Alternative Uses For Our Noise Reducing Headphones Cord

Owning a pair of House of Marley noise reducing headphones is all about the escape. It’s about taking your usual routine and flipping it on its head. With that in mind, we recently found some new uses for the detachable fabric cord that connects Marley headphones to whatever you’re listening to. Sure, this cord was primarily designed to deliver music to your ears, but it was also designed to look great and be durable. Today we put it to the test.

One look out the window and it was plain to see: a beautiful day that was ours for the taking. Our trusty pooch Charlie was begging for a walk, but instead of grabbing his usual leash, we secured a House of Marley cord around his collar and hit the streets.


Just because you sag doesn’t mean you have swag anymore. Belts, suspenders, whatever. One way or another, you gotta use something to hold up your pants. We put the House of Marley headphone cord through our belt loops and made fashion history (and looked good doing it).


Later, while hanging with some friends, we found ourselves reminiscing about a time when we all used to rock friendship bracelets. In no time flat, I had the House of Marley headphone cord wrapped around my wrist and realized that it was both cool looking and comfortable. Forget passé… this is a versatile bracelet if there ever was one.


No matter what you use the House of Marley noise reducing headphones for — listening to music or making a fashion statement — rest assured, they’ll always provide the ultimate experience.

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