Jamaican Olympic Gear Outfitted by Cedella Marley

Olympian Usain Bolt strutted down the runway next to fashion designer Cedella Marley as the Jamaica Olympic Association and PUMA introduced the world to Jamaica’s official 2012 Olympic gear. Designed by Cedella Marley, the daughter of Marley headphones namesake Bob Marley, the Olympic gear being sported by Jamaica’s track and field team at this year’s summer Olympics in London is extremely stylish.


While having Bolt, the fasted man in the world, wearing your uniform ensures instant interest the world over, Cedella’s collection stands proudly on its own as being fashionable while fondly reflecting her childhood spent in Jamaica. The Olympic gear is bold and distinctly Jamaican, as the vibrant colors of the country’s jungle canopy mashes together with the colors of the flag. Stemming from her Catch a Fire clothing line, Cedella has been designing Jamaican themed fashion pieces since her days performing with Ziggy Marley’s Melody Makers.

“I wanted to design something where you go on the track and actually leave the track and go to your favorite pub afterwards in the same outfit,” Cedella said of her Olympic gear designs. “I think we’re able to do fashion and functionality both.”


Taking cues from the same places as House of Marley’s on-ear headphones and in-ear headphones, Cedella Marley looks to Jamaica and Rastafarian style points for inspiration. Additionally, she is also an experienced athlete herself. Running for her track team in high school, Cedella not only has fashion experience, but she knows what is needed in a uniform to win a race.

The House of Marley wishes the best of luck to the Jamaican track team and hope that Cedella’s Olympic gear offers the push needed to reach the finish line faster. The countdown to the summer Olympics has officially started and the House of Marley says let the games begin!