The Rastaration of Bob Marley’s Land Rover


Can you hear it? That’s the sound of Bob Marley’s Land Rover firing up in the distance.  After sitting idle for decades, mechanics have brought a piece of the Marley legacy back to life.

Stripped to the bone and reimagined by the ATL Automotive group, the Land Rover project has been a labor of love. Down to the smallest detail, auto designers and technicians have worked months to make everything the way Bob Marley would have wanted it.

Further putting the Marley stamp on the project, Bob’s eldest daughter, Cedella Marley has created the upholstery for the car’s interior. While the project is still in the final stages of completion, the car has come a long way since its rust-ridden condition of 2012.


Bob Marley was known for driving his Land Rover around the streets of Kingston, Jamaica and finding inspiration to write his lyrics. Can you imagine being in the car with Bob, witnessing the creation of songs like “Get Up Stand Up,” “I Shot The Sheriff” and “One Love?”

Celebrating the Marley heritage and repurposing items from the past inspires us to create new products, whether it’s Earth-friendly bags, portable audio systems or over-ear headphones. What inspires you? Share your muse with the House of Marley on our Facebook page and tell us what makes you want to #LiveMarley.

BONUS: ATL Automotive is documenting the process of rebuilding Bob Marley’s Land Rover through a unique video series. Check out the video below and watch the ATL team strip the Land Rover to its core.

8 thoughts on “The Rastaration of Bob Marley’s Land Rover

  1. I am loving this story and would love it if you would send an email of the finished car. I have loved Bob Marley since I was a child now almost 40. I believe the outcome of this vehicle will be truly great and very inspirational. Im already touched just by seeing what was once his.

  2. I love Bob Marley and I love land Rover so this is very especial for me to see!!! Im going to the Bob Marley Museum here in Miami!!! “the Messenger” i hope i see something there about this car :)

  3. I love this project & I’ll to request that pls send me the follow ups till completion. I’m a great fan of Bob N Marley & can boast of owning most of his albums if not all, even before the arrival of CDs…
    Quite a nice project, good for the memory of an icon.

  4. i saw the land rover outside of bob marleys house in 1982 when i went to jamaica for the carifta games.
    now that i am into land rovers i would love to see it restored

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