Rude Kid Reps House Of Marley In The Studio


Since hitting the big time in 2009, producer and DJ Rude Kid has been perfecting his grimey production sensibilities with his music clique, Alien Musiq. The East London native was pivotal in bringing back instrumental Grime to the UK dance/hip-hop scene, and all the while Rude Kid has had House of Marley headphones by his side. Earlier this month, SB.TV shot an episode of Producers House at Rude Kid’s home, offering some insight into his production process.

With a pair of House of Marley Destiny TTR over-ear headphones in hand, Rude Kid details history in the Grime scene, as he started out with a burnt CD copy of the beat building program FruityLoops. Despite some stumbles that all newcomers must face, Rude Kid has dialed in his production style and continues to make beats in his home studio. Rude Kid starts his song creation process working with his computer, speakers, an Oxygen 8 keyboard and a pair of House of Marley over-ear headphones.

Rude Kid begins by forming a melody and building from there. Stacking more complex instruments on top of this base, he works in horn and synth that sound extremely alien to this world. Ending with simple rhythms, Rude Kid completes his songs with bass sounds and drum loops from his massive computer library of pre-built out studio bits and pieces. The trademark of every Rude Kid song is his sonic stamp of three small words, “Are you ready?”

Continuing to push forward, Rude Kid has developed unearthly sounds with nothing more than a computer, keyboard and a pair of House of Marley over-ear headphones. Check out the video below and get a rare chance to see inside the home studio of a world-class producer.

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