The House of Marley Sponsors SURFER Poll Awards 2012

The surfing season may be over for some, but around the world, surfers are still hitting the beach with their boards and shredding some intense waves. To celebrate the past year of amazing beaches, good vibrations and great surfing, the House of Marley is teaming with Surfer Magazine to present the SURFER Poll Awards 2012.

Taking place on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii on Thursday, December 6, the 43rd SURFER Poll Awards 2012 will honor the best and brightest of the 2012 surfing season. Giving the power to the readers of Surfer Magazine, the surf news outlet and the House of Marley will award the top surfers as voted by readers. In the past, everyone from old school surfing legends like Phil Edwards and Joyce Hoffman to new school pros like Layne Beachley and Kelly Slater have been honored with the top prize.

SURFER Poll will also be honoring the year in surf videos with awards for a number of thrilling categories, including best wipeout, best bail, best performance and best movie.

In order for you to catch all the action, Surfer Magazine is offering a live webcast on their website on Thursday, December 6 at Midnight EST. Prepare for a night of amazing surf videos, dolled up surfers and maybe even a few glimpses at some House of Marley headphones, portable audio systems and Lively Up bags. It’s all going down at the SURFER Poll Awards 2012!

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