Anatomy of the House of Marley Logo


Sure, the House of Marley is all about super comfortable on-ear headphones and top quality mp3 docking stations. But more than that, we’re about unity, charity, sustainability and authenticity. The foundation of our brand is principle, just as much as it is premium products. That’s why we wanted the House of Marley logo to have its own depth: to reflect the finer points of Marley, in a simple, but meaningful way. See what we mean as we dissect the exact elements that went into the House of Marley logo.

The Marley M
This is self-explanatory, right?

The Infinity Loop
The Marley M is extended to mirror the never-ending infinity loop.

The Ethiopian Coptic Cross
The folded shape, pronounced curves, and strong use of negative space was directly inspired by this important symbol for Rastafarians.

The House of Marley logo was designed to flow symmetrically, balancing positive and negative space. Minimalist but not insignificant, the House of Marley logo echoes an important aspect of our products: nothing is present that doesn’t need to be. The reason our gear is so durable and comfortable – on-ear headphones, over-ear headphones, and in-ear headphones alike – is because each model is crafted to do exactly what it needs to do to maximize your listening experience.

What does the House of Marley logo mean to you? Let us know in the comments below.

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