative to wood to make its skateboards with. It now employs bamboo, which can grow up to 18” in one day. Aside from the highly green growing process, Bamboo Sk8 also takes money made from every purchase and buys skateboards for at-risk youths.

sustainable-production-2Soul Poles have created handmade sustainable production ski poles that come from materials like bamboo, water based paints, recycled plastics and aluminum. In addition to being made with eco-friendly materials, these ski poles are stronger, lighter and more stylish than most other ski products on the market.

sustainable-production-3If you want to keep surfing for the next 100 years, the need for green technology in the extreme sports world is essential. Surfing company Matuse agrees and sought out the best eco-friendly fabric to create their green bodysuits. Made from limestone instead of the typical petroleum based neoprene of most other bodysuits, Matuse products produced with sustainable production are 98% impenetrable by water. Perfect for staying warm and dry, these green body suits will have both a positive impact on the environment and your time in the water.

The House of Marley is always excited to see like-minded companies producing items the same way we create in-ear headphones, on-ear headphones, over-ear headphones and portable audio systems. Props to Bamboo Skateboards, Soul Poles and Matuse!

Catch a Wave at the 2012 Florida Surfing Championships

It may almost be time for tricks and treats, but that won’t stop surfers from hitting the biggest waves that Jacksonville Beach, Florida has to offer. Sponsored by the House of Marley, the 2012 Florida Surfing Championships will offer eye candy of the surf variety to anyone who comes to check out the gnarliest surfers the world has to offer.

From October 4-7, the Florida Surfing Championships will feature both amateur and professional contests with big cash prizes totaling up to $30,000. The big event, the Goal-Zero Pro, will pit 64 competitors against each other and leave one winner with $10,000. Additionally, there will be unique surfing exhibitions including a Special Olympics surf demonstration, the Wounded Warrior Project and kids surfing events, so that there is a chance for everyone to experience Florida surfing.

The 2012 Florida Surfing Championships is more than just a beach blast for surfers, as the contest has a reputation for its laid-back vibe and feel-good event schedule. Need to learn about going green? There will be a wide array of unique environmental organizations on hand extolling the virtues of sustainable products like House of Marley eco-friendly headphones. The Florida surfing contest will even be holding a juried art show that focuses on green art that both promotes and benefits our planet’s ecosystem at the same time.

For fans of the House of Marley’s eco-friendly headphones and our namesake Bob Marley, the reggae legend’s backing band The Wailers will be apart of the live music event going on at the Florida Surfing Championships.

If you’re in Northern Florida during the first week of October, come meet up with the House of Marley at the Florida Surfing Championships, snap a pic of the Marley VW bus and check out our eco-friendly headphones. We’ll be soaking up the sun, the surf, the art and, of course, The Wailers as we revel in all that this awesome surfing competition has to offer. See you in Jacksonville Beach!


Satisfy Your Surf: The House of Marley Live From the East Coast Surfing Championships


We’re knee deep in the surf at the East Coast Surfing Championships in Virginia Beach and so far it’s been a real wild week. With every turn of the head there are tons of awesome events going on as far as the eye can see. Whether it’s surfing, skate demos, music or just general beach hanging, we’ve taken in all the East Coast Surfing Championships has had to offer and it’s only Friday afternoon.

The House of Marley team is gearing up for the big Breath Carolina show tonight by taking in an awesome skate demo courtesy of the Vans Shoes team. Saturday and Sunday at the East Coast Surfing Championships will offer even more fun with music from Donovan Frankenreiter and tons of activities including beach volleyball, mini ramp jam, a cornhole tournament and some killer fireworks. A week packed with this much action is nothing short of the ideal #LiveMarley good time.

If you haven’t gotten in your car and dialed Virginia Beach into your GPS System yet then check out these killer photos below. Look for the House of Marley bus at the East Coast Surfing Championships and come check out our on-ear headphones, in-ear headphones and over-ear headphones. Then, stay and enjoy all that Virginia Beach has to offer.





The House of Marley Hits the Beach for the East Coast Surfing Championships

Sure, California and Hawaii may be known for the biggest waves, but they sure aren’t the only places to surf in the US. The House of Marley is hitting the beach with all our on-ear, in-ear and over-ear headphones in tow to sponsor the East Coast Surfing Championship. Taking place in Virginia Beach August 20 through 26, the weeklong music, film and surfing event will bring together riders from all over the world for a contest of epic proportions.


The East Coast Surfing Championships offers the chance for surfers of all ages and experience levels to enter a competition for a shot at some awesome prizes. Sponsored by Vans and the House of Marley, the week’s big event will be the Pro Men surfing contest, which has a grand prize of $155,000. In addition to all the surfing action, there will be tons of skateboarding and BMX demos, beach volleyball and skimboarding going on all week long.


Offering you a chance to #LiveMarley through some killer live music, the House of Marley sponsored stage will host tons of local bands and some familiar heavy hitters. Warped Tour veterans Breath Carolina will bring their raucous brand of electro rock followed later in the weekend by the mellow surfer vibes of musician Donovan Frankenreiter.

Whether you come to surf, hang or just experience the awesome musical acts, the House of Marley encourages you to #LiveMarley and take it all in at the East Coast Surfing Championships. Come hang and let the world know that the waves on the East Coast can rival those of anywhere. The House of Marley will see you there.


Element Skateboarding’s New Recycling Program Leaves No Skateboard Behind

The House of Marley has constantly pushed our effort towards creating the most earth-friendly on-ear headphones, over-ear headphones and in-ear headphones possible and we always admire when other businesses step up to create products in the same manner. The Element skateboarding company has been on the same trip for years, as they have constantly worked to include the Earth into their business plan. With their new program, No Board Left Behind, Element skateboarding is showing skaters how to recycle boards.


Between broken noses, chipped tails and pressure cracks, many skaters blow through skate decks, leaving their homes to look like veritable skateboard graveyards. While making their most recent video, FUTURE NATURE, Element decided to take these wayward skateboards from their pros and make them usable again. By using drills and sanders, Element skateboarding deck shapers are creating smaller cruiser boards that are perfect for hitting the hills and streets in your local area.

With random used complete boards going for $90 to those that have been used by pros such as Boo Johnson and Nick Garcia priced at $150, the Element skateboarding No Board Left Behind program hovers right around the price of the typical skateboard. In addition to the recycled Element board, each deck comes outfitted with customized, made-to-fit trucks and wheels that are actually made from bug poop. Yes, bug poop. Although they’re coated in urethane (what wheels are usually made of), Element skateboarding has pioneered new technology that uses corn fed bug waste to make up their wheels. Not only does Element #LiveMarley by using earth-friendly technology, they are on the forefront of creating it.

The House of Marley salutes companies like Element that find something they love to do (in this case skateboarding), perfect their products and then push them to the next step by including an earth conscious point of view. Whether you’re using an earth-friendly skateboard or Marley earbuds, to #LiveMarley is to be alive and living the life you want to live, responsibly. Props to the Element skateboarding company.

The House of Marley and They Will Skate Again Showcase the Stars of Adaptive Skateboarding

Over the course of the past weekend, The House of Marley, the Life Rolls On organization and a team of sponsors took over the Venice Skate Park to put on an adaptive skateboarding demo of epic proportions. Dubbed They Will Skate Again, the Life Rolls On team brought together both advanced and beginner limited-mobility skaters for a skateboarding clinic and contest with a prize of $10,000.


Shredding the park in the only way they know how, legendary pro skaters like Jay Adams and Christian Hosoi grabbed and grinded all over the place while offering tips to up-and-coming skaters. In addition, volunteers helped teach a fresh crop of new adaptive skateboarders the basics of pool skating throughout the They Will Skate Again event. Helping out both younger and older skaters, the crew taught a wide range of pool skating basics from dropping in to carving sloped walls and even airing out over the pool coping.


While we were happy to see so many new smiling faces become involved with adaptive skateboarding, the “go big or go home” moment of the day at They Will Skate Again came when Robert Tompkins attempted the first ever wheelchair 50-50 on a huge handrail. Rolling in on a table that was set near the ramp, Tompkins nearly wheeled away from his first attempt but stumbled on his reentry to flat ground. With a supportive cheering section, Tompkins prepared for his second descent down the rail. Looking just like Hosoi, Adams and other big name skaters before him, Tompkins stomped a huge 50-50 that left the They Will Skate Again crowd in pandemonium.


The House of Marley feels that to #LiveMarley is to take the next step, push forward and achieve your goals no matter what roadblocks may lay in wait. Life Rolls On and the They Will Skate Again event are shining examples of what can happen when people pursue their dreams. Just to be on hand with our on-ear headphones, over-ear headphones, and Marley earbuds was an amazing experience. To all our new and old friends that we were fortunate enough to skate with over the weekend, here’s looking to the next session.

Bonus: Check out this great footage of Robert Tompkins’ huge 50-50 at the They Will Skate Again demo.

Soccer + Headphones: a Great Combination for U.S. Men’s National Team

Fresh off a match over the weekend that resulted in a tie against Guatemala, the U.S. Men’s National soccer team remained on top of their group in the FIFA 2014 World Cup qualifying event. Before a recent game, the team had a chance to check out The House of Marley on-ear headphones, and while they aren’t necessarily soccer headphones, the team seemed to be in agreement that they liked what they heard.


Midfielders Geoff Cameron and Jose Torres checked out pairs of Stir It Up, giving them unanimous thumbs up as they lounged pre-game. Midfielder Kyle Beckerman walked around the locker room rocking out with his Stir It Up on-ear headphones. Prepared for soccer, headphones in hand, lone goal scorer in the Guatemala game, Clint Dempsey didn’t say that our Destiny over-ear headphones helped him score, but we’re sure they didn’t hurt.


No matter what effect on soccer headphones have, House of Marley is happy to know that while qualifying for the 2014 World Cup, the U.S. Men’s team has been wearing our on-ear headphones. As the team continues onto the next round of CONCACAF (Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association) qualifying next year, we hope that House of Marley headphones continue to bring the team a little luck and a lot of rich bass.

With that being said, the team’s next match against Jamaica in September is making The House of Marley sweat a little bit when it comes to who to root for. Which team will win the epic match-up of soccer, headphones and national pride? We aren’t sure, but good luck to both teams, and especially to our new American team friends Cameron, Torres, Beckerman and Dempsey. May you continue toward your date with destiny in Brazil 2014. The House of Marley is rooting for you!


Skater Chris Haslam Shows Us How to Make Skate Ramps From Recycled Material

Since he began skating in the streets of British Columbia at the age of 13, Canadian-born skateboarder Chis Haslam has been one of the most creative skaters to hit the industry. Making his stamp by being original and technically innovative, Haslam has also shown how to make skate ramps using recycled material, creating a style all his own.

Similar to how The House of Marley uses recycled substances to create products like noise-isolating earbuds and over-ear headphones, Haslam takes what he finds on the street to build new obstacles to skate. For other skaters wondering how to make skate ramps of their own from unique material, the 31-year-old skateboarder has a definite vision of how skateboarding, art and being earth conscious interplay.

How to Make Skate Ramps

This year Haslam, along with his pro skater friend Louie Barletta, made a film for Dwindle Distribution called Skate & Create, showcasing their version of how to make skate ramps. Under the guise of a moving company, Haslam and Barletta picked up trash off the street and showed the step-by-step process of how to make skate ramps with it. Whether using TVs, bookshelves, beds or filing cabinets, the duo made skateable pieces of art out of other people’s waste.

“There are so many skaters doing the same thing… I want to see creative skating,” Haslam says of creating unique ramp setups. Echoing the eco-friendly sentiments of The House of Marley’s noise-canceling headphones, Haslam has shown successfully how to make a skate ramps from almost any discarded material. In addition, he points out that individuality is a major key in life. “You’ve got to have something unique that people will think is sick.”

Whether using recycled plastic, metal or wood, excess waste can be made into anything from a super stylish skateboarding ramp to a pair of noise-isolating earbuds or over-ear headphones. The House of Marley is proud to see skaters like Chris Haslam pushing the envelope and working an eco-friendly angle into their craft.

Snowboarders Bring Surfer Swag to Big Wave Challenge

The annual Big Wave Challenge is definitely a challenge like no other. The waves may be frozen, but snowy Mt. Bachelor stole the heart of Hawaiian surf legend Gerry Lopez when he first visited the historic mountain in Oregon. Lopez became infatuated with the mountain, took to snowboarding it surf-style instead of throwing down trick-filled runs and, in 2011, began holding the Mt. Bachelor Big Wave Challenge.

Inspired by the words of Sims Snowboards owner Tom Sims (“It’s the greatest mountain for frozen waves.”), Lopez held the second annual Mt. Bachelor Big Wave Challenge this past weekend. In an attempt to spread “aloha spirit” to the mountain, Lopez brought a piece of Hawaii to Oregon by throwing a classic Luau party in between runs for the Big Wave Challenge. Don’t like poi or Kalua pork? No worries, Ohana, the competition alone was worth the trip.

Styling the competition like a classic surf event, Lopez and judges awarded points based on control, speed and power. With this in mind, seasoned riders like Curtis Woodman, Josh Dirksen and Bjorn Leines took to the Big Wave Challenge course with tons of slashes, cutbacks and stylish “wave” rides. However, in the end, hometown mini-ripper Gus Warbington continued his winning ways and toppled the competition.

House of Marley was on hand snapping photos, enjoying the snowboarding and taking in all of Gerry Lopez’ Hawaiian luau fixings. Check out the photos below and some video that captured all the fun of the Big Wave Challenge.

Gerry Lopez with House of Marley on-ear headphones

Justin Norman with House of Marley on-ear headphones

Justin Norman at the Big Wave Challenge

Garrett McNamara Sets Surfing World Record with 78-Foot Wave

Holy Poseidon, that’s a BIG wave.

Back in November, Hawaiian pro surfer, Garrett McNamara caught a 78-foot rogue wave off the coast of Praia do Norte in Portugal, manhandling the ocean and setting the surfing world record in the process. To put this in perspective, McNamara rode a wall of water about the size of a seven-story building for almost half a minute. Count to thirty right now and pretend the only thing separating you from the bottom of the ocean is a narrow strip of fiberglass.

Obviously, we were wowed by McNamara’s remarkable feat, and we weren’t the only ones. The 44-year-old surfer has been collecting accolades for the last six months, culminating in an official nod from the Guinness World Records last week. Guinness acknowledged that McNamara set the surfing world record, beating the previous world record run by more than a foot.

The official wave height of 78-feet was determined by judges of the Global Big Wave Awards, who studied video footage and hi-res photos, using the length of McNamara’s shin bone to compare to the wave from base to peak. Global Big Wave director Bill Sharp likened McNamara’s achievement to a career-defining feat in baseball, like pitching a perfect game. But he did make one important distinction: “Add to that the fact that the stadium could collapse on you at any second.”

Huge props to Garrett McNamara for riding the monster wave and capturing the surfing world record. Check out the mind-boggling video below.