House Of Marley Celebrates Playing For Change Day


You’ve probably heard the statistics about the impact of music on young ears. Forget about the stats though. Remember the first time you heard a Bob Marley song? Think about the feeling it sent through your body. Think about how it shaped your values. Think about where you would be now if you didn’t hear that one song. Music shapes us in a special way rarely seen or heard elsewhere. Hence, the birth of Playing For Change Day.

Created by 1Love and the Playing For Change Foundation, the third annual Playing For Change Day is a holiday that aims to bring together the global community with music. All over the world on September 21, 2013, there will be music events sprouting up to bring about change. From musicians on big stages to buskers on street corners, artists of all levels of will unite with the hope of raising money to give music instruction and instruments to kids who really deserve them.

Do you want to get involved in the action? Playing For Change Day is open to everyone, whether you can play guitar like Bob Marley or not. Find out about the many different ways you can contribute and make your voice heard on September 21 below:

Attend An Event


There are currently 167 events happening in 42 countries on Playing For Change Day and that means there is most likely a concert near you. Join in on the fun, listen to some new artists and make a contribution that will help kids around the world learn more about the magic of music. A donation as small as $15 can help to fix music equipment while a $1000 gift can fund three music programs in Nepal for a month.

Create Your Own Event


If you are a musician and would love an opportunity to contribute to the community, put on your own show in your hometown. Playing For Change Day is a grassroots movement that anyone can get involved, no matter your level of musicianship. Grab some buds, come up with a set list, create some tickets and make an impactful donation to Playing For Change that will help kids around the world receive a proper introduction to music. Here are some tips for creating and registering your own event through the PFC organization.

Fundraise Online

playingforchangeday3Maybe you can’t play any instruments, but you still love music. You can still make an impact on September 21. Take to your social network accounts and spread the message of Playing For Change Day by sharing links, informing your friends and bringing new light to the cause of musical education.

Pick Up Some PFCD Swag

Create Your Own Event4

Available through our charity partner 1Love, you can pick up a killer Playing For Change Day action kit and celebrate music in your own special way. You’ll get some awesome buttons, stickers, guitar picks and a PFC t-shirt to show your support on September 21.

At the House of Marley, our focus is primarily on music and making an impact in the world. With that being said, the idea of Playing For Change Day is what we are all about. Just by simply strumming a guitar or making a beat, you can unite the world in song.

IF you take part in Playing For Change Day, you can make an impact here and now. By helping to educate the next generation of new musicians, you’ll guarantee that you have something to listen to on your House of Marley headphones for the rest of your life.

Cho! Your Support With Cedella Marley Clothing

Cedella Marley, daughter of Bob and Rita Marley, has been designing clothing for the better part of the past decade. Adding philanthropy into the mix, the Cedella Marley clothing line is presenting a holiday fundraising campaign to raise money for a good cause.

cedella-marley-clothing-1Dubbed Cho! 4 Charity, this campaign is aiming to help the maternity ward at the Victoria Jubilee Hospital in Kingston, Jamaica. Partnering with 1Love, the Cedella Marley clothing line will be donating all proceeds from the sale of the newly designed Cho! t-shirts to the hospital. The money made from this t-shirt drive will be specifically used to purchase baby cots to provide mothers and newborns with a comfortable environment.

cedella-marley-clothing-3The need for our support in Jamaica is more important now than ever before, as the country is still reeling from the effects of Hurricane Sandy. “On one of my recent visits to Kingston, I was overcome with emotion seeing the need for essential materials in the ward,” Cedella Marley says. “I immediately knew I needed to do something.”

cedella-marley-clothing-2Join the House of Marley, Cedella Marley and 1Love by purchasing a Cho! t-shirt and helping to send your support down to the Victoria Jubilee Hospital in Kingston. Please visit the Cedella Marley store and help bring some much-needed comfort to the more than 70,000 women and 9,000 newborns that travel through this hospital every year.


The House of Marley “Doubles The Love” To Raise Money For 1Love & Little Kids Rock

Throughout this season of giving, the House of Marley has been completely overwhelmed by the droves of fans that have participated in the “Double The Love” campaign. As a part of the House of Marley’s launch on, a percentage of the profits is being donated to the Little Kids Rock charity.

Aiming to put instruments in the hands of children and keep music education in schools, Little Kids Rock has long been a favorite cause for the House of Marley and 1Love. By using donations from the “Double The Love” campaign, 1Love and the House of Marley are contributing to a future that sees a new generation of forward-thinking musicians like Bob Marley being bred in classrooms everywhere.

“We are blessed with such a generous community, and we thank everyone for their support of and Little Kids Rock,” said Rohan Marley.

The House of Marley donates 5% of all yearly profits to 1Love, but this additional funding will offer extra support to the important goals that Little Kids Rock works towards. In early October, the House of Marley and 1Love teamed up for the 2012 Right to Rock gala, in support of Little Kids Rock. Through silent auctions and donations, the House of Marley, 1Love and Little Kids Rock raised $800,000 to use towards the betterment of musical education.

While the “Double The Love” campaign may be over, the spirit of giving back is still alive every time you purchase a pair of in-ear headphones, on-ear headphones, over-ear headphones, or a portable audio system from the House of Marley. Thanks to all of our fans for the support. We hope that you find giving back just as rewarding as we do.

The House of Marley And 1Love Team To Assist East Coast Sandy Survivors


The House of Marley and 1Love are teaming up to help out those affected by Hurricane Sandy’s immense destruction. How can you get involved? Through our donation page on Stay Classy, the House of Marley and 1Love are accepting donations for families located on the east coast.

For those looking to donate, click the “Donate Now” button, choose the amount that you would like to give and offer your help in the form of monetary donation. For every dollar donated, the House of Marley will be matching up to $3000 dollars and using the money to provide nutritious food, essential supplies and providing safe places for children.

Even if you can’t afford to donate money to the House of Marley and 1Love cause, there are still ways to get involved with this truly worthwhile cause. The House of Marley is giving our fans the option to donate their time by allowing you to become a fundraiser yourself. Using the “Become a Fundraiser” option, you can create your own fundraising page and spread the world to your family, friends and loved ones through all of your social media accounts.

Join House of Marley and 1Love as we give back to those struck by Hurricane Sandy. It only takes a few minutes to head to our donation page, but it can make an impact that lasts a lifetime.

Click here to help the survivors of Hurricane Sandy

The House Of Marley And 1Love Raise Money For Hurricane Sandy Survivors


The staggering effects of Hurricane Sandy have left many on the Atlantic coast reeling. The extent of the damage reaches down to Jamaica, where many citizens are still working their way out of the mass destruction and hazardous conditions. Right now, the House of Marley and 1Love are teaming to help rebuild Bob Marley’s home country and restore what once was.

Getting involved with the House of Marley and 1Love is as easy as clicking this link. Create your own fundraising page by selecting “Become a Fundraiser” and help spread the word by posting to your friends’ and family’s social media pages, and asking for donations. If you’d rather just donate outright via the House of Marley and 1Love, please click the “Donate Now”. 100% of the donations collected by the House of Marley and 1Love will be given directly to the Food For the Poor organization.

If you are one of the first 20 people to donate $50 or raise $50 through your fundraising page for the victims of Hurricane Sandy, the House of Marley will gift you a pair of Smile Jamaica in-ear headphones. The contest lasts until Friday, November 30, or while supplies last. Check out contest rules and regulations by clicking here.

Even if you don’t have the money to help the House of Marley and 1Love Hurricane Sandy relief fund, just by taking the time to post the link to our donation page on your Facebook, Google+ and Twitter accounts will help the cause tremendously. Visit the donation page, share your time and money to help the citizens of Jamaica and, in the process, enter yourself into a giveaway for a pair of House of Marley in-ear headphones. You can make a difference in the lives of Hurricane Sandy victims today and be a part of the House of Marley and 1Love movement.

Click here to help the survivors of Hurricane Sandy

The House of Marley, 1Love and Little Kids Rock Help Raise $800,000

While the stars of the rock ‘n’ roll world shined brightly at the 2012 Right to Rock gala, an event celebrating the ten year anniversary of Little Kids Rock, it was the children who shined the brightest. The event, sponsored by the House of Marley and 1Love, saw children from schools benefited by Little Kids Rock playing in front of a packed Manhattan Center Ballroom, and rocking the house like pros.

Many fans in attendance knew how attendees Elvis Costello, Rage Against The Machine’s Tom Morello and Little Steven Van Zandt could swing an axe, but the smaller performers displayed a musical prowess beyond their years. Proving why musical education is so important for children, the extremely gracious audience was in awe, contributing over $800,000 through live and silent auctions to Little Kids Rock.

Photo by Mark Jaworski

Adding to the night’s festivities, Little Steven was given the Big Man Award, in honor of his tireless work with the Little Kids Rock charity. Named in tribute to his deceased E Street Band-mate Clarence “The Big Man” Clemons, both men have been huge contributors to the Little Kids Rock cause, donating their time, money and musical knowledge. “The kids still love playing music and we still love hearing it,” Van Zandt exclaimed. “The music can’t stop and we won’t let it.”

Photo by Mark Jaworski

The House of Marley, 1Love and event co-chairs Maureen Van Zandt and E Street Band Drummer Max Weinberg brought together a group of Little Steven’s favorite musicians to close out the night with an all-star jam. Ranging from ‘60s artists like Darlene Love and Dion to younger acts like Jesse Malin, the eclectic mix of musicians lit up the stage before Little Steven’s boss Bruce Springsteen hit the stage to team with his old friend on a few songs.

Photo by Mark Jaworski

With $800,000 in donations, we’re are extremely pleased to see so many people offering their time and hard earned money to benefit musical education in schools. Little Kids Rock has already brought music to more than 85,000 students, and with this large sum of money from the gracious donators at the Right to Rock gala, so many more kids will continue to get the music education they deserve.


Bob Marley Charity Teams Up With Lyric Culture and Homemint for Good Cause

The Bob Marley charity, 1Love, and the House of Marley are always looking for new ways to advance the causes that Bob Marley would have found worthwhile in his lifetime. Recently, 1Love worked on collaborating with two lifestyle brands, Lyric Culture and Homemint, the results of both will offer new products to Marley fans and benefit charitable causes at the same time.

Lyric Culture is a clothing, jewelry and accessory brand that bases all of its designs on the lyrics and imagery of some of the most iconic songs in the history of music. With help from the Bob Marley charity, along with Ziggy and Cedella Marley, the creative heads at Lyric Culture have created a line of men’s t-shirts that will feature the immortal words of some of Marley’s greatest songs. “My family and I love that through this collaboration with Lyric Culture we will be celebrating fathers around the world through our dad’s words while giving children access to music education,” said Cedella Marley.

The benefits from the 1Love and Lyric Culture clothing collaboration will go to one of the biggest benefactors of the Bob Marley charity, Little Kids Rock. This non-profit organization helps to build music programs in school that don’t have enough money to replenish their students with new instruments, sheet music and instructors. The line of t-shirts will be for sale in Bloomingdale’s locations across North America and be available for purchase on Lyric Culture’s site until August.

Cedella Marley was also involved in another recent partnership benefiting the Bob Marley charity. Teaming up with Justin Timberlake’s homeware company HomeMint, Cedella selected a Jamaican-inspired print by photographer Daniel Fuller to be included in the collection’s latest line. HomeMint will be donating $50 from the sale of each print to the 1Love charity, who will distribute the funds to its well-selected group of beneficiaries.


While you can purchase the HomeMint print and feel good knowing that you are contributing to some wonderful causes, Cedella Marley is also offering you the chance to win a print by entering her contest on Pinterest. Simply create a board titled “1Love Home” and hashtag all of your pins with “#1LoveHome” so that Cedella can select her favorite board. The person who has created Cedella’s favorite board will win this amazing print from Daniel Fuller and HomeMint.

When you’re entering the Pinterest contest, be sure to head over to the House of Marley Pinterest Page and check out all the latest news and pictures of our on-ear headphones, over-ear headphones, and in-ear headphones. The House of Marley also contributes to 1Love every single time someone buys a pair of Marley headphones or a portable audio system, so keep repining our photos and spread the word about all the great work that the Bob Marley charity, 1Love does.

#LiveMarley On The 2012 Vans Warped Tour: Week 1


When the House of Marley was invited to host a stage at the 2012 Vans Warped Tour, we were thrilled about the prospect of sharing our message, our products, and some of our favorite artists with audiences across North America. With a stocked 1955 Volkswagon Marley bus full of swag, Marley headphones, and a summer’s worth of sunscreen, the House of Marley team will be out in full-force at every date of the 2012 Vans Warped Tour, meeting fans, doing product demos and teaching kids everywhere what it means to live #LiveMarley.

Along the way, the House of Marley’s tour manager, Chris Hurley will be capturing the excitement in a series of backstage blogs, photos, and videos from the 2012 Vans Warped Tour. The first installment: coming to you right now.


June 15 • Huntington Beach, CA

My name is Chris Hurley. I am 25-years-old, from Huntington Beach, California, and I’m the House of Marley’s tour manager for the 2012 Vans Warped Tour! I just finished packing my bags for what promises to be a long and memorable road trip, kicking off tomorrow in Salt Lake City.
Joining me on the journey are Craig Jarvis and Taylor Miller. Collectively, we couldn’t be more excited about representing HOM on the 2012 Vans Warped Tour, and I can’t wait to share our stories. Buckle up.


That’s me.

June 16 • Salt Lake City, UT

Today we are in Salt Lake City for day one, and WOW! Talk about a huge production. There are seven stages and almost one hundred bands on the 2012 Vans Warped Tour. So cool that the House of Marley is one of those seven stages.
In addition to having our own stage, we also brought along our 1955 Volkswagon Marley bus. From the bus, we get to sell Marley headphones and interact with 15,000 concert-goers on a daily basis. Believe me when I say our stage, our van, and our products turn heads immediately. We definitely have the coolest, most eye-catching setup if I do say so myself!


The ’55 VW Marley bus!

June 17 • Denver, CO

Glad to say we made it to day two. We almost didn’t. Whewwww…
Last night, we were getting ready to load the Marley bus onto the trailer for the overnight drive to Denver. You see, the Marley bus is 57-years-old and dropped so low, it passes for a low rider. The ramps on the trailer were less than four feet long, so trying to get our bus up and onto the trailer was almost impossible. It just kept bottoming out. We must have had 20 different people helping us push, pull and lift the Marley bus.
After about an hour of hard work and creative thinking, we finally got it onto the trailer and strapped down safely for the trek to Denver. It was really encouraging to see so many people help us out considering we are the tour rookies. But then again, who wouldn’t help out a ’55 VW bus in need?

June 20 • Las Vegas, NV

Not sure if this happens every year, but whoever organized the 2012 Vans Warped Tour made sure to schedule two days off in Vegas! Think its a good idea to have a hundred bands and sponsors spend two days in Sin City? We sure did!
We stayed at the Luxor, went out to dinner, played a little Blackjack, hit the gym and spa, then took in the sights and sounds of the strip, saving a little time to rest up for our big day today. Now it’s 100 degrees of pure desert heat. 12 hour days in conditions like these can sometimes be tough, but luckily for us we have plenty of water and amazing hip hop and reggae artists to get us through the day!


Back to work!

June 21 • Irvine, CA

We are back in Cali! Craig, Taylor and I all currently live in Southern California, so it’s nice that the 2012 Vans Warped Tour is already bringing us back home. We all have a lot of great friends coming to today’s show in Irvine, and we get to enjoy the cool Pacific Ocean breeze. A welcome substitute for yesterday’s desert heat.
Today on the House of Marley stage I’m most looking forward to Hawaiian reggae band, The Green and hip hop artist and Riverside, California’s own T. Mills. Both artists have strong followings here in SoCal. Gonna be dope!


T. Mills running the House of Marley stage.

June 22 • Pomona, CA

On our way to Pomona! Team Marley is definitely making our presence known here on the 2012 Vans Warped Tour. More and more bands are coming up to us asking about Marley headphones. What is House of Marley? How are Marley headphones Earth friendly? What is These are all questions we receive every day from some of our favorite bands. In the first week alone I’ve been able to talk Marley headphones with Tomorrow’s Bad Seeds, The Used, New Found Glory, Taking Back Sunday, Anti-Flag, G-Eazy and more. It’s amazing! I have yet to come across a single person who can’t appreciate something about Marley headphones. There is always something about House of Marley for people to relate to and appreciate, and I’m proud to be able to share this stuff with bands I admire and great people at every stop of the tour!

#LiveMarley Fan Photos

June 16 • Salt Lake City, UT

[nggallery id=2]

June 17 • Denver, CO

[nggallery id=3]

June 20 • Las Vegas, NV

[nggallery id=4]

June 21 • Irvine, CA

[nggallery id=5]

June 22 • Pomona, CA

[nggallery id=6]

For more exclusive 2012 Vans Warped Tour photos, visit the House of Marley on Facebook.

Shirts From 1Love and Sevenly to Benefit Jamaican Orphanages

Poverty is an everyday reality in Jamaica. Unfortunately, many new mothers are forced to abandon their newborns at the hospital, as their situations are so destitute that they are left no other choice. To help, the Bob Marley charity 1Love is teaming with Sevenly, a t-shirt company that uses its profits to solve important issues, to make a difference in Jamaican orphanages.

As this week’s featured t-shirt, 1Love created special designs for the cause including hoodies, t-shirts and tank tops built around the phrase “Wild at Heart.” Whether wrapped in flowers with butterflies or donning a vintage motorcycle racer, these “Wild at Heart” t-shirts come in a number of different colors and sizes and are only available through Monday, June 25. For only $22 for a t-shirt or tank and $35 for a hoodie, you can help 1Love and Sevenly reach the week goal of raising $7000. Additionally, if you can’t pay for a shirt, Sevenly offers the chance to help by promoting the sale through your social media profiles.

The decision for the Bob Marley charity and Sevenly to team together to help Jamaican orphanages was an easy one. The Glenhope Orphanage, the beneficiary of the t-shirt drive, is located in Kingston, Jamaica, and is one of thirteen government-operated Jamaican orphanages. Using the money for baby formula and proving 24-hour care, Glenhope provides for the children until they are ready for adoption. Once they are of age, the orphanage then seeks out a stable home for the young Jamaican boy or girl.


Located less than three miles away from the Marley’s famous Hope Road home in Kingston, it’s clears why1Love chose the Glenhope Orphanage. Walking the streets of the city every single day, Bob Marley was focused on changing the way his country worked and supporting those who were left behind. Through 1Love, the Marley Family has continued on Bob’s legacy of helping the downtrodden and improving their lives in of children in Jamaican orphanages.

The House of Marley is pleased to be working with 1Love and Sevenly to promote their current t-shirt drive, while also donating a portion of sales from on-ear headphones, in-ear headphones and over-ear headphones to the Marley charity. Furthering Bob’s mission is the focus of both 1Love and the House of Marley family and we hope that you will take part in the Bob Marley charity t-shirt drive for the Glenhope Orphanage and other Jamaican orphanages.

1Love: Bob Marley Charity Makes Global Impact

Through music, Bob Marley sent positive vibes that resonated throughout the world. Whether spreading the seed of musical prosperity or helping to provide clean water to third world countries, the Bob Marley charity, 1Love, has continued in his tradition. As one of the major partners of 1Love, The House of Marley is dedicated to these causes as well.

The principle focus of the Bob Marley charity centers around three major subject areas: the world’s youth, peace opportunities and the planet’s eco-system. By channeling its efforts through partnerships with world renowned charities like Save The Children, Every Mother Counts, Protect Our Winters, Invisible Children, and United Nations Environment Programme, 1Love is committed to raising funds for causes that Bob Marley himself was concerned with.

However, 1Love isn’t just concerned with donations. The Bob Marley charity is two-fold, with one avenue that is solely focused on monetary contributions, while the other is a social media campaign funneled through the 1Love website that connects those trying to make a difference to other likeminded individuals. By challenging fans of Bob Marley to take on a “Marley Mission,” 1Love inspires the sharing of good vibes, whether the project is to record an uplifting song or simply be a role model in the community.

While projects of this scope might seem small in nature, 1Love and The House of Marley believe that if simple acts like these can change the course of one person’s day, then it was truly worth the time.

1Love, the official Bob Marley charity, is dedicated to making the world a better place. Gain knowledge and educate yourself by visiting the 1Love website and take a few minutes to watch the video below and learn firsthand what Rohan Marley, Bob’s son, and the rest of the Marley family are doing to make a difference.