Sustainable Homes? The House of Marley Approves

The new movement of building eco-friendly products, from something as small as in-ear headphones up to large sustainable homes, isn’t a fad. It’s simply a way of existing.

From garden rooftops to bachelor pads made of recycled rail cars, the makeup of the green home is being perfected right in front of our eyes. Ever see yourself living the sustainable high life? You’ll be packing your bags after you check out these new eco-friendly digs.


Yachts used to be cool, but now water-bound lofts are the new kings of the sea. Plucked straight off the top floor of a Manhattan high-rise, the floating home from Germany features a green roof, vegetable garden and emits zero emissions.


Forget about your old room divider — Normal Projects’ unfolding apartment is a Murphy bed gone crazy. Keep your sustainable home’s style intact by getting rid of wasteful furniture and keeping things as simple as possible.

From small homes in the woods to new hotels in major cities, recycled rail cars are a trending material for hip architects. Cleaned, gutted and turned into living quarters, their use nearly eliminates the need for eco-destructive building supplies.

Living sustainably doesn’t mean sacrificing style. You have to seek out the products that help create positive change, maintain your own aesthetic and then take the first step to make your own impact be felt. Be the change that you want to see.

Photo Credit: Normal Projects and Inhabitat

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