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House Of Marley X Dave’s Wear House Bike Auction

We kicked off our partnership with Dave’s Wear House in NYC last week with an epic party featuring the Team Marley crew and the uber-exclusive Dubwise on-ear headphones. The crown jewels of the event though were two custom-made bikes from the … Read More


House Of Marley Approved: Satori ReLife Skateboard Wheels

Some people get skateboarding all wrong. They think it’s a destructive lifestyle. The truth is that most skateboarders (like the Satori Movement crew), have an alternative way of looking at how the world works. More concerned with creating something beautiful and making … Read More


House of Marley Teams Up With Dave’s Wear House For #LiveMarleyNYC

If you have your swag on lockdown in New York City than you probably already know about Dave’s Wear House. For those that are uninitiated, this emporium of killer street style gear in Lower Manhattan has been selling sick t-shirts, sneakers, bags, … Read More


House Of Marley Approved: Civilware

They say, “It’s the little things in life that matter,” and at the House of Marley, we definitely agree with that sentiment. When you’re heading out on your next camping expedition, consider the bare minimum of what you need. An ax, … Read More


The House of Marley Recieves High Praise For Liberate On-Ear Headphones

Here at the House of Marley, we love creating the sickest sounding audio gear possible. Yet, it’s important to us to do so without making a large impact on the environment. Through countless hours of design work and testing, some … Read More


House Of Marley Approved: Bogobrush

It’s time to keep brushing locally, but start thinking globally. The House of Marley recently found Bogobrush, a killer company that is focused on creating well-made earth-friendly toothbrushes. Just like our Chant Bluetooth Portable Audio System, these toothbrushes are made … Read More


Nine Mile: The City Where Bob Marley Was Born

While many fans believe he was a native of Kingston, Jamaica, the city where Bob Marley was born is actually Nine Mile in the parish of Saint Ann. Found in the northern part of the small island, Nine Mile is … Read More


Take To The Trail With A Playlist Of Hiking Music

Your gear is packed and you’re ready to hit the trail. Whether your heart leads you to the mountains, oceanside or the forest is your choice. No matter which adventure you decide on, check out our hiking music playlist for … Read More


House of Marley Approved: Kite Patch

There is nothing like getting back to basics and hitting the trail for a hike. However, there is also nothing like the experience of becoming a human pin cushion and getting a million mosquito bites. Kick harmful bug sprays to … Read More


House Of Marley Celebrates Playing For Change Day

You’ve probably heard the statistics about the impact of music on young ears. Forget about the stats though. Remember the first time you heard a Bob Marley song? Think about the feeling it sent through your body. Think about how … Read More